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  1. BigMac1953

    Tea and coffee in Grills Lounge

    On board QE at the moment. Morning coffee/tea becomes available around 11:00am.
  2. BigMac1953

    Bringing a case of wine onboard

    Take as much as you want. Restrictions are not enforced.
  3. There are a couple of tours on offer, one is to Macy's and they pick you up again a few hours later. Another is an open top bus tour. They're not cheap. You're far better doing your own thing especially as the new ferry from Red Hook to Wall Street is now operational. All aboard is 16:30, but you will still have to first queue for security and then you go straight on board.
  4. BigMac1953

    QV post refit aft Penthouse Suite 8178

    The stern Q4's, were previously Q6's, but before that, they were Q4's. We always book deck 8 on QV and QE, but with the new designation, prices have soared. We'll be in 8181 on QE in a few days. Stewart
  5. BigMac1953

    Music channel(s) on QM2 tv?

    There are no CD players, but you can connect your devices to the TV if you have the correct leads etc.. I seem to remember DVD players, but I can't remember seeing them recently, but there again, we never bothered using them. The concierge used to keep a DVD library. There also used to be a classical channel, but as I stated it's gone. Stewart
  6. BigMac1953

    transatlantic temperatures in August

    In late August this year the weather was fantastic. The Pond was exactly that, without a ripple, both ways. However, nothing is guaranteed, it is the Atlantic Ocean!
  7. BigMac1953

    currency exchange on QM2

    Exactly, get your cash at ATMs , not with Cunard. Better still, just pay by card.
  8. BigMac1953

    Music channel(s) on QM2 tv?

    No! i complained about the lack of music a few weeks ago. There are now no music channels. Robbie Howie was quite surprised and said that he would check it out. Nothing changed.
  9. BigMac1953

    Drink prices Queen Victoria

    Remember, all measures are single, regardless of the cost, i.e. a large wine even under the cash limit, is not allowed. Furthermore, you can only have one drink every 15 minutes. Not a good deal.
  10. BigMac1953

    Median Age of Passengers on QM2 and Young Adults

    On one of my 8 crossings when my 25 year old son accompanied me, there were "young persons" get togethers every day, with a suggested age range 18-25. My son quickly made new friends and I hardly ever saw him apart from meal times. On another occasion, there were 350 under 18's on board, and the captain put on a children's cocktail party one afternoon with sticky buns and soft drinks. I'm quite certain your 18 year old will thoroughly enjoy the experience and get hooked. Stewart
  11. BigMac1953

    Cunard at Christmas: Highlights

    We did a Christmas Market cruise a few years ago on QV. I think it was 12 days in total. The decorations and gingerbread village didn't appear until 19 December. Surprisingly, there was no Christmas Fayre food-wise and we were told that the only day Christmas lunch/dinner is offered is 25 December. Luckily, as we were in QG, with the help of a pen and note pad, I wrote our menu and a couple of days later had a lovely Christmas dinner complete with pudding and flaming brandy sauce. I don't know if that is still the case. Perhaps someone who has been more recently can advise. Stewart
  12. BigMac1953

    QM2 TA advice needed.

    I think you mean 3L, where the games are laid out on one side. Sitting at the window in the Golden Lion with a glass of foaming ale in front of you is also hard to beat!
  13. BigMac1953

    Cap'n Pugwash/Brooklyn pizza

    He did blog on another site for a while, but not recently. He's always also liked MSC and spends time in North America.
  14. BigMac1953

    Cap'n Pugwash/Brooklyn pizza

    He's doing just fine. I'm in regular contact. The Brooklyn restaurant where I've dined with Cap'n, is Queen Restaurant on Court Street. Good Italian food. Stewart
  15. BigMac1953

    Red Hook to JFK transfer

    If using a taxi service google ARECIBO who are local with low cost fixed price transfers all over NYC.