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  1. Meant to mention, my son and his partner (wife by then) will also be on board. Stewart
  2. It will be flat calm or lumpy; sunny or foggy; wet or dry, after all , it's the Atlantic Ocean. We've crossed about a dozen times at various times of the year. It is impossible to predict the weather. For example, we've sat outside in beautiful sunshine in November and experienced storms in spring. However, you will be on QM2 where the outside weather is of no consequence. You won't know what the weather is doing unless you look out the window. You certainly won't feel it.
  3. We normally take half a dozen bottles of Veuve. Others take more. As we normally travel QG, so don't need spirits, but others take enough for the whole trip. The only caveat is that the drinks must be consumed in your room, or you pay $20 corkage in a bar or restaurant.
  4. so do all the other QG suites. Over the years, we've had Q 3's, 4's, 5's, and 6's. There is really no difference between a Q3 and Q4 on QE and QV, with the exception of an extra half wardrobe. There didn't used to be much difference in price, although that seems to have changed.
  5. I don't remember any of the "Q's" having power outlets at the bedside. You will probably require an extension lead.
  6. Probably couldn't fit the anchor into the case.
  7. ...and a butler, and a higher staff to customer ratio in the restaurant, and the ability to order whatever you want in QG, and inclusive drinks in your room, and a welcome bottle of champagne, and a concierge service. Wouldn't travel any other way.
  8. Pre-Concordia, we were actually told by our butler, that as regulars, we didn't have to attend muster drills. That changed!
  9. A few years ago, en route to A Coruna, a group of 6 of us were chatting to Commodore Rynd and the subject of oysters came up. Christopher recommended a particular restaurant that he told us has a daily delivery around midday. He arranged the booking for us and sure enough by 1:00 pm we had plenty of fresh oysters. Cunard's agent even turned up to ensure that everything was in order.
  10. Managed 2 hours in Casablanca. What a dump! My daughter, (25 at the time), was groped several times in the souk. Luckily neither she nor my wife told me at the time or there would have been a serious diplomatic incident involving these stinking low-lifes. Apart from those on official trips, everyone else couldn't get back on board quick enough.
  11. No pretensions. Her indoors and I both have our own businesses, so time off is always at a premium. Together, we've only done QG (over 20+ times) and are Diamond (big deal!). Of course we like being remembered, but that doesn't make us any better than anyone else.. We're just a couple of idiots that chuck the inheritance at Cunard (and stick rigidly to the dress code). As I tell people; my bank manager is never sure whether I'm going on holiday or buying the ship.
  12. It would probably be much easier if we all spoke and wrote in English.
  13. I can recommend the art classes, although some teachers are better than others. They're free if you bring your own paper, brushes and watercolour paints. Otherwise it's about $35 for the pack. Occasionally, the medium may change and you'll have to cough up! The classes are usually 11:00 am and repeated at 2:00 pm (or thereabouts). Happy painting. Stewart
  14. You have to understand that Deck 2 is what I call the "naughty" deck. There's also the pub, the casino and the dancing. Later, there's Hemisphere's and the Commodore Club (next door to each other). Stewart
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