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  1. You will have a great time! A great video to help us get ready for Coco Cay: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sAQIsvBp1c
  2. Hi Radio We will be sailing with you. My family got our negative results today. I will follow your posts just in case - don’t want to miss anything. So exciting to be sailing on our favorite ship!
  3. Welcome home and thanks for all the info. We get our tests on Friday and sail on Sunday. We will probably book for next year while onboard.
  4. Fingers crossed for smooth sailing on October 3! So glad you had a great cruise and things are going well for cruising in general. Lorraine
  5. Thank you for the beautiful pictures. The pool looks empty. It was wall to wall people last time we were there. Lorraine.
  6. I can stop CC any time that I want. 😄 Me too. But not until I find out everything I need to know about the 4 cruises I have booked. So I’ll still be here in February.
  7. I looked at this thread bc I’ll be on the Oasis October 3. My family and I enjoy eating breakfast outside at JR. Whether you call it free or included- who cares? Bacon milkshake sounds yummy. Or was that bacon, milkshake? 😊
  8. Also working for Anthem December 24. My kids moved from single studio balcony to large balcony for the same price.
  9. Hi Gary So glad you are enjoying your cruise so far. The pink socks story is amazing! We loved our August 7th cruise and may try Symphony from NY on November 26 if the COVID situation improves. Have a great cruise! Lorraine
  10. No worries. I see he posted on first time Crystal thread. All good!
  11. I’m surprised sthrngary hasn’t posted. I hope he made it to the ship
  12. Baowen- Thank you so much for keeping us posted. Have a great time! Hoping the CDC will approve of all the protocols so we can sail September 5. Lorraine
  13. Have a great cruise! Don’t miss any of the shows. We were very impressed with the performers on our August 7 cruise. Lorraine
  14. drib- And then, in Bimini, bobbety-boo, their parent company resort tried to charge Crystal passengers for the use of their property. How is that not a detail that they work out inadvance? Thanks for making me laugh. We boarded in Nassau and enjoyed our day in Bimini after they figured out our resort visit was complimentary.
  15. The entertainment isn’t good, it’s great! The comedians will make you laugh and the singers and dancers will have you tapping your feet. Don’t miss any of the shows and don’t forget to sign up for the magic show. Have fun!
  16. We will be disembarking Serenity tomorrow and I just wanted to say a few words. First of all, our last cruise on Crystal was on the Harmony in 1995. So I guess you could say we were really first timers to Crystal as it exists in 2021. We were very impressed with the ship, especially the service and entertainment. We have not been sitting at home since 1995, we’ve taken about 100 cruises on several cruise lines. The crew on Serenity is so warm and friendly and treated us like family. The shows were amazing and the performers were so talented! We will be very sad tomorrow when we have to say goodbye. I would like to thank Keith and sthrngary for all their posts which were so helpful in planning our cruise. Bon Voyage to everyone who will be sailing on Serenity in the future. You will have a great time! Lorraine
  17. Hi There have been so many twists and turns since I started this thread on 8/3. All I can say is I’m sitting at the pool now and just received a yummy drink and a cold towel. Hang in there - you will be glad you did!
  18. Passengers are not required to wear masks on the ship.
  19. There are no bracelets except for the blue contact tracing bracelets which we all wear. I don’t know if that means if everyone who joined in Miami is vaccinated.
  20. We were assigned group 1. We ate breakfast at 9 and didn’t leave the ship until 9:45. We were back onboard at 10:30. We were advised to wait for the last group if we were coming right back onboard. Excursion passengers left in the first group. Please don’t obsess about this. If you have to do it it isn’t that bad.
  21. No need to show any proof. Just your passport and ship card. Easy peasy.
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