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  1. I got an offer yesterday from Blue chip for 2 free veranda cabins for a number of sailings next year. Mostly on Equinox and Summit but great deal for bringing a friend.
  2. That is only because of the KSF promotion. I have never had the 3rd person comped. The rate also depends on how busy that cruise is, it can vary greatly from ship to ship or week to week.
  3. My email from the concierge is Andrea Juhasz.
  4. RCL IT can't even keep a website fully functional but you expect them to be able to add all of these algorithms to the upgrade process??
  5. I just want to confirm when you emailed Crown & Anchor this was for OBC you are getting from your BOA credit card points? I thought their was a special department which handled these transactions, which I have called twice and am still told they will only post about 2 weeks before cruise.
  6. I have the same issue. I am less than 1 month out and still have not been able to get them to apply the OBC from my VISA points. I also do not understand why this can't be done sooner. I find it hard to believe there are that many transactions and it seems like it would be more work for them to have to respond to people constantly calling rather than just post the OBC when it is redeemed.
  7. We are on 4 night Navigator in August. Originally booked 2 JS, 1 was an upgrade from a casino comp, the other was with the casino discount for an additional cabin. Put in upgrade bid 7/10 $400 total for either a Grand Suite or Owners Suite. 2nd cabin was upgraded this past Wednesday to an OS and I just got notification my cabin was also upgraded to an OS.
  8. That is what I thought also. The other discount sounds like the C&A discount not the Prime discount.
  9. That was supposedly the rumor last year also and we did not have to wait. We had no issues at all.
  10. We did Russia last year on rcl and booked all private tours. The main tour companies arrange the visas for you. Contact your tour company and find out the specifics.
  11. No not necessarily, it depends on the logic used to determine what email to respond to. I would assume they would only want to send 1 email no matter how many packages were bought. So then they have to decide what email to use knowing multiple could be associated with one account. I have purchased packages on my sons account using my email, so what email should they use? I think they should have used the email attached to the primary passengers C&A account but who knows.
  12. I was not saying it was the same, what I was saying is at some point this needs to be legally addressed. Companies need to start being held accountable for these types of errors. Sorry but at what point do we all have to just assume that anything we book could be cancelled and then a higher price is put in place? I should be able to book a cruise and also book additional options without fear of them cancelling because they can claim a pricing error.
  13. So I have no money in this game but what I think is an even bigger issue is the problem with these "GLITCHES" in pricing. I am sorry but in this day and age of technology there needs to be more control on these types of problems. Why isn't there something similar to the Price Scanning laws like we have in MI, if an item scans for more than the price ticketed on the item the store must refund the difference plus 10 times up to $5.00. This is to ensure companies take more ownership in making sure products scan correctly. Why aren't online companies being held more accountable for these pricing glitches??? My other comment has to do with determining who bought the packages and if these people had cancelled a previous package. Not sure what software RCL uses but in my experience it should be very easy to query this information, either by a functional or technical user. All history has to be maintained for audit purposes and all purchases should must be linked to a reservation. But then again we are talking about RCL IT and I have complained to them for years on the failings of their IT department.
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