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  1. I'm trying to figure out how to fill the Greek plf out for cruise stops (we embark in Rome). Can anyone that sailed already tell me how they did it? Did you just use your first cruise stop? I can't see where to note which stops. Thanks!
  2. When I look at it there seems to be plenty of open times. I don't think there will be an issue at all.
  3. I was able to book all my specialty dining at 120 days out (Getaway for 10/25). I just checked and I am still able to book dining. Not shows or spa reservations though.
  4. We love Aft balconies and never had a problem with soot or noise. I could sit outside for hours. We have an aft on deck 12 of the Getaway in October. Can't wait!
  5. Is there a way to tell if an excursion is filling up?
  6. Cancelled for my 10/25 cruise as well.
  7. Off topic, but I had never thought about that before until our next door neighbor's (town fire chief) father passed away. A manned patrol car sat in his driveway during the wake and funeral.
  8. Fingers crossed for you. We are on the Getaway on October 25.
  9. When in Rome in 2016 we used Dark Rome for tours of the Colosseum and Vatican. We loved them. We will be in Rome a couple days before and after our cruise in October and will probably use them again.
  10. Thanks for the response...I'm new to the NCL boards, but already know you are a respected poster. Seems to be a giant game of "musical crews." I'm just going to keep my fingers crossed its a go and if not, I guess I'll do a land trip somewhere over there lol.
  11. I'm scheduled on the Getaway in October in the Med. I thought it was part of the return to sailing? Do you know which ships were part of that?
  12. I'm on the Getaway in October and it's still showing bookable and I'm able to add dining reservations, etc., so I am cautiously optimistic.
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