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  1. We are on the Solstice in March, how do I find out where we are are docked?
  2. I don’t mean to hijack the tread but I have a similar problem. We will be on a B2B and our turn around day is Sydney. We want to see the major highlights such as opera house, bridge etc. we were thinking of the hop on hop off bus. We were thinking of taking the loop and getting off to see something closer. Any thoughts?
  3. I too wished they opened earlier. On my last Celebrity cruise in March they changed the policy to 24 hours and it was great.
  4. Cruise Critic is about asking questions and hopefully without judgement. No one knows what “first world problems” people are dealing with at home. For us the planning and dreaming about the vacation helps us get through doctors appointments and treatments . So asking about a good cut of meat when no food sounds good gives us something else to think about. I am amazed at the judgement that is thrown around. I am happy to answer questions and hopefully get answers myself when needed.
  5. I agree to get medium rare I would definitely order rare . They will bring you how many you order no problem . I’m allergic to shellfish and fish so many of the appetizers I could not eat. They brought me fresh fruit every day as an appetizer and had it ready when we got to the dining room.
  6. Whatever they did to that little filet it tasted better than any other cut of meat I had for 30 days. My husband didn’t believe me till he tasted it. I found the other cuts to have a lot of gristle and to be very tough.
  7. I sailed for a month on the Eclipse last spring. I did not enjoy any of the beef except the kids filet offered on the kids menu. I read about it on cruise critic before I left on the cruise. I found the other cuts of beef inferior so I tried it and this became my go to meal when I did not like the other offerings on the menu. It is 6 ounces and you can add any side. It comes with fries which were pretty good but I usually changed it out for something else.
  8. We are doing a turnaround day in Sydney also and we are thinking about getting off and doing the hop on hop off bus.
  9. Thanks for the information, we booked Skedaddle and have one for Arlie Beach scheduled until we know which one we want.
  10. We will be on the Solstice in March and we have two days in Cairns and one in Arlie Beach. Does anyone have recommendations to which would be better for snorkeling and any recommendations for excursions?
  11. I booked on board and changed cruises after and I was able to keep all my original perks and OBC. That is the benefit of booking on board. You just need to tell them and insist they do it.
  12. I was just on Eclipse and it had a vibration problem. We will be on Solstice in cabin 8256. Would you check the area to see if there is a vibration. Thanks.
  13. I had paid for it but Choice Air has not paid Delta so it was not ticketed yet. It was very frustrating. Delta would not help me since it was a second party booking. What ended helping was Delta moved back the international flight about 2 months before our trip. If that had not happened we would have been running through the airport.
  14. I have used choice air many times but after my last experience I will not. They have changed how they work and not for the better. Their customer service is awful. Communication of changes almost non existent and the prices are not always the best. We chose and booked a flight that gave us 2 hours in Atlanta before an international flight and several months later was changed to a different one that left us only 40 minutes. When I asked for my original flight back they said no as this was a legal change. Delta did not change us Choice air did. I only noticed the change because I checked my reservation.
  15. I totally agree about the Eclipse food. We were on it for 30 days this spring I ended up ordering the kids filet and veggies as it beat out all the other cuts of meat. I did discuss this with the executive chef who we got to know. I complimented the buffet and it’s themed offerings but the MDR was not good. He was gracious with our comments and stated he was working on it. I have decided I cruise for all the other fun things and not the food. I have been on several different lines and they all have problems but this was by far the worst.
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