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  1. If the current pricing is less for the new cruise than the old one, it might make more sense to cancel and rebook rather than "lift and shift."
  2. Perhaps it's because I use ear plugs at night because my husband snores like a saw mill, but in the two times I've cruised AQ (1518 & 1601), I've never been bothered by noise.
  3. No wonder I couldn't find it through search! Thanks everyone.
  4. I know the big box travel agency I have used in the past doesn't participate in the moveup program, but who does? Do you need to book directly with Celebrity?
  5. We canceled our March 14th cruise on the Summit. I'm sad about it but even though we are low risk plus DH and I already work from home and there would be little difference if we were quarantined, my DS who was also going with us in our first suite is on the Autism Spectrum. His anxiety is sky high right now between mid-term exams and coronovirus. Last year we almost were denied boarding because his anxiety caused GI issues and he told them his stomach ached as we checked in. We jumped at the chance to cancel and get FCC especially since Delta was kind enough to refund the miles used for our flights. I hope that we will find another suite deal that fits our schedules later this year or next. Molly
  6. You need to cancel through your TA. They can cancel without calling Celebrity according to the online TA I spoke with yesterday.
  7. If you book Aqua class, you also have unlimited access to the relaxation room at the front of the ship on deck 11 on the Equinox. I found it to be a great space for watching as the ship arrived in ports in the morning. Quiet, peaceful and usually empty. Molly
  8. Thanks to all who replied to my questions about having three in a sky suite on Summit. I was able to swap DH and DS so that DH has the perks. Talked with DS about the Retreat Lounge and just ordering his drinks a la carte from elsewhere around the ship. He's cool with it. It was a great suggestion - thanks again. Molly
  9. Yes, DS could just buy drinks and we would probably save money over a package. We aren't Zenith or elite so just trying to figure out how best to balance cost, convenience, and suite benefits. Molly
  10. Is it possible to change the listing after final payment?
  11. Our upcoming Spring break cruise there will be three of us (DH, DS, and me) in a Sky Suite (6145) on the Summit. It will be the first time in a suite plus the first time my DH is joining my DS and I on a Celebrity cruise. The first two passengers (DS and I) have all four perks and DH currently has none. 1. Can we change who has the perks? Swap DH with DS? 2. Trying to decide if we really need to get a drink package for the 3rd person. Do you need to have a drink package to order drinks in the Retreat lounge or sun deck? Will the butler bring latte to the cabin without a drink package? 3. DS will be sleeping on the couch. Have you slept on one since the Revolution? Was it comfortable? Is it twin sized on top of the couch or a pullout sleeper sofa? Any pictures of a sofa sleeper post revolution made up to sleep in? Molly
  12. We decided to roll the dice - we will be three in this cabin. We'll let everyone know how the sofa is for my adult son when we sail in March. -Molly
  13. Thanks so much! We are still debating whether we will be 2 or 3 going on this cruise which means my adult son may be sleeping on it. Molly
  14. Thanks for the current pictures! We will be in 6145 for Spring break in March. Would you share a picture of the sofa? Molly
  15. From the Equinox Persian Garden on Thursday. Our next cruise is Spring break 2020 in a SS on the Summit. It WA fun to see next year's ship on this year's ship. Molly
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