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  1. I received e-mail to check in for my Nov. Harmony cruise yesterday. I got same response as original poster when I tried to schedule check in time.
  2. @Molly361 Can you get the crown and anchor discount with the BOGO60 repriced cruise?
  3. Can you reprice cruise, using the BOGO60; if you booked into group with travel agent?
  4. I also agree 60 days without any communication from Royal or from our online TA is asinine. Today makes 63 days for us and no refund at all for our April 3 Serenade cruise.
  5. I also sent Aurora an e-mail requesting the status of our refund for our Serenade of the Seas cruise for April 3; that was cancelled by royal caribbean and refund requested by me on 3-14-2020. I received a very polite and courteous e-mail back that simply told me to contact our TA; C---C--- as to the status of our refund. Of course, I have contacted my big box TA by e-mail on two different occasions with absolutely no feedback. We were booked within a group and I don't know if this is affecting our refund.
  6. With your experience; I think you answered your own question. Enjoy your cruise.
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