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  1. I love the idea of a private island close to home. It's one of my favourite parts of the cruise and has been one of the draws of cruising in the Caribbean rather than close to home. I do hope though that follows a Labadee format rather than Cococay.
  2. We cruised in July on the Allure. The ship was in beautiful condition. We couldn't fault anything about it. There had been talk about the engine problems for months leading up to our cruise. Again, apart from a change of times at one of the ports, there was no negative impact at all. We did MyTime Dining. We loved it. There was not a night that we didn't walk straight in. Crowd's seemed large on our first night and the next morning, but once everyone found their place, we barely noticed it. We wouldn't hesitate to cruise on on the Allure again.
  3. The bar at Columbus Cove ran out of Labadoozies by mid afternoon on our cruise last month. My husband likes to take credit for drinking the bar dry but I don't think the 3 each we had contributed much to that.
  4. We were walking into Windjammer by 11:00am on 7 July. This was our second cruise.
  5. We also travelled with another child in July. We had the letter and no one asked to see it. I wasn't questioned at all when i signed waivers.
  6. We disembarked from the Allure in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday. We waited in line more than 90minutes to leave the port after collecting our luggage.
  7. We are on the Allure and I've just gone online looking to sign waivers. I cannot find an option to do this. I'd really like to get this done. Am I not looking in the right place? I've gone into online check in which is complete but no waiver options.
  8. I agree 100%. Not all cruisers are domestic cruisers. There are many that travel from overseas that can't just rebook for a later time. It will take us 33 hours of travel time to get to Florida. This is not something that can be arranged at the drop of a hat. We can't book our flights through RCI so that was never an option. I
  9. We have travel insurance but it won't fix things. If it was to be cancelled and there is nothing else available equivalent to swap us to, travel insurance can't fix that. If the travel insurance doesn't payout instantly, we're stuffed. With the current exchange rate, we would be using most of our spending money to cover accommodation. The years of planning and saving and that the kids won't be kids by the time we can get back can't be fixed by travel insurance. We don't care where we go, or how much the itinerary is changed. We just want to cruise. We will be keeping everything crossed.
  10. I can deal with changes in the itineraries but we would be stuffed if our cruise was cancelled. $12,000 worth of airfare, flights that cannot be changed. $12,000 in cruise costs for which a future cruise credit is absolutely useless to us as we have no opportunity to get back to the United States within the next couple of years at which time my kids will be adults and have left school. A week that we would have to fill in which without an immediate refund, we couldn't afford to fill.
  11. In 2017 we got donut's on the Oasis of the Seas just opposite the hot dog place. There were like glass doors that you opened and helped yourself.
  12. We've had ours booked for several months. Some days we have 6pm booked. I did try to change some and the only times I could get were 5:30 so they do start earlier. We are on the Allure.
  13. OUr last one was about 9:30am. We thought that was the perfect time. If it had been any later we wouldn't have attended. There are so many other activities to compete with as the day goes on. I also have to say, the comments about icebreakers and games are making me nervous. I'd rather it be exactly what the name suggests - Meet and Mingle. Getting into groups and taking part in icebreakers is enough to keep me away.
  14. I guess I've been lucky. We have never experienced a problem. I'm in Australia and book through a US Travel Agent. We've booked all our cruises with her. Last time we rebooked on board and added her to the booking while we were onboard. RCI didn't have a problem with it.
  15. It's showing available for our cruise in July. I've looked at it a couple of times throughout the day.
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