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  1. Just tell the server what you don’t like or any dietary restrictions and let them surprise you with a variety of items. It generally works best this way. I tried to figure out the menu ahead of time, but it’s deliberately difficult I think!
  2. Unfortunately, you do not qualify for double points for this promotion if you weren’t at least gold status beforehand. Since gold isn’t awarded until after your first cruise, brand new royal cruisers aren’t eligible. You can apply for a C&A number before your first cruise, but you’re considered provisional, not gold until you complete the cruise.
  3. Based on the UTC time being 4 or 5 hours ahead of east coast time, it looks like you could test on Thursday night for a Sunday cruise out of the east coast. Am I getting that wrong? Anyone done that? Our flight to San Juan is at 6am on Friday 19 nov for a cruise on Sunday 21 nov. Would be great if we could test around 10pm on the 18th so we get a result and a little sleep before traveling.
  4. When we took our kids before they left for college (19 and 20 now), we made dining reservations around 530-600. Entertainment is usually around 8 and/or 10 at night. Since we got up early on port days to do excursions, we tried to hit the early shows so were not up until midnight doing the late shows. Never had a problem making shows if we booked around 6 pm.
  5. We’ve enjoyed all the dining venues. You can check out the menus online. Can’t really make a bad choice. I recommend eating in the main dining room and maybe doing the 3-night package to try a few of the specialty restaurants. Several of the free venues (park cafe in particular) are fabulous options to try for lunch. The kids will likely enjoy getting pizza from sorrentos too. I do recommend, if you get the dining package, that you make your reservations as soon as you get on the ship. Otherwise, the best times will be taken quickly and coordinating with entertainment times can get difficult. Can be done in any restaurant. I usually head to one of the restaurants in Central Park. You are going to love Oasis! It’s our favorite class of ship.
  6. Thank you for clarifying! We’re going to do a ‘practice’ test regardless before our November cruises as we have 6 tests and they will expire (unfortunately) before our Jan cruises.
  7. I’m a little confused by this thread. Are you allowed to flip the camera between selfie mode and camera forward mode during the test. Is it because the selfie camera isn’t clear enough for them to read the box etc? Wouldn’t that switching break the requirement to be fully monitored….or is it just for the code and ID portion? Plan to use an iPad. Do I just set it up to use the camera forward side? How do I see the proctor etc if I do that? I watched the YouTube video everyone recommends and the guy just uses his computer camera for everything. How is that different from using your phone or iPad in selfie mode? sorry if this is a silly question.
  8. I’m hoping to have a new laptop before the cruise. Have my iPad, but want something with a decent keyboard that is slim. My son uses a surface pro for college. Something like that.
  9. We’re checked in for both Explorer cruises later in November. We don’t have the apple wallet button either.
  10. I had an extremely snotty response to this completely inane comment written…but decided to delete it because I try to be nice.
  11. Something you figured out from experience. I get it. Now I know.
  12. Thank you. My intention is to keep going once I start. That’s why I’m trying to set up for success. There is no way I’m spending my vacation trying to “figure out” some cruisecritic quirk on the fly. My hubby would not appreciate it for starters! I’d like to do it live, but will write up in word and post post-Cruise if needed. I’m just looking for great suggestions to make it happen up front so I don’t have to do it when I’m washing tons of laundry, post-cruise grocery shopping and dealing with my ex husbands desire for me to spend every second once home researching term papers with our son (college student with autism). Essentially, it will be more fun for ALL of us if I can do it live! Appreciate any suggestions. I do want to do it…I’ve found reviews incredibly helpful during my vacation planning!
  13. I know you’re going to do a great job! You’ll get the restart and hopefully I get the “fixes” after a couple weeks.
  14. I know! Looking forward to it! Hopefully, I’ll be able to add to your work/fun!
  15. Thanks. I’ve been on here quite a while and love following reviews. I’m doing b2b on Explorer 21 nov-5 dec with 2 different itineraries and thought I’d blog since San Juan is just reopening. I’m trying to ensure I have everything set up from a technology perspective so that I only have to write and take pics. I do okay on Facebook, but find cruisecritic to be an unnecessarily difficult platform for some reason. I’m sure it’s just me….might have to ask my older teenagers for help!
  16. That’s why I said in my initial post that I may just cancel my bid. Peace of mind. Thank you!
  17. I just happened to click on “modify bid” and saw the max had changed.
  18. Part of the learning process for the game. No rule says I have to like it. I did bid my max….otherwise I’ll be putting a new sunroom on my house instead. My stress is that I really wanted to surprise my husband for our anniversary and thought I had a good chance at a special cabin. OS is literally $8k more than my current cabin to buy it now. GS IS 4K. We book super early and I catch every price drop. It’s not about irritation about being outbid. If I’d known the min/max could change, I wouldn’t be so wound up over it all. Had to come up with a backup plan for the anniversary cruise…although I knew I might have to all along. Just wasn’t urgent before now. Bought hubby new go pro since we have a bizillion snorkeling excursions booked. He’ll like that. I’m actually fine with the b2b jr ste on Explorer if that’s how it works out.
  19. You’re like my husband! He doesn’t overthink like I do! We balance each other out! Sometimes, my borderline ocd saves us big money on something.
  20. I just didn’t know the mins and max could change. Would’ve been nice to at least know that before spending so many brain cells. Thank you for a nice response.
  21. I’m a pretty decent writer (former speechwriter) and would like to try and do a real time review of one of the dozen or so cruises I have booked over the next year on royal. Any hints on the best way to do the pics/words? Should I type everything up in word and then cut and paste? Best size/place to save pics for easy insertion into the posts. I’m not a complete tech newbie, but not sure what works best for cruisecritic forum. Is there somewhere else on this website I can find these answers? Appreciate any advice/hints. Thank you! I get this isn’t a royal Caribbean specific question. However, all my cruises are on Royal.
  22. Bottom line…if it was you in my shoes…you’d be irritated. Guaranteed. You all (not all literally} can be snarky/snotty and unsympathetic all you want. Enjoy your day! I’m more interested in helping cruise critic users here for real, helpful info, not make the same mistake I did.
  23. It would just be nice if there was an actual primer telling folks what they might expect to see during the bidding process. Royal sucks at communication. We all have to figure it out by doing it. Not a great process.
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