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  1. We sailed on the Wind in 2004 around all the islands of Hawaii. It also sailed all the way south 2 days each way to Fanning Island. It was a GREAT cruise!!!! Fanning Island is an atoll without fresh water and is supplied twice a year by Australia. In our voyage they were running severely short of food and the Wind provided them multiple pallets with rice. I also remember getting back on to the ship from the tenders was really scary. They bounced up & down and the crew timed it so they would literally hold your arms and fling you aboard when the tender side rail was equal
  2. We sailed on the Wind in 2004 around all the islands of Hawaii. It also sailed all the way south 2 days each way to Fanning Island. It was a GREAT cruise!!!!
  3. I'm glad I saw this post this morning! Was able to secure the extra Latitude points for my upcoming Getaway cruise in October. Thank you for the heads up :)
  4. I am essentially doing the same this this October. We are taking the shore excursion tour of Rome that drops off at the airport and then just walking over to the Rome Hilton Hotel, and flying out the next morning. We chose this option because the flights back were early (9:45am) The hotel offers breakfast starting at 5:30am so that will work out well.
  5. Thank you for providing us with all the info and really getting us back into the anticipation feel. This morning on Good Morning America they broadcast from this sailing, the reporter is on board. He will be providing updates . Have a wonderful cruise, Millennium is my favorite Celebrity ship.
  6. I ran into the same problem a while back using dining plan and Platinum 2 meal perk. Someone on Cruise Critic posted a very helpful explanation on the order that you book your specialty dining so that you are not charged and then have to be refunded on board. I hope this info is still relevant and will help you. https://boards.cruisecritic.co.uk/topic/2561613-updated-speciality-restaurant-booking-guide/?tab=comments#comment-55222117
  7. We did this tour years ago and it was fantastic! They bussed us to the Pacific side, and we transited all the way back to the Atlantic side. It was a bit interesting as we actually had armed escort riding along-side the bus portion. I second the suggestion to read The Path Between the Seas prior to sailing. Absolutely fascinating what they went through to get this canal built! By the way, it is a long book, so plan ahead.
  8. I was on the Spirit itinerary that was sailing Dec 6, 2022 from Singapore to Sydney that was canceled. I have been waiting to see what would be replacing the time frame since my original booking was a B2B sailing with the Sydney-Auckland sailing. Today I was able to book the newly available sailings Nov 26, 2022 Honolulu-Papeete and Dec 8, 2022 Papeete- Sydney to come before my Dec 22, 2022 Sydney-Auckland cruise. I will keep my fingers crossed.
  9. I enjoyed your review and your wonderful attitude. I was scheduled to be on the following cruise out of Cape Town to Singapore. It was the beginning of several planned trips that were all canceled. Now hoping that 2021 will allow us to begin to sail the seas again.
  10. I received the notice and it referred to my Singapore to Sydney cruise being canceled, but for the 2nd leg of what was to be a B2b it is not canceled. So, I am wondering when the Spirit is actually going to be in Australia?
  11. I just received notice that my NCL Spirit Dec 6, 2022 cruise has been cancelled!!! It was the 3rd attempt at an Australia itinerary that fell through.
  12. I too have a 10 night out of Venice scheduled for Oct 2021. I am hoping hat all will be well to cruise again by then.
  13. Wonderful review. This is the itinerary I am hoping to book once sailing begins again.
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