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  1. Thanks, everybody, for your suggestions. Loving the ideas. Keep em coming! Eli. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. Hi all: My wife and I just finalized our booking for a September cruise on Harmony. Although we are somewhat experienced cruisers, this is our first time on a RC ship. It has been awhile since we took our last cruise -- currently wading through the "small children" years -- and I am still getting acclimated to the modern way of booking excursions, activities, etc. There is so much to choose from! It is a bit overwhelming. So ... this seems like a fun opportunity for a Top-3. What are your favorite things to do on Harmony? We are open to anything -- free or paid-for activities, excursions, shows, specialty restaurants, or even hidden gems on the ship not categorized as anything in particular. So ... what's your Top-3?! Thanks! Eli.
  3. Hi all: My wife and I are planning to cruise on RC for the first time in September. Having looked (and almost booked) last night, I was a bit bummed to wake up this morning and discover that we missed a promotion and prices have increased. A question for "loyal" RC cruisers: Does RC typically launch promotions regularly, or was the July 4 offer uncommon? Is a promo around Labour Day a possibility? Does RC usually discount for "last minute" deals, or will prices just continue to rise between now and September? This is, of course, a balancing act. I don't want to miss out on a Boardwalk Balcony, but I am also very hesitant to book right after a promo has finished. Thoughts? Help! (Thanks.) Eli.
  4. Hi Ashland: Just out of curiosity, what is your preferred location on Harmony? This is our first time cruising on RC. Thanks for the guidance! Eli.
  5. Thanks to you both for the info. I have noticed on the deck plans that certain state rooms are marked "obstructed view". Is that the issue you are referring to (i.e. the Abyss)? In other words, as long as we avoid aft state rooms marked "obstructed view" is it likely that we will have a clear view of the theater? We are also considering Level 12 (not sure if the height makes a difference). Any additional feedback/guidance you can provide is most appreciated! Thanks, Eli.
  6. Hi all: We are considering a last minute booking on Harmony. It looks like an aft Boardwalk Balcony is our first choice, so that we can have a view of the theater. I have one question that I cannot seem to find an answer to anywhere -- what is the difference between the 1I and 2I stateroom category? It appears that if we book a 2I it will have an unobstructed view of the theater, but I am curious as to why 1I staterooms seem to receive very positive reviews while 2I stateroom reviews are mediocre at best. This is our first time sailing RC. Any help/guidance is appreciated! Thanks, Eli.
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