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  1. I can either lose a pound or gain a pound. Although drinking more alcohol on holiday than I do at home I am definitely having less car sweets, evening chocolate and crisps! I usually weigh myself daily first thing in the morning and my Fitbit records the info. I’ve just looked back at info for last February immediately before and after our 2 week Britannia cruise in the Caribbean and thought it interesting on the loss of body fat during the holiday.......all that swimming, dancing and lack of sugar paid off.......but not for long. I have to say a bit heavier this year but have a month to cut back.
  2. Many people suffered sea sickness who stated that they have done many cruises without being ill but on this occasion suffered. We were ok but always take our own sickness tablets with us anyway but many didn’t. There was a note in the daily magazine to say tablets were available at the pursers desk and this was the same medication as the medical centre provided. When we went to the desk for something different there were loads of boxes of tablets and the guy joked he could put any price on them as they were in such demand. I don’t know the price for sure but think someone said $20 per box. They had sold out by the end of the first sea day and I knew of people who couldn’t get any. They had restocked for the return journey but limited tablet to 3 per person I think.
  3. Si, a few gripes we heard included lack of updates re delay departing Lanzarote and subsequently missing Lisbon. Shortage of sea sickness tablets. Poor quality lectures during the day. Variety of evening entertainment in the theatre (not helped possibly by inability to bring new acts on at Lisbon). I think with the added sea day and unfortunate sea conditions (although it is November so have to be prepared) guests were getting a bit fed up and I did hear several saying they wouldn’t do that cruise again at that time of year. Needless to say we are going to book again for next year any day now.
  4. Returned home from QV on the 16/11 and no questionnaires onboard and as yet no questionnaire emailed. We would usually get the email within a day of getting home. I spoke to Cunard rep today and was told it’s done from the ship not Southampton office. Didn’t sound quite right to me but I didn’t question it any further.
  5. There were quite a lot of unhappy people on the latest Canaries cruise so perhaps they don’t want negative reviews.
  6. We didn’t get menus either this time but have previously often seen them thrown into bins in the toilets.
  7. We disembarked QV on 16/11 and did not receive the usual report from the Bridge summarising where we’ve been, route followed, weather etc. Have Cunard stopped doing this now? I was also disappointed not to receive an email questionnaire this time too. I always completed the questionnaires onboard previously and completed the emailed ones once we arrived home. It’s a shame that feedback wasn’t easily available.
  8. I’m interested in this too as we are sailing in a few weeks. It’s not Dan and Alyona or Yevgen..........
  9. I ended up buying the Sealy Cunarder bed after we returned from our last Cunard cruise in November and have been pleased. It’s a comfortable bed and good value.
  10. In February we gave up trying to get loungers on sea days until after about 2pm when it was less crowded.
  11. Not sure when you are sailing but I would have thought so long as the dance pros were onboard then there would be lessons. I know there has been some changes of personnel recently but am sure that one of the regulars will be back on QM soon. I agree that I don’t think the dance hosts would be able to give private lessons.
  12. We were on that cruise too and the guy in the future sales office mentioned the John Lewis loyalty or credit card discount to us too. We didn’t end up booking onboard but a week after we got home we got the Welcome Home email and got additional obc offer if booking another cruise before end of January so have now booked for Canaries next November.
  13. A little bird told me that there may be changes with cost of internet in the new year.......watch this space!
  14. Saw this and thought I’d share the link if you are interested in seeing how the refurb is going. https://beyondcruise.com/news/queen-elizabeth-2018-refit-photos
  15. For our next cruise our embarkation time is 1pm but as we will be arriving by coach at about 3 pm don’t mind if someone takes our earlier slot. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  16. We noticed the difference in the new menus introduced in July on QV and imagine it will be similar on QE for our next cruise in November. We found our waiter no longer made recommendations as the new menu has the Chefs recommendation typed on. Although when I stated I couldn’t choose between 2 choices he did tell me that there had been complaints at the earlier sitting on one of the options so I went for the alternative. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  17. Tangoqueen


    Yes tea making facilities available Sent from my iPad using Forums
  18. Thank you BlueMarble Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  19. Could anyone direct me to the title of the post that has the new wine list on please Sent from my iPad using Forums
  20. We were on QV end of July for two weeks and went to one show. We didn’t think they were any worse or better than others we’ve seen. To be honest for us personally there’s always too much going on and they all just need to calm down, but they are only doing what they are told I suppose. We do think they were extremely young looking and as such can’t have much experience. They certainly wouldn’t hold their own in the West End, but I always feel that is an exaggerated term from the shows onboard that we’ve seen. Overall we felt like a lot of the entertainment in the Theatre had been dumbed down and had been better entertained on previous voyages. We may have been unlucky and it just wasn’t to our taste. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  21. Yours sounds hopeful as I couldn’t even call through to her extension Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  22. Mine apparently still works at Cunard but will hopefully speak by email tomorrow. From what I was told today she will be available by email but I can’t just get through using her tel ext any longer. I’ll know more over the next few days. Fingers crossed I can still use her services. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  23. Why would they be more specialised than a Cunard one Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  24. Cunard Personal Cruise Specialists no more! I phoned my “Personal Cruise Specialist” today at Cunard to be told by a P&O lady that those roles are no longer in place. I will email my “Specialist” in the hope that I can speak with her regarding a query but think it’s sad that after receiving this 1:1 care it’s no longer available. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  25. I’m sure Cunard will refund, although I did lose out on the exchange rate so was refunded slightly less than I was charged. I contacted my credit card company who advised to try Cunard first and they would reclaim if necessary, needless to say Cunard refunded. I wouldn’t describe it as a fraud on Cunard behalf, but something is definitely amiss with their processes and systems. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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