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  1. Looking at going to Bermuda sometime next year, maybe in April or May.. Is the weather/water ok that time of the year? Never been there before so any advice is appreciated!
  2. I've used Princess EZ Air several times and always been very pleased. The fares seem to be very competitive and the reps are very efficient . Recommend them highly!
  3. Is the water temp in May warm enough ? Looking at going to Bermuda in late May, is the water warm enough for snorkeling, swimming, etc? Thanks for the responses~!
  4. Never been to Alaska before so got a few questions about the excursions. Thanks in advance for your reply. Are independent tours readily available when you disembark the ship? Want to take a plane ride tour of the glaciers but they are so expensive through the cruise-line. We are stopping in Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchican . Any recommendations? Thanks!
  5. My wife is a teacher and got us some lanyards that have a zipper on the back. Can put cash or credit card on the backside. Very convenient when your in port! Love the lanyard !
  6. Love the Happy hour! Good drinks and a great way to spend a little time before dinner!
  7. Agree with CruiserBruce, cruise line doesn't do this for free! Like any company they are in it to make money. If you don't want a service they offer, dont buy it!
  8. This is one thing the wife and I really enjoyed! Drinks were $5 , and goodies to munch on were tasty! Great way to relax before dinner!
  9. Thanks for the review! Very informative! Going on the Regal in March , cant wait!
  10. Going on the Jewel in two weeks! Looking forward to it! Love cruising out of New Orleans. We always go down the day before the cruise , enjoy the sights and sounds of Bourbon Street/Harrahs Casino. Some really great restaurants to get some fantastic seafood! Its also just a 4 hour drive from my home in Alabama....
  11. Heading to get on the Jewel in march, cant wait! Love New Orleans!
  12. The wife and I just became platinum members after our last cruise. This is great news and I'm sure we will take Princess up on this perk!
  13. Have a great cruise! Headed to New Orleans in two weeks to board the Voyager! Can't wait!
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