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  1. Thankfully, it doesn't happen in QG, so I can't comment. Stewart
  2. Thanks. That certainly explains a lot, as there were a few posts here wondering what was going on. Stewart
  3. What two incidents? Surely not just about cherries? Stewart
  4. It is to be hoped that common sense prevails.
  5. The area between PG and QG is called the Courtyard. It is only possible to use it when the ship is berthed, otherwise it would be far too windy. We've had breakfast and lunch there quite often, but don't even remember ever seeing anyone there for dinner. I'd imagine the dining area on Deck 9 would be even more exposed, so it would have to be a really balmy night before anyone would consider dining there. Stewart
  6. I really don't understand why there is all this pallaver about the ages of the pax. What does it matter? I've never phoned a restaurant and enquired of them what this evening's age group will be. Nor called a cinema to ask the same. Nor called a theatre to ask. If travelling, neither have I asked this of the train company or airline. The ages of my fellow pax is totally irrelevant and does nothing to enhance or detract from my enjoyment, and I've travelled 24+ times with Cunard. Stewart
  7. Smiths is okay, but we much prefer https://www.southcoastchauffeurs.co.uk/ They are based near Southampton and use S-Class Mercs that cost about the same as a standard saloon. We've used them on 20+ occasions. Enjoy the journey! Stewart
  8. The officers in the Hotel Department are eligible. The whole Hotel Department share the auto tips.
  9. Definitely more children on a TA than normally on a cruise. On all ships there are children's activities and sometimes get-togethers for 18 - 25's. Does age really matter? What would you do, that's different, if the average age was higher or lower than expected? If indeed it's a cruise, then more than half your time will be spent ashore and the locals are probably all ages. On sea days, I can absolutely guarantee that you'll find so much to do that you'll not manage to fit it all in, regardless of age. Cunard has the best daily programmes. Stewart
  10. They did. They've been up grading the on board internet over the last year or so. Please bear in mind that you can be at sea and it will not be the same as your home broadband, especially when half the ship try to access the internet and send emails all at the same time. I choose my times carefully (e.g. 7:30am) and never have a problem. Stewart
  11. Beach wear around the pool if the weather is being kind, otherwise reasonably smart. Think country club, but don't go nuts, it's a holiday! Most pax enjoy the evening atmosphere when (almost) everyone is dressed for dinner. Stewart
  12. It's quite straightforward. There are three Gala nights per week on a crossing and two on a cruise. It's then pro-rata for any odd number of days as far as is operationally possible. On a Gala night, most ladies would wear long dresses, although some ladies of a certain age stick to cocktail dresses for some reason. Short dresses are definitely out. Stewart
  13. On sea days, Cunard ships come alive. There is no shortage of interesting activities. Art classes are held mid morning and repeated at 2:00pm. Normally it's watercolour, but can also be other media. The classes are free, but you must buy materials unless you have your own. Expect to pay a one off payment around $30. Good value! Stewart
  14. As a rule, on a crossing there are three Gala nights per week, and on a cruise there are two per week. You can do your own arithmetic! I believe you have to look after your own luggage etc.. Sounds a great trip. Stewart
  15. Last November, on QE, I watched the staff wheel in a trolley full of Spumante a couple of hours before one of the parties started. Once upon a time it was real champagne, but I don't think that will come round again.
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