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  1. Sailing Oct 31 on Regal. Does anyone know if Beatlemaniacs are still playing onboard?
  2. We are sailing Oct 31 on Regal and wondered if the Beatlemaniacs are still playing in atrium. Also, how is the piano bar entertainment. First time we went a few years ago it was jam packed every night. Last time we sailed last Oct, very boring.
  3. I booked Empress out of Bayonne and now notice that itinerary has changed to arrive in St. George first. Does anyone know why this happened and if ship docks there or do we tender in. I was excited about spending more time in Hamilton. Feeling sad.
  4. Thanks for everyone's input. Uber works!
  5. Anyone know of best economical way to get to Brooklyn Terminal from Grand Central Station
  6. Hoping Andy Stewart reads this and helps out image of NCL. Right now first impression for clients is "lousy customer service".
  7. I have finally have gotten fed up with the hold time and lousy recorded message. If NCL wants customers to hold on forever.....please put on a different message than Ahh Huh, etc no one cares about finding their hallelujah after waiting over half hour on hold!!!
  8. People are being fooled by all these FREE offers which are really higher fares or service fees attached to cruise bill - poor unknowing passengers. Time to wake up and not pay for someone's Free air!
  9. Prices are much higher for 2020 out of NYC on Bliss and Gem because of this FREE air being paid for by all of us!
  10. how do you opt out of free air benefit? I was told rate is same for sailing.
  11. There is a substantial increase in the price of cruise on Gem Feb 14 2020 out of NYC since this past Jan/Feb season 2919. I believe that cruises which include free or reduced airfare are priced higher to cover this perk. THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH!
  12. Is it me or does this seem unfair. Cruise rate for passengers not flying into port is same rate as people coming into NYC from Dallas or other areas of the country flying free! Why?????
  13. Are the Choir of Men still performing on Escape?
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