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  1. The letter says price protected or refund if the new rate is lower. Zero mention of having to pay more if they give the upgrade. I’m paying current price for the backup reservation I made for a different date.
  2. Thank you all! I’ll wait until the last minute to decide and hope we get our new cabin assignment to consider before the decision deadline. I have a NRD and have the opportunity to get a refund for it. I have too many FCCs already, so don’t want to risk being stuck with another one if they downgrade our cabin type to a balcony room. Keeping my fingers crossed that we stay in a junior suite minimum. HOWEVER, I did make a fully refundable deposit on an alternate date as well as a back-up. I spend a lot of time selecting my cabins and hate having no control! Of course, the new trip is much more expensive!
  3. I figured it was like the junior suites as they do allow refundable deposits. I don’t care about the suite benefits other than the 4 points per night. I was so happy to grab this room because my adult son with autism travels with us and this room gives us all some privacy. Just don’t trust royal when the cabin is listed as an oceanview on my online account. Everything else i see indicates it’s in the suite category.
  4. This cabin is confusing. It’s a 2-bedroom ocean view suite with no balcony. and I booked it directly with royal Caribbean online and went through the “suite” tab to get to it during the booking process. Now that it’s in my list of cruises, the drop down info tab says I’m in Oceanview 1054 and not suite 1054. I specifically want to know if it’s eligible for 4 points per night under the double points promotion. Anyone know? Booked it fully refundable thank goodness! I’m working hard to get to diamond plus over the next year!
  5. My cancellation letter said that everyone is being moved to serenade departing the same date (5-12 feb 22) If we don’t request refund, we are automatically moved. No mention of 125% FCC. There are only 36 jr suites on the new ship versus 75 on the cancelled ship.
  6. Anyone know if you can move a NRD from a cancelled/swapped ship cruise to a completely different cruise…or is everything just tied up once they decide to cancel?
  7. Royal is replacing rhapsody with serenade. For those of you who’ve gone through this before….how did Royal handle the cabin types? I have a junior suite booked on rhapsody, but there are way fewer (like nearly 40 fewer) on the new ship. Did you find out your new cabin assignment before the date you had to accept the ship change or request a refund? We have until 24 Aug to decide. I’m looking for double points in a suite and will cancel if they move me into a balcony for half the points. Just wondering what others have experienced.
  8. Just received my 5-12 feb cancellation on rhapsody out of Tampa. That is before the canx window quoted in the original list. Email says accept swap to serenade for “similar” itinerary or cancel. Would really love to know what “similar” means before I make a decision! On other hand, I am feeling good (at the moment) about my B2b on Explorer over thanksgiving! Of course, it’s been like rapid cycling manic depression with all the covid changes. Super happy and optimistic one day….completely convinced it’s all going to fall apart the next…guess time will tell!
  9. Thank you for your suggestions. The issue with this specific fcc is that I went through a TA and the Royal customer service agents say they aren’t able to see anything booked with a TA and cannot help me even if they want to. I have been on the phone with my TA agency for hours as they call royal and talk to resolutions. I do think my TA is trying to get this fixed as long as I’m willing to sit on hold with them for long periods of time. Unfortunately, my TA is a big agency and it’s hard to work with one agent on this. I seem to get bounced around a bit because “so-and-so isn’t here today” kinda stuff. Since covid, I’ve been booking with royal directly so I can pester them personally if necessary. Have 10 cruises currently booked with only one through my TA (sep 2022). I think I’m going to pester on Twitter and send an email to the ceo today!
  10. I cancelled my odyssey out of Rome in 19 feb, right before Royal cancelled and moved the ship to Haifa. I did use a TA to book. I’m still waiting in my Fcc. I’ve been online with my Ta and Royal for hours trying to figure out why they can’t send the fcc. Resolutions just states it’s not done yet and they need 30 more days to do it manually fir some reason. Contact them 30 days later and they say they need 30 more! I’m getting super pissed at this point! Have 3 cruises requiring final payment in the next 30 days and want ALL of my outstanding Fccs. The 19 feb canx is ridiculous, but am also waiting on $2k in cash refunds and $2250 in Fccs from other cruises I made with Royal directly. Those cancellations were early May. any advice?
  11. If I’m booked by 30 Sep ‘21 in a balcony with my husband in Nov ‘22, but he ends up not going at the last minute…will I get 2 points based on the original booking or 4 points as a solo traveler?
  12. Thank you for doing this! I hate weeding through several pages of discussion to find answers!
  13. That actually didn’t work for me. I did find a video by punching in various cabin numbers of adjoining. Confirmed the door is by the balcony and that the coffee bar is still there. Not thrilled with connected cabin, but I think I can live with it. Thanks.
  14. I’m booked in a connected junior suite on Explorer of the seas (1652) as it was the last one left. I couldn’t find any clear pictures on line that can show me where the connecting door is located and how it impacts the layout. It looks like the door might be by the balcony instead of near the entrance to the room. Appreciate any help. Trying to be optimistic!
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