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  1. From the Equinox Persian Garden on Thursday. Our next cruise is Spring break 2020 in a SS on the Summit. It WA fun to see next year's ship on this year's ship. Molly
  2. Spring break plus lots of people coming and going at the same time. The Avis lines looked even longer. Lots of upset people, but I refuse to let a little extra wait ruin our vacation! One poor woman was crying and talking trash nonstop right behind the clerks. She seemed particularly upset about someone who had reserved and paid for a convertible getting his car relatively quickly. From what I could decern, they were just honoring his reserved and prepaid reservation and, unlike most of us, he had not reserved a standard car or van which were in demand and none to be had. I just sympathized with the clerk that this must be particularly stressful and that I had only 1 passenger and a couple of carry-on bags, so I'd be happy with anything else that could accommodate us. As I mentioned before, we ended up with a fast blue convertible Mustang. Not bad for remaining calm and putting positive intentions out there. Molly
  3. When we ate in Murano, it was the first time I asked for a wine list. On the wine list, I think I remember seeing a bottle package but not the details. Hopefully, someone else will have that intel for you. Yeah, the Mustang is fun! Molly
  4. Friday-Nassau and Saturday (so far) report: Apparently they are out of rental cars in Miami this morning, so I have plenty of time to report on yesterday and this morning while we wait for people to return cars and the 75-100 other renters in front of me get their cars. Our flight doesn't leave until 7 pm tonight so we should still have plenty of time to explore. Yesterday was a port day in Nassau. We were concerned about the upgraded safety warning, so we didn't plan any excursions. However, the Pokémon Go nerd in me needed more gear and none of the Port pokes tops were reachable from the ship, so we took a quick turn around the Port shopping area. Leaving the ship, there was a little glitch as Will had his seapass scanned and he needed to get scanned at a different terminal. In the shopping area, it felt like running the gauntlet. Lots of high pressure from taxi and tour operators. After spinning a few stops, we reboarded and it was my turn for the glitch. Leaving the ship, my seapass was scanned but apparently wasn't registered that I was off the ship. A little moment of confusion and we were back on board. We went straight to Café al Bacio for a snack and Chai lattes. It was nice and quiet. The Equinox was the first of 5 ships in Nassau. The last one to arrive was the Carnival Liberty which pulled in between the Equinox and the Port around 11 am. Wow! Their PA system and music are very loud and lively compared to the Equinox. Will went up to the Mast Grill for lunch while I opted for room service salmon and veggies. It was very good! It was then time for our massages. There was a port special offer for a Canyon Ranch Massage for $113 instead of $150. One of the things we do at home to help Will self regulate is a massage every other week. A close friend is a masseuse who is exceptionally good, so it's not fair to compare. Will liked his- he had an additional "enhancement" for additional time focused on his scalp. My masseuse tried to upsell me before and recommended some products to buy that I politely declined. Overall, it was fine. Now it was time for our afternoon snack, of course! As Celebrity Classic members, we were able to get 1 scoop each of gelato. Will is a huge gelato fan, so I gave him mine, too. He reports that both the mint chocolate and the hazelnut flavors were quite excellent. At 5pm, we went to the World class bar. By now, they see me coming and start on my syrup-less old fashioned. Will got one, too. En Vogue started playing which inspired Will to dance. He is so joyful! Off to dinner at Blu. It was the filet mignon night. Will and I had the same/ blue cheese soufflés and filet mignons. The soufflé was interesting, but probably won't get it in the future. Filets were like butter! We did our dessert challenge and both the tutti fruiti and the chocolate torte didn't impress. We went back to the World Class bar- another old fashioned for me and a strawberry drink for Will. We got a couple of desserts from Café al Bacio for another dessert challenge. Both the Raspberry Chiffon Cake and the dulche de lache cheesecake were hits. It was a tie. Back to the cabin to pack for the luggage valet service and get ready for bed. Today, we woke up at 6:30. Showered and finished packing. Headed to Blu for breakfast one last time. It was nice and relaxing. Still plenty of smoked salmon for breakfast. Will had an omelet that he said was delicious. Around 8 am, they started calling numbers for disembark info. Because we had luggage valet, we could leave anytime. We waited around in Cafe al Bacio and disembarked with no line at 5 forward. Fast through customs and caught the Budget shuttle. They had us packed like sardines. I sat on a crate. Fast forward 2 hours... We have a car. Upgraded to a blue Mustang convertible! And we are off to the races to do a little sightseeing. Molly 9C07BB00-FF58-47A4-BEE0-767F0AC20F8E.MOV 44DD7FE4-7796-4AA5-AF46-7E8162BB48D7.MOV
  5. More pictures from Thursday. The Internet was wonky and didn't upload all my pictures.
  6. Thursday was a sea day and Will's first breakfast in Blu. The day's biggest event for us was lunch at Murano. It was good, but we both decided to cancel our dinner reservations for Friday and use the on board credit for massages today. I got up early for my new ritual of tea in Café al Bacio before breakfast in Blu. I think I've turned into a Hobbit this week. First breakfast at Café al Bacio and second breakfast at Blu. Before heading to Blu, I went back up to the cabin to make sure Will was up and ready to go to breakfast. Thinking he was still in the bathroom, I hung around for about 10 minutes before I realized he wasn't there. I went down to Blu to find him already eating! He had yummy blueberry pancakes and I had a couple of poached eggs with rye toast and sautéed spinach. We went up to the Persian Garden to lounge and read until we needed to change for lunch. In the distance we saw the Summit heading in the opposite direction. We currently have reservations for Spring break 2020 in a Sky Suite on the Summit so it was fun to see her and her new blue hull. After changing for lunch, I watched the first 45 minutes of Bohemian Rhapsody in the big theater. They have had a lot of showings of both Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star is Born. Other movies shown this week were Ocean's 8, Venom, and Hotel Transylvania. Lunch in Murano was very good. I had scallops and Will had the risotto for our appetizers. We shared three entrées: the lobster, the lamb chops, and the filet mignon. For dessert, we both had the soufflé. They didn't have the late harvest wine in the wine list so they recommended port instead. Then we both felt food comas coming on, so we went back to the cabin for naps. Upon waking up, Will felt a little sea sick. The ship was definitely rocking more. I gave him a dramamine and got a ginger ale for him. He stuck to ginger ale for the rest of the night. Dinner in Blu was OK. Will is a huge ceasar salad fan, but not last night's salad that had tofu on it. He ended up eating most of my crabcake which looked deep-fried which I don't eat. I had the baked lobster and Will had the stuffed pasta shells. Both we good. Dessert we tried the roulade and the chocolate fondant. The fondant was the winner! Watched a beautiful sunset from the balcony to end our day.
  7. I had booked a few excursions online and then found out that they added many more excursions closer to embarkation. Canceled and rebooked with no issues or charges. Molly
  8. Plenty of salmon this morning on the Equinox. Molly
  9. The ship did stop at Punta Cana yesterday. It's a tender port. The first picture in my recent post has a picture of the tender (one of the life boats.) Will and I chose to stay on board, but over the PA, it sounded like they gave people who did want to tender into port group numbers and asked them to wait in the Quazar lounge until their group number was called. At about 10 am, there was an announcement that no group number was needed anymore. Have a great time in a little over a week! Molly
  10. It was a tender port day to Punta Cana yesterday. Will and I chose to stay on the ship, eat and relax. While Will slept in, I had a Chai latte and croissants at Café al Bacio. Will had a room service breakfast and I opted to eat my second breakfast at Blu. There I met a charming couple from Toronto who were in their 37th Celebrity cruise. After checking in with Will, I went to see the first 2/3 of A Star Is Born. I saw it before and was devistated by the ending but loved the story and the music until that last third of the movie. I ran into Will who has left the cabin to give José a chance to clean it. Will had a burger and fries at the Mast Grill already, so I was on my own for lunch. Nothing looked that appetizing at the Oceanview café Italian buffet, so I had a light lunch at the Aqua Spa Café. While looking over the ocean, I saw a whale! (I think) On my way to the Persian Garden, I saw a hammock that wasn't filled or claimed, so I decided to give it a try. Next thing I knew, I woke myself up snoring! 😂 I headed back to our cabin to see if Will wanted to have a drink and snack on the balcony. We saw a beautiful sunset (pic below with my old fashioned from the World Class bar.) Dinner at Blu was good. Will had corn fritters and the duck confit ravioli. I had the mixed baby green salad and the halibut (it was a little dry, but the sauce helped.) we shared the Apple Tart Tatin and the Olive oil Cremeux (the winner dessert.) After dinner, we walked on the deck and saw the beautiful super Equinox moon. I was able to get a shot of Will smiling. He had just exclaimed, "Happy Spring Equinox from the Celebrity Equinox!" which cracked us both up. Back inside we heard the live band and Will broke out into a spontaneous dance (video below.) Will chose to hangout in the cabin for the rest of the night. I stopped by the Word Class Bar to get another old fashioned. (Really the best drink!) I overheard part of a conversation at the bar between a Swiss couple and a couple from Montana. One of the Swiss couple mentioned that he was from Glarus, Switzerland and that his relatives helped found New Glarus, Wisconsin. I introduced myself and that I live very close to New Glarus. We toasted to our connection and I went to the theater to check out the show. There was a band playing rock and roll oldies that had everyone singing. Since I arrived a little late, there weren't any seats left that were easily accessible without disturbing others. So I stood and listened to a couple of songs then I left. One more stroll on the deck and saw that beautiful moon once again. Molly CB2BD08D-2540-46AF-89E0-DEDCD742B288.MOV
  11. Simon is the energetic cruise director this week. I've been admiring his fancy shoes all week. Molly
  12. I'm on the Equinox right now. It's due for its refurb/edification soon. It's a Solstice class ship. I haven't been on the paid tour, but I did go on a short, free kitchen tour earlier this week. Molly
  13. More... I included some of Wills more artist photos, too
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