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  1. Thats great, hopefully they will update the web page soon and advise the date of the April 2021 return transalantic.
  2. Has any one noticed that the Explorer 2 dosent sail again after April 2021, i only found out by chance by trying to book the return transalantic for April 2021 Marella are only operating the 2 Discoverys, Explorer and the Dream in 2021, and for some reason bined the Explorer 2, if anything i would have thought they would have binned the Dream, as usual Marella are keeping there cards close to there chest.
  3. Good morning All Well thats us got our boarding passes for our flight from Glasgow to Jamaica on 21st April 2020, i wonder when Marella will make contact and advise that the ship will be in Lisbon and not Montego Bay.
  4. Good morning All the discovery 2 set sail at 20.54 from Santa Domingo heading for Lisbon expected to get there at 7am on the the 14th April cant see it getting to dock, how long will it take now for TUI/Marella to inform us that the Alantic Vistas is cancelled and allow us to cancel hotel, dog kennels and health care for elderly relatives, Marella have excelled themselve on customer service this time, hopefully they will amend there ways, i wont be booking with them again until i recieve a refund or a better compensation deal, we go a minimum of 2 cruises a year with them, Hopefully it wont be
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