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  1. The wine waiter has put our left over wine from the last meal ready on our table before we arrive It's Cunard's policy. They state that "alcohol should be drunk in moderation at all times" I must admit, I do struggle a bit at breakfast.
  2. Is QG back to normal, or is it still the system of booking a table for dinner every night? (We're on the 1 November trip.) Stewart
  3. We've never actually paid corkage. Once, I asked the Sommelier if he wanted a tip or corkage. He chose wisely. Another time, we asked a bar manager if they would notice if we brought our own Veuve. The manager said that they wouldn't notice and if I went to get it, the glasses and ice bucket would be ready on my return.
  4. Not very much, I'm afraid. In the good old days, you got a birthday cake. Now you can buy one. Slightly different in the Grills as they still give you a cake. On our last trip two years ago one was presented to me by Ico, Maitre d'. Remember, if there is 2,200 pax that means in any two week period, on average, there should be 90+ birthdays.
  5. There really is some right nonsense discussed here. My wife and I have only travelled a couple of dozen times in QG, so perhaps I don't know what I'm talking about. However, I've yet to come across "snobbery" in QG. Outside of the restaurant, who knows what grade you spent your hard earned cash on. On the other hand, I have experienced a few "catty" remarks from people who found out we were in QG. On one occasion, we were followed out of the lift on Deck 12 by someone who wanted to see "how the other half live", and as we all know she should have mentioned the other 10% (not half). Some old bat wearing shorts on a formal night once told my wife (who was wearing a lovely long dress) that she looked "despicable". The point is, anywhere that you have a couple of thousand people, it's guaranteed that there will be a few numpties amongst them. Fortunately on Cunard they seem few and far between, just like the snobs that I've never met. Stewart
  6. Let's not forget, the bean counters have already changed the string quartet to a string trio. Must have saved a fortune!!!
  7. Don't forget to bring your own Champagne on board for your room (as much as you want).
  8. In QG there will be one little plant, not a flower.
  9. Working at sea is tax free. Our daughter did it for two years with both P&O and Colorline.
  10. At Ocean Terminal, the snack bar is after check-in, on the right side. Thankfully, it also sells proper drinks.
  11. If they offer us the upgrade and it is out of our budget can we then decline it, or are we then committed ? You're not committed, you can negotiate on board.
  12. I would concur with all of the above. Also, you can deposit cash at the Purser's Desk, but take USD to do so as they give you a bad rate of exchange. As soon as you embark, visit the Purser's Desk and register for an upgrade. Many others will do the same, but make it clear that you are willing to PAY for it. There will always be cabins available as people miss their connections or take ill. You'll probably have to spend the first night in your allocated room, but check the situation next morning. If you do manage to get an upgrade, they will send a couple of room stewards to move all your clothes etc..
  13. I can't remember much difference between the two. Certainly didn't have any complaints about space in the Q4. This was our Q4:
  14. Right up until the last day, your 2 bottles will be replenished when almost finished. As I mentioned previously, I always request extra beers as they only put 4 in the fridge. However, if you manage to drink 2 litres of spirits every day, I think you are due an award!
  15. Normally it's a bottle of champagne for sail away, but given my wife is pregnant I'm not sure drinking an entire bottle of champagne on my own before going to the Commodore Club for pre dinner drinks is the best idea! Amateur! 🙂
  16. We always take 6 x Widow for 2 weeks. Never needed spirits as we are always QG, but I do know others who bring on whatever they like without any problems.
  17. The $12 limit is menu prices. However, they must all be small measures. For example, you might think that a large wine should be included as it falls below $12, but you cannot include anything "large". Also, you are limited to 4 drinks per hour with at least a 10 minute delay between them and a daily maximum. Many drinks and cocktails fall just outside the limit. You cannot pay the difference, so either you pay the full amount or do without. Not a good offer. Too many restrictions.
  18. Hopefully, by the time you travel, things will be sort of back to normal. You will be amongst the first to board. QG is first. then PG, then Diamond, Platinum followed by everybody else. The QG & PG (normally) open for lunch. Your assigned table will be on a card in your room, but it's best to get to the restaurant at 1:00pm sharp and speak to the Maitre d' if your table is not to your liking. There is a "pecking order" so don't expect the best tables. Order your 2 x spirits asap and with a bit of luck you'll have them late afternoon. I always get extra beers as you only get 4 small tins. The pillows are very soft so we get them double stuffed. I always need more coat hangers (for my shirts) so ask your butler right away if you need any more. Canapes will be delivered late afternoon, but we tell the butler not to bother. Hot canapes are available in the Grill Lounge before dinner. The Grill Lounge also serves (free) coffee from mid-morning. The next day's menus will appear every evening. Peruse them and if nothing excites you, tell the Maitre d' what you would like instead. Some dishes require a few days notice, e.g. Peking Duck is a minimum of 3 days. There's lots more, but feel free to ask away about anything specifically. Stewart
  19. On one occasion when we took my parents, we booked one room on each side so we could sit out in the sun using each other's rooms, rather than be adjoining.
  20. Not January, but have crossed BoB quite a few times in November and December on both QE and QV. Indeed, we are booked for 1 November this year, 2 weeks Madeira/Canaries. The weather ashore has mostly been warmish (tee shirts), but also had torrential rain in Tenerife two years ago. BoB is a lottery. It can be flat calm or lumpy at any time of year. We don't really mind either way. Just go for it! 🙂 Stewart
  21. The Diamond freebie lunch is okay for a change. We even forgot about it one trip. I certainly wouldn't consider paying for lunch/dinner. On one occasion, I brought along a bottle of the Widow to accompany our dessert, and asked the waiter whether he'd like a tip, or do we pay corkage? He wisely chose the tip.
  22. They used to have a daily special, which was a cocktail, but that was the nearest they got to happy hour. It stopped about 9 or 10 years ago.
  23. We bought a Cunarder Super King a few years ago. It's absolutely fine. Only complaint is that it is only one sided, but we can live with that. Stewart
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