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  1. gopher's girl

    Just Back from the Caribbean Princess

    Hi Everyone - Glad to hear you all had a good time. My friends were also on your cruise, and they had every last bottle they attempted to bring on the ship taken from them. Did not matter what is was wrapped in or carried in... every bottle (liquor not wine). Others that were in line with them got through with no problem. Just luck of the draw I suppose.
  2. gopher's girl


    In my case, my sister and I had our accounts merged. We only found out after I called Princess to change my name. They said I would have to create a new account for myself and they would "try" to move my cruise history to the new account. She only has 1 cruise while I have 5, along with cirlcle savings, referrals, and a future cruise deposit!!
  3. gopher's girl

    Southern Caribbean and Weather

    I would imagine only slightly warmer, if any warmer at all - in October.
  4. gopher's girl

    Southern Caribbean and Weather

    I cruised November 10 last year... Aruba was hot and sunny, Grenada had a brief shower but otherwise hot and sunny, and Bonaire was beautiful - you guessed it - hot and sunny. Have not been to Dominica, but imagine it would be about the same. Aruba was probably the warmest day of the trip. The seas were fine - slight to moderate (7ft seas max, and that was rare)... at night on deck it is still warm but a little windy, though that is probably mostly due to the forward speed of the ship. You should have a great time. Enjoy your trip!
  5. gopher's girl

    Fire and Ice cruise 8/09

    what is a fire and ice cruise?
  6. gopher's girl

    southern caribbean cruise: have you been?

    a B2B of this would be heavenly.
  7. gopher's girl

    southern caribbean cruise: have you been?

    Have done both sides of the Southern Caribbean itinerary - first on the Dawn Princess, then on the Crown Princess. Both trips were amazing. Something to do in every port. You can even get more information in the ports section of Cruise Critic - that will help you get recommendations for tours (ship and non-ship organized), places to see on each island, etc. Must-do for that cruise however is the day-before fly-in... too wonderful a cruise to miss! Have a great time :) ... whatever you decide!
  8. gopher's girl

    Souther Caribbean cruise question

    I have to tell you, going to San Juan, and probably anywhere else I would now do a day in advance. We missed our flight due to unexpected delay in travel time to the airport. The next flight we flew standby and fortunately got on that one, but then it encountered mechanical difficulties. It was a horrible way to start what ended up a fabulous vacation.
  9. gopher's girl

    saved princess a lot of embarasment!

    Arr, Redbeard - you need to go check out the "Live from Golden - Inside Passage!" thread... more people that need to walk the plank. Who picks up buffet food with their bare hands? Yuck!
  10. Not my cognac, but check out this article on CNN.com http://www.cnn.com/2008/TRAVEL/05/06/cognac/index.html
  11. gopher's girl

    Caribbean vs. Crown Princess

    I hear you. For the most part the Princess ships I have been on are decorated in very similar ways, with a few surprises here and there. Club Fusion which is popular on the new ships, is actually not my favorite use of the space. My first cruise on the Dawn Princess I experienced the Vista Lounge, which is probably my all-time favorite venue. Most likely due to my love of The Love Boat tv show. Closest thing to Vista nowadays is the Explorer's Lounge. On a side note, I always meet the most interesting people in the Explorer's Lounge. The seating configuration opens you up to other groups, and it is a fun way to meet people without the formality of dinner. Have a great trip. I wish I had one scheduled!
  12. gopher's girl

    Newbie Breakfast question

    I'm with LoveSanibel - the breakfast conversations can be fun. Little bit of a dining roulette, if you will, you never know what you will get. The waiters can also be fun in the morning, less stress than a dinner service although you might occasionally be seated with people who want to eat quick and get out, but don't let others rush you or keep you - dine on your own schedule.
  13. gopher's girl

    Caribbean vs. Crown Princess

    Hi bmweezer, Many of the differences between the two ships can be seen on the deckplans. The cabin configurations are the same, with a few very minor differences here and there. Dining rooms are named differently but look the same. On the Caribbean, Sabatini's is in the middle of the ship. Not sure what they are going to change on the Caribbean, but the last time I was on it there was no Adagio bar on the back of the ship. The Caribbean has the "shopping cart handle" with Skywalker's night club on top, while the Crown has no shopping cart handle and Skywalker's is in the same place that the Sapphire and Diamond Princess ships have their Skywalker's - closer to the middle but still on the back. The front area on the Caribbean that is used for sports has become "The Sanctuary" on the Crown, so if you really liked that area maybe they will actually include that in the refurb of the Caribbean, that would be nice. Any other specific questions, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  14. gopher's girl

    Bringing my own milk?

    I do not know about Princess confiscating it (depending on where you are going there may be agricultural restrictions, etc.), but in my past experience the mini-fridge that you will have in your cabin may not keep an appropriate temperature (I've had mini-fridges where the soda inside never got cold). Perhaps someone else who has a temperature-sensitive medication or something can comment on this? The fridge is very small, and I don't even know if it would fit that much? If it is not for a medical reason I might recommend going with what is served on board which meets US standards though will not be organic. I understand the need to stick with what your child drinks. I often try to buy organic produce, and do get organic milk when I am at home, but do not keep to it when at a restaurant or on vacation. Would the soy or lactaid milk single-serving containers be of any use? I believe some can be kept at room temperature?
  15. gopher's girl

    Captain's Circle - Name Change & Merged Account Question

    Thanks Toto - you're a real pro!