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  1. Last time we cruised out of Galveston, there was a country band that played most every night in one of the lounges or somewhere. I think it is to be expected.... but they were not out at the pool.
  2. Thanks. Obviously, that is not what I was hoping to hear! Do you know which ships/decks have dividers that open?
  3. A group of 3 couples are making plans for our next cruise together, and we are hoping to know if the balconies on Vision of the Seas (or Explorer OTS, or Empress OTS) can be opened up between cabins that are side-by-side? We'd love to be able to have one big balcony, and I've heard that some people have been able to do that. So far, it has not been physically even possible on the ships we've cruised. Look forward to hearing from any of you who know about this possibility. Thanks!
  4. Thanks. I guess I really should download the app.... 🙂
  5. I guess, maybe, I'm not really looking for the name of the pool band -- I'm looking for comments from those who have sailed on Enchantment recently -- Was there a real pool band, a steel drum band? About how often did they play? We're already booked so it's not a make-or-break question; I'm just looking to know what to expect. Thanks.
  6. I'm curious - seems that the last few cruises we've done, the pool band is getting less and less entertaining -- less hours of play and groups that hardly deliver on the "pool band" feel we enjoyed during earlier cruises. Our favorite pool band was the Rhythm Section (we had them on two ships!) but really just hope for a good steel drum band out around the pool. Can anyone tell me what the pool band situation is on the Enchantment of the Seas? We'll be sailing on her in November. Thanks!
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