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  1. I looked at my confirmation emails as well and reservation numbers are only 7 digits. Hmm!
  2. Thanks for the info! Nothing in my trash or attached to my email. I did take a few screenshots during the booking process, but like to see my itemized invoice with due date for remainder. Put everything in a nice binder. Whole thing still kinda ticks me off....very NOT customer friendly! I’ll call the number.
  3. Extremely frustrating...it’s been years since I booked directly with Royal instead of through a TA. I have 4 cruises booked. I expected my confirmation emails to be something more than a short paragraph saying “we received a deposit for reservation xxxxx.” Doesn’t even say a date or ship name. Every time I log in (including through ‘manage my reservation’ link), it just takes me to the cruise planner. I just want a straight up invoice. What am I missing here? i know I used to have a back donor link that let me see a lot more info.
  4. I never get these canx emails from my TA in a timely manner...sometimes weeks later. Can anyone tell me what the refund/OBC credit Deal is for the fully cancelled jewel cruises out of Barcelona. We are (were) on the 12 nt, 23 Sep cruise. Booked with fully refundable deposit.
  5. I booked a 12 night on jewel out of Barcelona fir next year, but then hubby decided we might like going on odyssey out of Rome instead. Is there any way I can book the odyssey cruise without cancelling the jewel cruise first? The itineraries overlap by a few days. I have to go through my travel agency to canx jewel but would like to pick an odyssey cabin online now. I think the answer is that the RCI system won’t allow it, but thought I’d ask anyways.
  6. Thank you for the responses. Sounds like my best bet is to decide before final payment so I can get cash back and perhaps put the $500 FCC against something in 2021. Do not want them holding on to more of my cash than necessary if things continue for too long!
  7. Royal just extended cruise with confidence to 1 Sept. I have a 30 Aug cruise with non-refundable deposit. Normally, I canx now...get refund for most, lose $200 in penalty and get $300 as FCC. With cruise with confidence...if I canx right now before final payment...do I get $500 or $300 as Fcc.? The FAQs in RCI website are clear as mud. I’m thinking about rescheduling to fall 2021 and just want to know if I have $300 or $500 of my original deposit to apply.
  8. i don’t know how you cannot say that having the ability to book a shore excursion along with dinner reservations is not a “convenience” to passengers. It might be a money maker for RCI as they pay for the marketing service etc. It would be quite easy for the cruise line to emphasize the outside nature of the tours more strongly so that new travelers understand better. That’s what I advocate. As for the language cited above about operators being “third party verified...blah, blah, blah”...that sentence in caps is about as understandable as mud to most people. Blaming the cruise
  9. Was there yesterday. Very windy (20+ mph) with occasional rain. Pool water was freezing (like 73 degrees). Ocean temps were much more comfortable but still cool...about 78 degrees. We couldn’t snorkel because of strong currents and wind. They offered a refund. It’s a nice place. Lots of umbrellas that seemed quite secure.
  10. I don’t think cruise lines should stop offering excursions. I do think they should emphasize that they are offering tours as a “convenience” only and that all excursion providers are outside agents. Hiding it in the the small print is my issue. I don’t care if RC makes a profit for providing marketing services etc. Just be clear with the guests...taking advantage of the “typical” oblivious guest might be legal but it’s not really an ethical approach.
  11. Thank you. Considering my mom drinks instant decaf and thinks it’s wonderful....we’ll be fine! She’ll probably bring some. Personally can’t think of a worse beverage.
  12. Trying to decide whether to buy my mom the refreshment package. She basically drinks regular old decaf coffee all day. Nothing fancy. Is it available for free...like on the promenade? Thanks.
  13. It would not surprise me if prices for ocean view balconies go up in order for CP and BW balcony prices to look attractive going forward. Highly doubt these now unattractive balconies without the perks would go down in price to get filled.
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