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  1. Sailing with some friends and family. Anyone else aboard?
  2. FR is amazing. Even though it is outside the dining plan, we always make sure to go several times on our cruises. Everything there is a la carte, so even if she can’t find much, you can grab snacks there and go eat somewhere else later. That said, I’m pretty sure there were gluten-free things on the menu.
  3. When I spoke to someone about it (again) she stated something that amounted to “all could sleep at least three on the Escape, but things are different on the Encore.” I will be curious to see what the rooms look like when the ship finally sails.
  4. Were you ever able to successfully book 3 into that room? When I called and spoke to someone there (I know all the problems that come with that, regarding getting different answers every time) they told me that only two could be booked into those rooms.
  5. We wanted to do that. Sadly, on the Encore, the majority are 4-2, not the 4-3 we would need. There is only one pair of 4-4 (and no 4-3s) and it’s booked. 😔
  6. We (me, husband, and two kiddos who will be age 3 and 1) are currently booked in a large balcony mini suite on the Encore in February. My brother, his wife, and their will-be-1-year-old are planning to come as well, so we are contemplating “downgrading” to a connecting mini suite. Should we give up the giant balcony in exchange for only needing to keep one adult in the rooms at night?
  7. Skip the car seats. They’ll just end up taking up space in the room. Just curious - what at are you doing for sleeping arrangements? We were in a mini suite with one crib, and there was barely any room. I can’t imagine trying to fit two...
  8. Get to port earlyish, connect to the ship’s WiFi before boarding, and reserve using the app. It may not fully work until all other passengers are off.
  9. We sale on NCL because we like the range of food and entertainment options, which is not something you get on the smaller luxury lines.
  10. The only real benefit we saw was the ability to price lock a block of cabins. It wasn't helpful for me (boo) but was nice for the members of the group who booked later.
  11. The smaller NCL ships still have suites, though, which is a very similar thing. A normal balcony room doesn't get a butler or lunch at Cagney's, but the suites do. The main difference in the larger ships is just an increased area for the "first class" guests, no?
  12. Between the studio rooms (and their associated studio lounge, only accessible to those in the studios) and the singles mixers, it seems like NCL is doing well to single folks. Hotels charge double occupancy for all their rooms - I don't know of any hotel chains that have "single rooms" the way the newer NCL ships do.
  13. Doesn't MSC already have something similar with their different experience classes?
  14. I actually disagree with the rest of the posters. I do think we're getting closer to this than we used to. Twenty years ago, your only choice was what room you got on a cruise. Now, the Haven area is set up with separate pool, separate restaurant, etc. Lots of other big lines are doing similar to try and attract people who otherwise would go on one of the smaller, upscale lines instead. I actually don't think there's anything wrong with this. First class cabins have existed for ages on airlines. (Comfort plus type cabins are new, giving us more bands of class, I suppose.) The "first class" areas help subsidize the lower class areas. Edited to add: I think we may be disagreeing over the definition of "class system" as it applies to cruising.
  15. FR is, aside from the chef's table, my favorite place to eat on a cruise line. We've done lunches there several times, usually at the late end, and they've always been good about letting us stay to finish everything.
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