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  1. Hi again- yes we are located about an hour or so (45 minutes on a good day) from JAX. Our cruise is early February so we could get stuck with winter weather from an inbound aircraft if we waited to go later in the day. The 7:55 flight is actually the time it would land in FLL so it would be a long wait. Maybe that could convince him to go the night before...I’ll price hotels but I doubt I talk him into that!
  2. Hello everyone- we have booked a flight with a cruise we have to fly to for the first time. We are doing the 8 night on the Horizon and I'm trying to figure out what the right time is to fly into the airport. Our location allows us to have a short nonstop to get to both FLL and MIA. My husband hates waiting around for anything, so I'd like to minimize that as much as I can. Right now, our options are a very early flight getting us there by 7:55am, and the next best option is arriving at 12:15. We are going on an Ultra cruise so we get a free transfer from either place and get platinum status for the cruise. What would be the ideal time to meet that goal? Ps: I tried searching for this, but it seems like most people are more worried about what time to fly out instead of flying in!
  3. So quick follow up I forgot in op- what’s the best floor to be on? We had picked one on 14 but then the deck plan looks like those have a pool right above them. I saw something saying avoid floor 12 but I couldn’t figure out why? We like high floors but also quiet. Not too worried about being closer to any particular ship feature.
  4. Hello everyone, I am hoping to gain some info from you experienced cruisers. We are planning a cruise for next July on the Harmony of the Seas. We are trying to decide between the Owners Suite and the Grand Suite. Our cost difference is around 900 dollars. Is the Owners Suite worth that much more? For what its worth, our last cruise was on Carnival and we were in an OV- we enjoyed it so much we decided to go big for next summer lol. Traveling is myself, my husband and our 10 year old little girl. I tried to search for comparisons or differences, watch youtube and read reviews and all I've really gathered is the owners suite is bigger. If you were us, which would you pick? Thanks
  5. Hi Everyone! We were just on the Sunshine for a 4 night cruise after a 5 year hiatus, and have been home about two weeks and have two more booked (with a third in the planning stages! 🤣) One thing I noticed while we were on board was that the buffet didn't have some of the fruits I had expected to see. Maybe I arrived there after they were gone, or I didn't know where to look but I couldn't find strawberries or pineapples. I saw the cantaloupe and honeydew, and then a bowl of what appeared to be mixed citrus, but after hearing how many tons of pineapple Carnival uses in a year every time I called, I thought I would see more cut up and for snacking. Did I miss it or is this no longer a buffet staple? Everything else was really tasty- my LO ate about 90% of her meals from there by choice. Just curious!
  6. Wash your hands if you held a handrail. And don't run your hand along the walls. Germs are everywhere and if you get sick on a cruise ship, they lock you in your room and only feed you soup. (Ok...so the last part is a little scare tactic but I got sick of saying "quit touching the walls!") 😉
  7. Hey all! We’re booking our next cruise and need some wisdom from the experienced cruisers. We’re doing the 8 night on the horizon and have decided to do spa level. Right now, we’re booked into 14222, and I want to make sure that’s a good one. When I look at the deck plans, it looks like there’s not much action above or below it, which is what we are after- the quieter the better. Is this a winner, or is there a better one to try for?
  8. Piggybacking off this topic...can you order more water from the Fun Shops once you are underway?
  9. Hi everyone! Dumb question- is there a master list of PVPs? I’ve emailed a few times and had no reply in the last several weeks and no luck calling. I’m starting to wonder now if she’s no longer with carnival and wanted to find out. What’s the best way? Thank you
  10. The scissors restriction of four inches matches TSA’s rules pretty closely. (Carnival seems to be more lenient on knives though.) TSA will let you have scissors that are four inches from the fulcrum/pivot point so I would think that could be some substantial cutting power. As a fellow knee pain sufferer, I would hate to go without something that would help me be in less pain or slow me down from the fun.
  11. Hi everyone! We booked a cruise under a casino offer, which offered a discounted rate for 2 people in an OV. We have a 3rd person coming with us, and the price was 3 times what we paid with the casino offer for the first two of us. I was goofing around on carnival's website with other dates, and with a similar offer, the price for a 3rd on a different date was like 29 bucks! On different/more popular dates do they charge more for extra people in the room? Our dates weren't available on that new 29 dollar offer so it may all be a moot point, but I was just trying to figure out how that stuff works. We're just now starting to be a party of 3 instead of 2 so I don't know much about the rules but need to learn! Thanks all.
  12. Your global entry membership also includes TSA precheck. Check the cbp site for details.
  13. I went ahead and called Carnival to find out what was up. They said they saw it as approved and posted to my account and charged instantly, and something with my credit card company was what was slowing it down. MasterCard says that they see it as pending, and can take their system from 2-7 days. So I think I just have to be patient! Like I said, I've never really paid attention to how long this all takes on a regular basis.
  14. I went ahead and prepaid them...but now they’ve not hit my credit card! I’ve seen them be in a temporary authorization status but not yet processed. It’s been right at 48 hours, so I’m wondering what the heck is going on! Full disclosure: I’m trying to hit a minimum spend bonus that is coming up quickly on a credit card so I’m watching it much more closely than I usually would.
  15. Hi all! Considering prepaying our gratuities but given how far in advance our cruise is, I wanted to know if you would receive a refund if for some awful reason we'd have to cancel? I believe the answer is yes, but I know my great friends here on CC would know! My research wasn't fruitful. Thanks!
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