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  1. Yeah But huge difference of you’re stuck on the ship due to quarantine Stuck in your cabin, No Casino, no going to the bars, restaurants etc
  2. Interactive tv and a small quiz 🤔 to make sure you watched it
  3. Costco has a really large one called Pub mix
  4. Hope you get it fixed They canceled our cruise and the FCC was posted to our account 3 days later.....only thing I’m still waiting on is the 2 Next cruise Certs to be issued back
  5. I know Carnivals already said “Some ports” in California won’t have any cruises in August.....I think September on we’ll see cruises start back at a slow pace and then gear up based on how the first ones go and did anymore outbreaks of the virus happen on any ships
  6. Waking up and having breakfast and then waiting for the casino to open 🤣
  7. Highly doubt there will be any cruises in August as well. They canceled them out of CA ports already
  8. While I agree that the 90 days is ridiculous Almost all other cruise lines including Carnival, Royal, MSC etc are doing the same So are you saying you’ll be giving up cruising for good?
  9. Cruises aren’t happening any time soon...and then we’ll have round 2 of the virus to worry about in the Fall
  10. Zero and I doubt any cruises in June either and even possibly July People need to know how serious this virus is....We can always cruise again in the future
  11. Royal announced total No Alaska or Canda/New England cruises till July now Carnivals making a new announcement on Friday I’m sure NCL will as well
  12. I have the same thing for my May 30th Cruise. It’s fully paid but saying it’s not Just waiting on NCL to cancel it so I can get a refund and my 2 Cruise next certificates back
  13. Scary to read but really puts it in perspective how bad this can be
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