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  1. I booked a 12 night on jewel out of Barcelona fir next year, but then hubby decided we might like going on odyssey out of Rome instead. Is there any way I can book the odyssey cruise without cancelling the jewel cruise first? The itineraries overlap by a few days. I have to go through my travel agency to canx jewel but would like to pick an odyssey cabin online now. I think the answer is that the RCI system won’t allow it, but thought I’d ask anyways.
  2. Thank you for the responses. Sounds like my best bet is to decide before final payment so I can get cash back and perhaps put the $500 FCC against something in 2021. Do not want them holding on to more of my cash than necessary if things continue for too long!
  3. Royal just extended cruise with confidence to 1 Sept. I have a 30 Aug cruise with non-refundable deposit. Normally, I canx now...get refund for most, lose $200 in penalty and get $300 as FCC. With cruise with confidence...if I canx right now before final payment...do I get $500 or $300 as Fcc.? The FAQs in RCI website are clear as mud. I’m thinking about rescheduling to fall 2021 and just want to know if I have $300 or $500 of my original deposit to apply.
  4. i don’t know how you cannot say that having the ability to book a shore excursion along with dinner reservations is not a “convenience” to passengers. It might be a money maker for RCI as they pay for the marketing service etc. It would be quite easy for the cruise line to emphasize the outside nature of the tours more strongly so that new travelers understand better. That’s what I advocate. As for the language cited above about operators being “third party verified...blah, blah, blah”...that sentence in caps is about as understandable as mud to most people. Blaming the cruise line for natural disaster to me is akin to holding the weather channel financially responsible for deaths when the hurricane takes an unexpected turn. Just my opinion. It’s not about who’s right or wrong on this board. There may be other factors and the courts can decide liability.
  5. Was there yesterday. Very windy (20+ mph) with occasional rain. Pool water was freezing (like 73 degrees). Ocean temps were much more comfortable but still cool...about 78 degrees. We couldn’t snorkel because of strong currents and wind. They offered a refund. It’s a nice place. Lots of umbrellas that seemed quite secure.
  6. I don’t think cruise lines should stop offering excursions. I do think they should emphasize that they are offering tours as a “convenience” only and that all excursion providers are outside agents. Hiding it in the the small print is my issue. I don’t care if RC makes a profit for providing marketing services etc. Just be clear with the guests...taking advantage of the “typical” oblivious guest might be legal but it’s not really an ethical approach.
  7. Thank you. Considering my mom drinks instant decaf and thinks it’s wonderful....we’ll be fine! She’ll probably bring some. Personally can’t think of a worse beverage.
  8. Trying to decide whether to buy my mom the refreshment package. She basically drinks regular old decaf coffee all day. Nothing fancy. Is it available for free...like on the promenade? Thanks.
  9. It would not surprise me if prices for ocean view balconies go up in order for CP and BW balcony prices to look attractive going forward. Highly doubt these now unattractive balconies without the perks would go down in price to get filled.
  10. Thank you all for your help! I’m within the 60 days and will start with a call to my TA.
  11. I need to move my parents reservation to the same TA that I use. I’ve never done that before. Do I call the TA or Royal Caribbean to do it? If I call Royal Caribbean, how does the TA “know” a reservation is coming to them....especially if it’s a large agency and I’m not using a specific person. Also, will I get a new reservation number. I’m concerned about losing all the excursions etc I’ve already booked. My parents also have a refundable fare and I’d like to take advantage of a lower non-refundable deposit rate. Appreciate any advice before sit on hold forever on the phone trying to figure this out. I make all travel plans for my parents as my dad is extremely hard of hearing. Thanks.
  12. I know this question has been asked before. I’ve seen it myself but didn’t pay attention because it wasn’t relevant to me at the time. I’ve searched the board and just not seeing the posts with this specific question. I may have to cancel my early December 2019 symphony cruise. We’ll get $300 FCC. If I cancel on 1 July 2019, do I have to embark on another cruise by 1 July 2020? Or can I just apply it to any cruise I have placed a deposit on by 1 July 2020? I have a cruise scheduled for fall 2020 I’d like to place it against. Also, how do I receive my fcc code? How long does it take to get it after a cancellation?
  13. 2 — We did an 8 day southern Caribbean in Oct 2018. Days 2 and 6 On Freedom.
  14. Hand sanitizer does not kill the norovirus. Cruiselines that don’t push the use of sanitizer actually have fewer outbreaks according to studies. Theory is that hand sanitizer gives folks a false sense of security so overall handwashing with soap goes down. I first heard this on a rick Steve’s talk and looked it up for myself. Now I just constantly wash my hands when I’m on ship.
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