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  1. Been on 15 of the current 18. Still missing the Coral, Pacific and Majestic.
  2. I never use the form. I just fax all the necessary information in my own form.
  3. Talked to Princess yesterday and they said probably June. Don't know how reliable that was. :(
  4. If you don't have a top sheet all there is a very warm (for me) duvet.
  5. No Caribe balconies are not bigger than on some of the other ships. On the Sun all port and starboard balconies are the same size.
  6. Agree the deck above the pool. This is where it's best to see the actual sailaway especially the port side passing the condos.
  7. You can use your coffee card on the next cruise for brewed coffee and tea but they'll punch the card.
  8. HI guys. Just off the Royal last week after 20 days. I think the elavators were the no. 1 problem on our cruise so happy to hear they are all working properly now. BTW, good job on your "convoluted" explanation.:D Don't think I could have explained it so well.
  9. Best to ask your room steward when you first meet him\her. Don't see why not.
  10. We're just off the Royal and as new as that ship is, the beds were also saggy in the middle, probably because many of us sit in the cabin on the side of the bed. Yes every bed I've ever slept on in a Princess ship I find too hard. The foam slab you get is no more than 3/4" thick but it does help. It would have to be quite a large space for me to slip through.:D
  11. That's right. Our hotel shuttle leaves every hour on the hour. We're leaving at 10am. I'd rather sit at the port than pace the floor at the hotel:)
  12. Maybe a little tackey alright but not enough that it would keep me from doing it.:o just try to use a glass the same as the bartender would use and probably mix it before arriving.
  13. The Berth closet to Walgreens and Total Wine Which is berth 1 or 2. Usually 2.
  14. Hand washing as you enter the Buffet area has always been the requirement on both the Royal and Regal. It's an excellent idea. Don't know why you would say it's an humiliating experience. Washing your hands is the best way to protect yourself and the other cruisers.
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