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  1. They will start offering specials for spa treatments as the days go on. Especially if people are not signing up for treatments. I have had some great deals on slow spa cruises.
  2. I received both Pfizer vaccines and had the dreaded swollen lymph node for about a week. I am a frontline physician and will gladly take a swollen lymph node over illness. Between the acute disease and those who months later still are having problems I was thrilled to receive the vaccine. We are waiting for hubby to get his second Moderna vaccine. The more people who get the vaccine the faster we get our lives back. We get the vaccine to protect ourselves but more importantly to protect those who can’t get vaccinated from this devastating disease.
  3. My second shot next week. Excited to get it done. Next Cruise scheduled for January 2022.
  4. I agree common sense is important. Just don’t see much of it here. Opinions based on baseless facts and not listening and learning from experience is lacking. Those of us on the front lines are growing weary.
  5. I don’t know what hospitals they are talking about who are refusing. We can’t keep enough to vaccinate all who want it. I have the first one done and second one on the 12th. Hopefully we can get better organization on this process and it will have wider distribution including workplaces that would include cruise lines. This is a world wide initiative.
  6. We don’t need to put politics in everything. This is an infectious disease. I am a lifelong liberal who for the past 9 months has never once asked a patients political ideology before I treated them. I am glad we live in a country where we can have different views. Stop being mean. Kindness goes a lot farther in this trying times.
  7. I think people are missing the point of how to control the pandemic. Everyone needs to be vaccinated and those in close quarters especially as it spreads so easily and will escape into the community easily. Other than a few who jump ahead you need to allow health personnel decide how best to proceed. I do agree we need a national strategy as state lines are a blur and we do not live in isolation. Kindness to our fellow man. Not one of us is perfect or never made a mistake. If so certainly go to the head of the line.
  8. I feel like I am in the movie Ground Hog Day. Continue to beat the dead horse of blame if it makes you feel better. The virus doesn’t care and it is taking advantage of our stubborn need to be right and blame others. All you non medical “experts” who want to spout off ridiculous theories come to work with me and you will be singing a different tune. We have been told for months how the virus spreads and well before your Christmas plans were made. Everyone needs to be patient, wear a mask and get vaccinated as soon as you are able. This is the only chance we have to beat this thing.
  9. Your logic is flawed. Let’s suppose that asymptotic don’t transmit (no firm evidence to support this) you transmit virus in large quantities before you have symptoms. Staying away from symptomatic individuals will help some but those who become symptomatic a day or two after you see them are the most dangerous.
  10. Be patient, wear masks and stop gathering close together. Give the vaccine time to work. I have worn masks for years both to protect myself and others. They do work. Oncology patients have worn them for years to prevent getting sick. They do work. I have never had a problem from wearing a mask up to 12 hours at a time and I have asthma. I have practiced medicine for over 25 years and have never experienced anything like this.
  11. This is exactly what I am talking about. Trying to compare this to something else makes no sense. I am a Dr and work frontlines. This is nothing like cancer and there is aggressive research hoping to find cures for that too. The very thought that because you are old and have other health problems it is ok to die from Covid is very disrespectful. Add 3000 plus deaths to your 7800 deaths per day you quoted. I am sorry to tell you this is real and killing more than should die. That wonderful cocktail you talk about is not available everywhere and we are still reusing our PPE. Things are not right in our world.
  12. I truly believe people have become numb to the death counts. They want to believe there is another reason for the cases and deaths. If 3,000 people a day died from plane crashes we would be horrified. Hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers have had their first vaccine and I am one of them. We have seen the horrific sites and will do anything to get this under control.
  13. Masks work! Those of us exposed to Covid-19 on a daily basis know it to be true. We all don’t have N95 masks so don’t use that excuse. Just wear one and we will all be better off.
  14. People are forgetting that there is no proof based on the behavior of others Corona Viruses that we will have long lasting immunity. So the idea of natural herd immunity is insane. A declaration of nothing.
  15. Main reason I will look to Celebrity first is the no smoking policy. I have asthma and the smoke coming from the ashtray of a casino into the halls makes me sick. I don’t go to the casino but smoke travels far if you are sensitive to it. The larger newer ships are better and would still consider if great itinerary.
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