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  1. (a) Blackjack, is it still 3/2 blackjack? Table min/max Still there. Stakes vary. (b) Do they ever have a baccarat game? (I had heard it's optional, and they can swap in a baccarat table for a blackjack table.) Don't think so. (c) What "carnival games" are offered? Sometimes they have a tournament during the afternoon. (d) Is roulette American Roulette (00) or European Single Zero (0)? Double zero. (e) Craps (OMG, I loved playing craps on QM2) -- is the craps table still there? (I fear it isn't by the recent photos I have seen.) I'm sure they removed the craps table a few years ago.
  2. Here's the view from a Q5:
  3. Aren't there permanent awnings on deck 9?
  4. If I remember correctly, it's actually a half bottle.
  5. On Gala nights there is a charge, but you get a glass of fizz and something to nibble. The concierge will arrange the booking. The concierge has a desk in the Grill Lounge, but check the times that they operate. On all other nights it's just first come first served.
  6. There are actually two ships named Queen Mary 2 both operated by Cunard. The first is an old rust bucket, with many broken bits and faulty equipment. They only have surly staff and service is terrible. Entertainment is non-existent and the shows are a load of old rubbish. The food comes out of a can and is inedible. Fortunately, I've only ever been on the other one (about 12 times) and found it to be excellent. The staff are always courteous, polite and attentive. Never had any complaints about the food or service. The entertainment is first class and the lectures always interesting. Fellow passengers have always been a delight. My advice is just make sure you get the right ship and everything will be fine and most enjoyable. Stewart
  7. We're still waiting for new docs for 1 November 21. Like you, we have £1340 OBC and I do not want to pay until I'm sure it's all present and correct.
  8. ...but do you have your new documents yet?
  9. On a slightly different vein, the 1 November cruise which was originally the QV, has been cancelled and the QE substituted. We are booked to go. Does anyone know when they are sending the substitute documents? Our TA is asking for payment but I don't want to pay anything until I'm certain the new documents are in order. Stewart
  10. I've seen a few male idiots in all sorts of hats at dinner. Hats for men at any time in a restaurant, or even indoors, is the height of bad manners. For ladies, hats may be worn at lunch, but certainly not at dinner.
  11. 57Eric is correct. Cunard is both formal and traditional, and whilst there are places to go when you're dressed informally, you would definitely be missing out as all the main bars/cocktail bars/ballroom/theatre etc. require you to adhere to the evening's dress code. Most of us enjoy the atmosphere and the evening activities. Surely it's a small price to pay> Otherwise I'm afraid you should look elsewhere for a more suitable cruise line. Good luck. Stewart
  12. Some lateral thinking required. I think I'll just stick to the assigned names, thanks.
  13. If you're thinking of the 1st November trip, the Grills are sold out, and have been for months.
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