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  1. Use this hop on hop off ferry https://www.navigazionegolfodeipoeti.it/en/cinque-terre/
  2. .. or Lounge key with Mastercard world. With my card for 24 €/ person https://www.loungekey.com/en/mcworld/lounge-finder/airport?airportcode=PPT&loungecode=PPT
  3. Is it something like NCL game with us ? if the first cruise after cancelled cruises will start in the middle of Pacific ocean in Papeete, will be NCL able to transport the ship there empty ? It is absurdity for me... Maybe clear statement of NCL Public relations department would help thousands of customers. I am sure THEY are here on this forum daily. My biggest problem is the airfare. I am from Central Europe and now is the time to book air tickets to SFO with OK price for next spring - so book or not to book ?
  4. Hallo from Slovakia ! I am just moved my Jewel Polynesia - Hawai cruise from October to April next year. I hope the next year situation will be better. Here in Slovakia ( we are 5.5 millions nation) we have total 28 dead people and last week we have 0 -2 new sicks per day. Thanks God Pandemic is very light here. The government restrictions started here very early - start of lockdown was on 19.3., people were really disciplined, they made masks and applied them from the first day and now we have phase 4 of opening - so everything is more or less in normal way now - all bussiness run and the schools and kindergartens were opened today. Sorry, that USA started with measures late and indifferent.
  5. We are in the same situation. We have booked Jewel for next October from Papeete to Honolulu. In this cruise we have something very important for us - two in one - Polynesia and Hawaii with only one really long 2 legs flight via SFO - outbound to PPT and inbound from HLL. The airfare from central Europe is significant part of the costs and when I looked for Windstar in Tahiti - 10 days - it was really nice, but pricey for us. For the same price now we have 4 days stay in Huahine island, 3 days in Moorea, inter island airfare Air Tahiti and 14 days cruise with Jewel to Honolulu with 5 Hawaii islands. So, I have no doubt what is better for us.
  6. use this link and use google translator https://www.wasserurlaub.info/forum/thread/45593-la-réunion/ there are some advices for individual trips
  7. I can recomend Madex too. Nice excursions and payment at the port. If you want mail them , here is contact madadiego201@yahoo.fr
  8. Pay as much as you can by card. One tip: If machine asks you which currency you want to pay , say Euros. Bank exchange rate is usually much better, then vendor´s /seller / rate.
  9. For me was the best result to choose 14 days cruise from Papeetee /French Polynesia / to Honolulu on NCL Jewell. Why ? It is possible to see two regions in one cruise - Polynesia and Hawaii, visit 9 islands - 4 in Polynesia and 5 in Hawaii with only 5 sea days. We are from central Europe, so we save one long and expensive transport too.
  10. I am European cruiser, who is choosing cruises by routes, not by companies. So I have no high status anywhere. I have NCL latitude membership and I was very surprised, I am silver after one 14 nights trip via Panama channel /28 points /. I didn´t signed my wife for latitude that time 2 years ago, so she has no status in the moment. There are some benefits from membership - not so much, but they are. Now, we have booking for next 14 nights cruise from Papeetee to Hawai next year. My question is: Have I sign my wife now for latitude membership, or is it my membership good for both of us and it is not so important?
  11. Cannes - use the train for Grasse / fragrance museum Fragonard /, or Antibes /Picasso museum /, both 20 minutes ride in oposite sites. Nice is 50 minutes ride. Taxis and buses are very slow due the traffic, do not use them. If you are 2 persons and want to explore more of coast /Villefranche sur mer, Monaco, Nice / , buy day discounted train tickets - 26€ for two. Or go by boat to Illes de Lerins from cannes port http://www.cannes-ilesdelerins.com/en/nos-bateaux/ beautifull island St. Honorat with functional monastery...
  12. I am from Slovakia / yes, it is EU country / and I always book Aida and TUI cruises with German TA ***** I prefer to speak english, but I never had problems with it on these ships. The value of this cruises is high - in price there are tips included, some drinks like vine and beer - in mealtimes, basic internet and so on. If you need more info from discussion boards, look for German page wasserurlaub.info and use google translation. Next time I will use Aida, is the trip to Seychelles, Madagascar, Reunion and Mauritius this Christmas and we are looking for it really much
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