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  1. I faxed mine, but it might have been a bit longer ago, 3-4 weeks? I don't recall. Anyway, it was posted within a few days.
  2. Add me to another of those dedicated followers of your blog. I've lived vicariously through your exploits, as it is something I will never be able to do. I know it isn't something that can go on forever, but I hope that maybe there will be some cruising/blogging in the future, even if it isn't an entire season at sea. What ever you choose, all the best to you and G, and thank you for sharing with us.
  3. I looked at my booking confirmation for when I booked this year's VOV, and it's dated Oct 9, 2017. I know we booked as soon as it came out, so I would think 2021 should be any day now. Sue
  4. We were on this same cruise and had a wonderful time. Our experience with crew was completely different. Smiling, greating us always, cheerful. We saw the captain often about the ship. While he may not have stopped to talk, he was approachable. We don't have a lot of cruises under our belts, but this captain was the most visible of any we have had. This was only our second with HAL, so maybe we just didn't have as high expectations as the long time cruisers.
  5. Add me to the list of those excited for another season of reading your blog
  6. We've decided to just stay in New England a few more days. There is nothiing we can do at home that hasn't already been done. So no need to rush back. We are also in central Florida. Will call the airline from Halifax tomorrow. Sue
  7. Sansterre, Your photos are wonderful. The fjord cruise sounds fantastic Sue
  8. Thank you for the explanation. I am not surprised they would need more than one, but didn't realize how they divided it up. Sue
  9. What constitutes being a mariner for this event? Is it the number of stars, or a certain number of sea days? We have sailed HAL before, but are still just one star, so I assume that is why we did not get an invite. Not a big deal, just curious. Sue
  10. Thanks. It was the music that caught my attention as I was walking up from the tender dock. The kids all had these white capes on with hearts, "love", etc. Moms pushing young ones in strollers, it was great.
  11. In Isafjordur, the children and families did a small welcome parade
  12. This is from Godafoss on Sunday. Not as good a shot as others, but it was too cold to spend time looking for the perfect angle
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