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  1. I got two emails about the survey, responded to the second one. I refused to answer the salary question and was kicked out, saying I was not in the right demographic or some such statement. I follow several Cunard Facebook sites, so mentioned it on one of those. People were sympathetic, thought the email might be a hoax or said I should complain to Customer Services. We have booked a Princess Grill Suite to the Caribbean in February but I guess they don't know this. Life goes on...
  2. We were on our first Oceania cruise on the Riviera over the holidays almost 8 years ago. My birthday falls during this time. Our friends had gone the previous year and raved about it. The ship was beautifully decorated and there were special events. We were surprised at how many children were on board, because we had heard they don't usually travel on Oceania, even at the holidays. There were almost 100, so they had to hire special staff for them because there normally are no programs for children. Some of them didn't go to those activities though and seemed to be underfoot. There was a nice visit with Santa for them complete with presents. On New Years Eve, many of them were running around up in the lounge on the dance floor which was annoying. We went on the holiday cruise on the QM2 several years ago and it was not as overwhelmed with children. We probably won't do Oceania over the holidays again.
  3. We were on the first sailing of the Mariner and I bought his book. He had a book signing, came roaring up on his little motor bike. It was great meeting him.
  4. We just got a $9K+ credit on our Costco Visa for the Crystal November 2020 Caribbean cruise that was cancelled. A check would have been better, but we are happy that it seems to be resolved. Good luck to everyone else.
  5. We have received nothing about our Thanksgiving cruise on the Serenity.
  6. We were on the QM2 holiday cruise in December. It was a wonderful experience being in the Princess Grille class, but I don't know if I would do it again. One of the bartenders in the Chart Room named Martines Rocha de Souza (think he goes by Martin) has written 2 books about his experience on the high seas and how he got there. They were selling them in the bookstore which has many fine books. I bought them and had him autograph them. Check it out if you get a chance. Thanks for all of your posts. We are looking forward to our cruise on the Edge in January, followed by a longer one on the Reflection. We did Oceania Riviera to W. Caribbean in March and Azamara to Cuba last Thanksgiving. All of these were fine ships. I have never been on a cruise I didn't like. Number 76 coming up.
  7. We had a suite for our 50th anniversary, could not get a reservation for that date except for later than we care to eat. The travel agent tried and so did the butler. We had to settle for a different night. However, someone we met on here suggested that we have dinner delivered to the suite on our anniversary. We were able to order menu items from any of the restaurants and the butler delivered each course as we were ready for it. It was marvelous. The butler said he was so happy to be able to do this for us. As we were sipping champagne on our balcony afterwards, he tapped on the window and asked if we could come inside. There he was with the steward and several other staff members with a cake, and they sang to us. Worth your try I believe.
  8. I couldn't sign in to the app after I downloaded it. I tried both email addresses and the mobile number using an old password. It recognized me and said update the password because the old password didn't have a number in it. I did that but can't get in. It said my email addresses were already used. ????? DH doesn't want to use the mobile app anyway, he has a flip phone which he rarely uses. Said he can check things on the cabin TV.
  9. I have been following this thread once a week for months. I recognized Bob right away as we were on the Breakaway out of NYC several years ago and some HAL cruise before that as he pointed out to me. Wishing a speedy recovery for him and will pray for him. Wishing a safe journey to all of you and thanks for your posts. GO BUCKS! Jo Ann W.
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