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  1. BigMac1953

    QE Queens Grill attire

    In my experiences in over 20 trips in QG on all three ships (and QE too), the vast majority of men do wear ties in QG on the "smart" evenings. Maybe we've just been lucky.
  2. BigMac1953

    Bag Weights to Measure Up

    Thankfully, nobody has ever weighed our cases in over 20 trips. There is n urban myth in the UK that it is against H & S laws to lift more than 25kg. That's actually nonsense. There is however, guidance, stating that it might not be a good idea to lift more than 25kg without mechanical handling equipment. There's a big difference between CARRYING 25kg+ and lifting/sliding it on to a barrow or trolley (which they do). Flour and cement used to come in 1 cwt (112 lb) bags and somehow, we seemed to manage. Stewart
  3. BigMac1953

    Wine Delivery to Cunard in Southampton

    We always bring half a dozen bottles of fizz, and that's on 20+ trips. I still end up with a bar bill that they struggle to stuff into the wee holder at the cabin door. I tell my wife that it's just the telephone directory. Stewart
  4. Can't answer your specific question, but if you want a taxi, we've used the local company, http://arecibocc.com/ quite a few times. To LGA they charge $33. Stewart
  5. BigMac1953

    QM Grills Access from Stairway C?

    David, isn't the port side used for "speciality dining"?, but you can skirt round the starboard side then cross to port at the back. There might be taped off barriers, but nobody has ever sent us back. Stewart
  6. BigMac1953

    Cunard latest new build

    It was leaked some time ago, it's to be Queen Anne
  7. BigMac1953

    Booking Onboard for future cruise.

    Normally, if booked well in advance, but not necessarily on the brochure price. The new brochures don't have prices, only "price guides". I threw mine in the recycling bin 30 minutes after it arrived.
  8. BigMac1953

    Booking Onboard for future cruise.

    You can nominate any travel agent, who, will be happy to offer additional discount or extra OBC. Past passengers normally get 5% discount from Cunard, plus extra discount for booking on board, plus some OBC. A few weeks ago, we got almost £600 total discount each on board QE plus $650 OBC each. Our TA then gave a further discount of £185 each. It's worthwhile talking to a few TA's. Incidentally, we were on the same Madeira/Canaries cruise on 1 November. Good luck. Stewart
  9. BigMac1953

    Wine packages, Internet and Dress Code

    Wine packages mean a saving of up to 10% (Commodore Selection) and no 15% charge. If in Spanish waters, then no IVA either. However it is charged in USD so price varies. Years ago, they gave a very good rate all year, but now it fluctuates. The internet was upgraded last year and again, a few weeks ago when on board, we found it adequate. It will never match your home broadband, but if you choose your time well, it works. For example between 9:00 am and 10:00 am it's slow, because everyone is on, but if you log on at 7:00 am it's quite good. For some time now, the dress code has been 2 x Black Tie per week on a cruise and 3 per week on a crossing, but if it's an odd number of days, say 13, then it will be 3 formals in total. In QG most men wear ties on a non-formal night. Hope that helps. Stewart
  10. BigMac1953

    The return of Cunard Pens

    They did run out of pens on QM2, as they were waiting for the delivery of the new ones. Incidentally, the new ones are completely biodegradable. No change to the Grill's pens. Stewart
  11. BigMac1953

    Tea and coffee in Grills Lounge

    On board QE at the moment. Morning coffee/tea becomes available around 11:00am.
  12. BigMac1953

    Bringing a case of wine onboard

    Take as much as you want. Restrictions are not enforced.
  13. There are a couple of tours on offer, one is to Macy's and they pick you up again a few hours later. Another is an open top bus tour. They're not cheap. You're far better doing your own thing especially as the new ferry from Red Hook to Wall Street is now operational. All aboard is 16:30, but you will still have to first queue for security and then you go straight on board.
  14. BigMac1953

    QV post refit aft Penthouse Suite 8178

    The stern Q4's, were previously Q6's, but before that, they were Q4's. We always book deck 8 on QV and QE, but with the new designation, prices have soared. We'll be in 8181 on QE in a few days. Stewart
  15. BigMac1953

    Music channel(s) on QM2 tv?

    There are no CD players, but you can connect your devices to the TV if you have the correct leads etc.. I seem to remember DVD players, but I can't remember seeing them recently, but there again, we never bothered using them. The concierge used to keep a DVD library. There also used to be a classical channel, but as I stated it's gone. Stewart