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  1. Skip the car seats. They’ll just end up taking up space in the room. Just curious - what at are you doing for sleeping arrangements? We were in a mini suite with one crib, and there was barely any room. I can’t imagine trying to fit two...
  2. Get to port earlyish, connect to the ship’s WiFi before boarding, and reserve using the app. It may not fully work until all other passengers are off.
  3. We sale on NCL because we like the range of food and entertainment options, which is not something you get on the smaller luxury lines.
  4. The only real benefit we saw was the ability to price lock a block of cabins. It wasn't helpful for me (boo) but was nice for the members of the group who booked later.
  5. The smaller NCL ships still have suites, though, which is a very similar thing. A normal balcony room doesn't get a butler or lunch at Cagney's, but the suites do. The main difference in the larger ships is just an increased area for the "first class" guests, no?
  6. Between the studio rooms (and their associated studio lounge, only accessible to those in the studios) and the singles mixers, it seems like NCL is doing well to single folks. Hotels charge double occupancy for all their rooms - I don't know of any hotel chains that have "single rooms" the way the newer NCL ships do.
  7. Doesn't MSC already have something similar with their different experience classes?
  8. I actually disagree with the rest of the posters. I do think we're getting closer to this than we used to. Twenty years ago, your only choice was what room you got on a cruise. Now, the Haven area is set up with separate pool, separate restaurant, etc. Lots of other big lines are doing similar to try and attract people who otherwise would go on one of the smaller, upscale lines instead. I actually don't think there's anything wrong with this. First class cabins have existed for ages on airlines. (Comfort plus type cabins are new, giving us more bands of class, I suppose.) The "first class" areas help subsidize the lower class areas. Edited to add: I think we may be disagreeing over the definition of "class system" as it applies to cruising.
  9. FR is, aside from the chef's table, my favorite place to eat on a cruise line. We've done lunches there several times, usually at the late end, and they've always been good about letting us stay to finish everything.
  10. Escape 1/2018 No Jewel 12/2009 OR Sun 12/2011 No GSC does not exist...
  11. Agreed. Just remember, a martini is gin. ;)
  12. I asked a similar question (two adults plus a 15-month-old in a Haven Spa Suite) and was also told they can't go over the cabin's set occupancy.
  13. Save a night to eat at Food Republic! It's a la carte, but doesn't work with the SDP.
  14. Mango Meltdown. We've made them at home, but they're still somehow not as good. I attribute it to the lack of ocean off my balcony at home.
  15. Ports: When we booked last year, we were supposed to be doing the Eastern Caribbean, which we had done several times over the past few years. With the hurricanes that went through, we were moved to Western, which we hadn't done in a while. The planned itinerary was, Falmouth, Jamaica on Monday, George Town, Grand Cayman on Tuesday, Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas Thursday, and Nassau, Bahamas on Friday. Jamaica is quite anti gay, and the kiddo was a bit under the weather, so we just stayed onboard that day. In the Caymans, we walked to 7 mile beach. The ocean side of the road had sidewalks for most of the way down the street - I believe that there was a solid line of sidewalk on the island side of the street. We took the turnoff just after Church Street turns into Bay Road. Overall, it was slightly less than a mile to the start of the beach. We then walked down another quarter mile or so to some shade and tide pools. We were scheduled to dock at Great Stirrup and reserved a large cabana for our group. Unfortunately, due to weather, we were unable to tender and had to skip this stop, giving us a 0/2 for landing on the private island. At this point, I don't think it exists. We had pre-booked the excursion, so it was just returned to our account as a credit. Since we already had some OBC and didn't spend that much onboard, the remainder was returned to our card after the trip. Instead of an extra sea day, which happened last time we missed the island, we went to Nassau a day early, and changed our stop to an overnight. The first afternoon, we walked to Junkanoo beach, less than a mile west of the cruise port. Unfortunately, it was cool and windy, so we just walked a bit further along the beach for a few minutes before heading back to the ship. The weather the next day was similar, and we had been to Nassau a LOT before, so we stayed on board on Friday.
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