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  1. Key West will likely become a great port for smaller ships that can work with the passenger load requirement - how nice as a passenger to deal with smaller crowds! That said, I don't think I've cruised on a ship small enough to make it now.
  2. Thanks for the quick responses. How about if you are booked in different cabins for the two cruises?
  3. Hi - When you do back-to-back and you have the same cabin for both cruises, do you have to clear out everything and unload on disembarking/embarking day, or just leave the ship yourself and reboard? Thanks --
  4. Hi - we have a group of 3 couples booked on a Feb 2021 cruise on Explorer. We have been told that the balconies can be opened to become one "long' balcony. Looking for confirmation that they can, indeed, be opened - OR if you know they cannot. Cabins are on deck 10 aft, but not the very back of the ship.
  5. Well, that is quite interesting -- I had not thought to check for 3 people (instead of 2), and yes, there are balcony cabins open! I never knew they did that sort of thing -- they aren't suites. But at least the ship is not completely sold out and nothing really strange then. Thanks.
  6. We booked this cruise in November and every once in awhile I take a look to check rates, available cabins, etc. The other day I noticed that all balconies on this cruise are sold out, and most ocean view cabins are sold. Most inside cabins also seem to be booked. And looks like half or more of the suites are booked. This seems very odd to me, this far out. I am on the RCCL Meet & Mingle thread for the cruise, and there are several individuals/small groups booked. So I'm wondering what the reason could be that the ship is so booked up this far out. Is it -- -- a RCCL theme cruise? -- a very large group that has many cabins either sold or held until a certain date? -- is it just a wonderful itinerary and good time of year to cruise? I called RCCL Crown & Anchor number the other day and had their recording about the new cancellation policy re coronavirus, and to expect longer than usual wait times to speak with someone, and they ask that if the call is about a cruise more than two weeks out, to call back later. So I'll call back later. I'm sure they are swamped dealing with questions of "right now." If any of you know why the Feb 12 cruise is so booked, I'd love to hear! Thanks.
  7. Yes, we are booked in a balcony for this cruise... booked in November. It's quite curious. I also found the CC RCCL Meet & Mingle board and raised the question there... many people are booked. I really like the itinerary and maybe the popularity of it is all that is going on. I called RCCL Crown & Anchor today but their answering machine stated that since they just announced their revised cancellation policy (re coronavirus), the wait would be longer than usual. And it asked that if the cruise in question is more than two weeks out, to call back later. So I'll call back another time.
  8. We booked onto this cruise while on a cruise in November. And just checking again (as I always do), all of the balcony cabins are sold out, and there are not many ocean view available. It seems very strange to me. I plan to call RCCL to see what is going on... but decided to see if I could find out anything through some searching around.
  9. Last time we cruised out of Galveston, there was a country band that played most every night in one of the lounges or somewhere. I think it is to be expected.... but they were not out at the pool.
  10. Thanks. Obviously, that is not what I was hoping to hear! Do you know which ships/decks have dividers that open?
  11. A group of 3 couples are making plans for our next cruise together, and we are hoping to know if the balconies on Vision of the Seas (or Explorer OTS, or Empress OTS) can be opened up between cabins that are side-by-side? We'd love to be able to have one big balcony, and I've heard that some people have been able to do that. So far, it has not been physically even possible on the ships we've cruised. Look forward to hearing from any of you who know about this possibility. Thanks!
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