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  1. Cunard will try to seat you along with other solos around the same age. On a longer trip, there are daily "Solo travellers" get togethers in the Commodore Club. Not sure about a 2 day cruise, but there will be many activities to enjoy. Normally, the first and last nights are informal, Is there a Gala (black tie) night on a 2 day cruise?
  2. Originally, the aft suites were all Q4's. The majority of the cabins on deck 7 were Q6's. Then because of the popularity of the mid ships rooms, they swapped them round. About a year ago they made certain popular rooms at the stern more expensive. Our favourite room therefore has gone from Q4 to Q6 to Q4. It's all about revenue.
  3. The Q3 is slightly bigger than the Q4 and has an extra half wardrobe. It is also midships, near the lift. Other than that, no difference, and certainly not worth the extra cost. We've had Q3's a few times, but always an upgrade from Q4. Q5's and Q6's are at the stern. They used to have massive balconies before they added the extra cabins. We quite like the stern as it is very sheltered, but there can be more movement as you're at the end of the see-saw. Hope that helps. Stewart
  4. It CAN go as late as 3:00 am, but only if it's busy, otherwise it closes anytime after 1:00 am if it's quiet. You certainly won't be stuck for anything to do whilst aboard, and I'm sure your first won't be your last. Have fun
  5. Before anybody gets too worried, it'e worth remembering that the themed nights are primarily aimed at the ballroom dancers, which is perhaps only 10% of the pax. Most people just wear ordinary evening attire on Gala nights.
  6. We are due to sail on 21 October this year (Madeira & Canaries) and the balance is due to be paid before the end of June. However, I've just noticed that on the Cunard site, all sailings prior to November 2020 have disappeared, but on the same site, Cunard still state that they have paused operations until 31 July 2020. Anyone know what's happening? Stewart
  7. Depends on your bit of string. Her indoors and I find that 14 - 17 days, with half port and half sea days, is the optimum for us. A consideration on our part is that we both have businesses to run, and whilst I can do so much on board, it is also necessary to be available in person at times. Often we will take two trips per year, but not back to back. You don't mention where you would like to embark, as this is critical to picking your trip. Anyway, good luck and I'm certain your first Cunard cruise won't be your last. Very addictive! Stewart
  8. No noise whatsoever from the lifts. They are in their own foyer. We've had Q3's a few times and they are right beside the lifts and you cannot hear anything.
  9. Best time to go! We've done several trips at that time and always had great weather (overall). Our very first cruise was 17 days on QE2 in 2007 and that was in October; Soton to Venice and back. That was the one that got us hooked. A storm did appear from nowhere whilst we were in Zakinthos which made the return journey on the tender quite exciting, but a couple of hours later it was gone completely.
  10. On the UK site, deck plans are accessed under "The Experience" on the top banner on the main page, then "Our Ships".
  11. There is no free bar set up in PG, only in QG. You must purchase all drinks apart from the dreaded PA
  12. This is now a rather pointless thread. Mickey Arison is not about to stuff a suitcase full of dollar bills and head off to South America. In case it hasn't been noticed, there's a global emergency going on. Anyone so desperate for their money back probably shouldn't have booked a cruise in the first place. There is no doubt that everyone wanting refunds will get them. If it was all to happen faster, then it would lead to people being laid off so in the end would take even longer. Please be patient and have some empathy with the Carnival management who no doubt are doing their best to keep the company afloat and safeguard tens of thousands of jobs. There are millions of people worse off than you who are struggling to find food to eat which is far more important than you receiving bits of paper with numbers printed on.
  13. It turned out that there was a whole host of US and Canadian (NATO) military families returning home and just using QM2 as a mode of transport. In all honesty, you rarely saw the youngsters. Stewart
  14. There are not usually many at all. But in the school summer holidays, I have known of the existence of, though barely been aware of, a fair number. I can remember one westbound TA crossing, a few years ago, when there were over 300 children on board. The captain even arranged a children's "cocktail" party with sodas and sticky buns. All were fairly well behaved.
  15. Last October it was Veuve Cliquot, along with the dreaded drain cleaner that we don't touch (PA). Q4's and above get an escort on QM2, but only Q1's and Q2's on the QV and QE. We've done Q3's, 4's, 5's, and 6's on QE and QV, and Q4's, and 5's on QM2. We've often been in our room before 1215 hrs. You should aim to check in no later than 1145 hrs, after which you will be sent to the QG pen. When you're told to board, just watch, as others always mingle in to jump the queue. The boarding order is: QG, PG, Diamond, Platinum and then by alphabetical cards that are allocated on arrival to the Britannia pax. The Grills restaurants open at 1300 hrs, so be there prompt to ensure your allocated table is to your liking.
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