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  1. I had the calculations done and told the rep. I also had called Royal on Saturday and asked the question and was told then that we would get 75% refund (just paid cruise off on March 3) and 25% FCC. I wasn't ready to cancel at that time. I think I said all the right things to rep, but I didn't get mad or anything. I'm fairly assertive. I had been on hold for an hour and a half and it was well past my bedtime. lol. I guess the best advice would be if you don't get what you want to call back and maybe have better luck.
  2. I called the customer service # posted.800-256-6649. However, my brother was booked on the same cruise with our reservations linked. He called last night too (same number) and he did end up getting 75% refund and 25% FCC! He has cruised with Royal several times but as Diamond Plus we definitely have higher status (which obviously means nothing). At least I'm glad he was able to get mostly refund. He had a different representative and his call was after mine so there is no rhyme or reason.
  3. Yes, that was also an option to take 75% refund and forfeit the other 25%
  4. Sounds like you got your call in before the 2 PM meeting or whatever it was. Good for you! I called tonight and am 80 days out so should have been 25/75 FCC/Refund but they would not budge. It doesn't matter for rules but we are Diamond Plus.
  5. I was told by RCCL Rep that as of 2 PM Tuesday they are only offering FCC no matter what penalty phase. Taxes and fees refunded, that's all. No big deal for us as we will be cruising before Dec 2021, but it may not be so good for everyone.
  6. Thank you all for the ideas. I'm sure we will figure out a good solution. His mother and step father will also be on the cruise and have the same concerns. We do plan to discuss with him prior to the cruise. Since I was able to change his card to "no charging privileges" I do feel a little better about it. Our first stop will be guest services I guess because I do want him to have some ability to charge and enjoy the cruise.
  7. As suspected, it was a waste of time to call RCCL. I was told after the agent checked with supervisor that he would need to put $500 cash down the day of cruise. She couldn't tell me what would be done if he didn't have $500 or couldn't pay balance at end of cruise. She also said I could not put "no charging privileges" on his set said pass since he is an adult. I just went into the account and changed it to no charge so that was wrong information. We'll figure it out. Thank you.
  8. Thank you for the input. I thought about the prepaid CC option--maybe that will work? It would be great if using the "no charge" option along with putting a specific limit is an option. I will call RCCL and ask these questions specifically. I couldn't find anything on their website.
  9. The $500 limit is what I read about. But it didn't sound like you needed to pay that in advance. We have cruised a lot (Diamond + with RCCL) but have always used a credit card. I think it would work best for him if the limit was lower. He is very immature for his age and has other issues that I really don't want to discuss. I would just like to set up something reasonable that he could manage. It would make the cruise more enjoyable for everyone---I don't want to micro manage all he spends but I don't want to be stuck with paying off his balance either.
  10. We are going on a family cruise in November and our 21 year-old grandson will be in our room. He will be responsible for paying his onboard expenses. I have set up his set sail pass as "cash" but I'm concerned we will get to end of cruise and he will not have sufficient cash to pay off his account. If the account is set up with "no charging privileges" can cash be loaded to the card limiting his ability to charge? Or, is there another way to accomplish this?
  11. What about Staten Island since we are coming from the south? Does anyone have experience staying in that area and visiting NYC post-cruise?
  12. Thank you for your suggestions. I will get with everyone this week-end and see if we can work out the details and decide what options work best for us.
  13. Thank you. I will definitely check those options. I appreciate your input. I cannot stress enough how uncomfortable we are driving in the traffic around the Newark area. We make out fine on the turnpike but the exits on exits on exits just seem to get us. My husband and I have cruised from Bayonne several times and have stayed in Elizabeth, Newark, and the Holiday Inn Rahway. Even though Rahway is only a couple of exits before Elizabeth and Newark we found it much easier (so less stressful) to get to. However, my daughter and her husband just moved here from California and I think he would be a good candidate for shuttling us around some.
  14. Are you aware of hotels that have easy access to public transportation, maybe within walking distance? I tend to think our best plan for a hotel is using the same one for pre and post cruise. Thanks!
  15. The children are ages 12, 8,8 6. All 6 adults, except 1 is on the larger/tall size. The 10 people could fit in 2 cars but only one of us is comfortable driving in the city. I just checked schedule/fares from Rahway for 4 adults, 1 senior, and 4 children. Would be about $60 each way. But a 40-50 minute ride each way, I guess that's not too bad. I think pre-cruise and post-cruise at same hotel is preferable--my husband refuses to go to NYC so he could stay with the luggage. He would not be able to drive us anywhere. Any suggestions or advice you have is so appreciated!
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