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  1. I am doing the 11 day sailing on July 14th, 2022. I think I said it was an April sailing, I mistook that for a different sail date.
  2. Those are all excellent itineraries. I did the Iceland,Norway,Scotland on the Jade - fantastic! I did Antarctica this past January on Celebrity Eclipse and it was my favorite itinerary ever. Breathtaking and awe inspiring scenery! I have booked the Iceland/Greenland itinerary on the Star in 4/2022. These are places that are still pristine and such a reminder of how precious our world is. :) Genzi
  3. I agree, my son is an airline captain and I worry every day.
  4. I can relate to this. When I was growing up we lived next door to a lovely lady in her 90s. I would visit her from time to time because I loved playing with her beautiful cats. As it turned out those visits became something special. Her home was filled with beautiful carved wood furnishings, pottery from the Orient, lovely silk embroidered tablecloths and so many more exotic treasures. Of course I was intrigued by it all and would sit with her as she related where all the treasures came from.. She was the daughter of a whaling captain and was born aboard a clipper ship in the late 1870s! Her father collected all these treasures on his many sea voyages chasing the whales. She told me stories of Australia, the islands of Polynesia, the Bering Sea, his voyages around the Horn. It instilled in me such a yearning to discover as many of those sea routes if I could. Now as a retiree I have been so fortunate to experience some of those routes, most recently an Antarctica cruise that sailed around the Horn. It was mesmerizing. I am looking forward with anticipation to planned cruises to Australia, New Zealand and French Polynesia next year, followed by Japan and a transpacific sailing through the Bering Sea in 2022. I too thought a lot of the lovely "Miss Andrews" that filled my heart and soul with the beauty of the sea these past few weeks. Memories are coming into the forefront as we all stay at home these days. May everyone be safe and dream a bit of the sea.
  5. I echo your sentiments; I started going through shore excursions for my future cruises and putting them into my cart so it will be a quick click of the mouse when I finally decide :) The process of going through all the offerings takes a bit of time and I lose myself thinking about all the beautiful sights to anticipate :) Genzi
  6. Thanks for starting this thread. A good way to have perspective how we all are weathering this storm. I am retired, a senior citizen and where I live (FL) now required to stay home. Local drug stores & markets have started senior citizen early hours for shopping. Everything is closed, churches, restaurants (although pick-up is still allowed,) doctor's offices are using phone or video visiting except for emergencies. I resorted to shopping on-line and was successful in getting everything I needed delivered. I am good to go for the near future. I have two sons, one in the public health field as an epidemiologist - he's working from home at present; the other an airline pilot. He says most of his flights at present are half empty, he wipes down the cockpit for every flight. They have cut back hours for the time being. All my planned cruises for 2020 have been canceled and I pushed a January 2021 cruise to year end 2021. Next cruise I am looking at will be Australia in April 2021. I pray that all will be well by then.
  7. I was so fortunate to take my Antarctica cruise this past January before all the remainder of my 2020 cruise travels were cancelled. Antarctica is certainly mesmerizing!!! From the Eclipse. That iceberg may look small but is actually over 1000 feet tall and that is only 10% the remaining 90% is under water!!!
  8. Safe travels home! I hope that some of the Spirit's "cruise that never was" will opt for the December 2021 sailing on the Jade where we can reconnect. Genzi
  9. So sorry for your loss, condolences to the family
  10. I believe you are correct, I saw on another CC post the list of all refurbishments. It is the Eclipse scheduled for just before the 4/4/21 sailing. This is the info site: https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=521
  11. I am scheduled to sail on the Solstice on both the 4/4/2021 sailing and the 4/15/2021 sailing. I believe these are the sailings right after her upgrade.
  12. I tried booking 2 cruises I have had my eye on for a while now. Both are offered as 20% off and extra Latitude point plus the perks that come with whatever cabin category you select. I took a screen capture of the offer which clearly shows it as well as the date and time. When I spoke to my NCL cruise consultant neither one showed any of the offerings. He said that it is a mistake. He did say that he will forward it to his supervisor, so will have to wait and see if there is any accommodation. If not I will contact Corporate but want to give them the benefit of the doubt for now.
  13. Just got an email from NCL regarding my sailing on the Spirit next year. This sailing falls at the time of the Olympics in Tokyo and as a result the cruise line is not offering the pre and post cruise hotel options. I was able to find hotels in Yokohama near the cruise port, but bookings are hard to find.
  14. YES! I checked yesterday and was able to secure double points for two upcoming booked cruises and $50. OBC for each on top of all the existing perks . :)
  15. My Norway, Iceland, Scotland, England cruise on the NCL Jade did sail above the Arctic Circle. It was unusually warm and we sailed from Norway in heavy fog. The captain said that he had never encountered that before. Norway was spectacularly beautiful as was Iceland. I am now so looking forward the the Celebrity Eclipse sailing to Antarctica in January! :)
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