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  1. Steve Campbell has recently joined Regal Princess - not sure if he will be taking over from Andi Sanders as CD to take her over to the US or is getting used to the protocols. He said he will be on Regal then Grand in a response on insta. Will try and find out more on our 30th October Regal cruise.
  2. Yes, no going up to the bar on Sky. The bar staff will come out to you though and there is the OceanNow order by app option.
  3. SANTA CLARITA, Calif., (October 14, 2021) – Princess is announcing plans for additional ships returning to service in the United States for February, March and April 2022 sailing from Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver and Ft. Lauderdale. Starting between February 13 and April 22 cruises onboard three additional Princess MedallionClass™ ships will take guests to the Caribbean, Hawaii and the California Coast. Crown Princess, Island Princess and Royal Princess join the eight Princess ships scheduled to restart in 2021, representing 79 percent of Princess’ ship capacity. Crown Princess: On February 13, Crown Princess will join Majestic Princess and Grand Princess for sailings from Los Angeles to the California Coast and Hawaii. Then, Crown Princess will position to Seattle to sail on a couple of Pacific Northwest Coastal voyages and to Hawaii. Crown Princess will also add another Alaska departure with a new 8-day Inside Passage cruise with Glacier Bay starting on April 29, 2022. Island Princess: Travels to the Caribbean starting March 6, from Ft. Lauderdale on a 14-day, 10-day and series of 7-day cruises to the Southern, Eastern and Western Caribbean. Royal Princess: California Coast sailings from Vancouver beginning April 8, 2022. “It has been thrilling to have our guests on board enjoying real vacations in Alaska and on the west coast,” said Deanna Austin, Princess Cruises chief commercial officer. “By April of 2022 we will have 11 of our ships back at sea, with the support of government and port officials, creating vacation memories for our guests.” Princess cruises sailing through February 2022 are available for guests who have received their final dose of an approved COVID-19 vaccine at least 14 days prior to the beginning of the cruise and have proof of vaccination. Crew vaccinations will be in accordance with CDC guidelines. We will continue to monitor the latest guidance from the CDC as well as local, state and federal officials in the ports we sail from and those we visit and will adjust our onboard protocols and vaccination requirements, as necessary. Should our vaccination approach change, we would notify guests prior to final payment. PRINCESS MEDALLIONCLASS VACATION All Princess ships offer TrulyTouchless™ experiences that simplifies the guest experience and delivers next-level service supporting new health protocols. The cruise line’s award-winning OceanMedallion wearable device replaces the traditional cruise card and pairs with embedded IoT (“Internet of things”) -driven innovative technology to significantly expand touch-free options and personalization on board, including: Touchless embarkation and disembarkation Keyless stateroom entry Completely contactless commerce Simplified safety training On-demand food, beverages and retail items delivered anywhere on board Guest service requests via mobile device chat Location-based gaming and wagering Entertainment content via smart devices Princess ships offers the best Wi-Fi at sea, MedallionNet™, so guests can stay connected to the things and people they love and share vacation memories with ease. To accommodate this restart, select cruises on Crown Princess will be cancelled. Guests on these voyages will receive information on their rebooking options.
  4. Sounds like the TAs should be without passengers then....
  5. What are the CDC regs? Sky Princess is coming over from Southampton too and only has 1 day between cruises but this is a 7 day break. Friends on the Regal's current cruise have noticed a few workers looking at the pool areas, with laptops and maps of the ship as if there is some maintenance planned. Could be an advance party for the April dry dock in the Med but just curious timing.
  6. They might be! You don't get the recipe cards now but I just asked some friends on Regal Princess who have been spending most evenings in Good Spirits. They have been asked for their sizes by bartender for the last show tomorrow night. Whether it's official or because they have been bantering all week with him...
  7. Here is their special cocktails menu from our Sky Princess cruise
  8. Yes, you go to the Sanctuary. You wait at the desk in the entrance area and someone will appear to book you in (they might be showing other people around so be patient). They will explain what you can book and prices and usually offer to show you around so you can pick your chosen lounger(s) or cabana. They use a paper 'map' to mark off bookings so they know what is available on each day (whole days, mornings or afternoons).
  9. It's still the same old mad dash with bookings done at the entrance - we booked the Sanctuary on our Regal Princess cruise in July and friends of ours missed out on booking it on Sky Princess in early September because they didn't get there in time on embarkation day.
  10. Useful, thanks! How do you get your results from CVS or drive-though Walgreens? i.e. will we still need a US phone?
  11. Yes, the drinks package covers all wine by the glass in the MDR - you get 25% discount on any bottles as part of the package too. If you are leaving from Mayflower and are using CPS to park your car then you should go through the drive-thru testing facility which is just past the main entrance road to the terminal (towards dock 20). You can then park your car with CPS and drop your luggage off. If you are arriving by other means then there is a testing tent just across from the terminal main entrance which you should walk to once you have dropped off your luggage.
  12. They've included Comedy and 80s themed cruises on the UK seacations this summer (one was a charter) so perhaps just borrowing the idea
  13. The link is in the cruise cancellation PDF on the Princess website - see reference to the online form https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/plan/impacted-and-cancelled-cruises/cancelled-select-cruises-australia-through-april-2022.pdf
  14. Not much information given for the reason for the cancellation - is it shipyard delays, operational reasons?
  15. Just been notified by Princess that the Discovery Princess maiden on 1st March and the next 2 cruises have been cancelled. The new maiden is the cruise on 27th March to the Mexican Riviera. List of affected cruises below and details in this link on the Princess site. There goes our plans to celebrate my other half's milestone birthday onboard!
  16. All the passengers had to be tested at the port so that's 2,000+ for each sailing at current capacity. The Carnival UK companies (Cunard, Princess UK and P&O) contracted the testing out to a company called Prenetics. Cars parking with the port went through a drive-thru, passengers arriving by other means were tested at the terminal (or in a tent outside). You could proceed through pre-checkin while awaiting the results and show proof of a negative test (usually received by text message within 30-40 minutes) before collecting your medallions.
  17. That would be really useful for international travellers who have to fly over to cruise. The US will be opening up to us UK'ers from November and we are scratching our heads about how we satisfy the pre-cruise test protocols which are different to what we had in the UK (where Princess tested us at the port).
  18. Good tip I got from here. The Princess UK lines are open til 10pm - in the evenings the calls are picked up by the call centre in the US and you usually get straight through. They can do all our usual requests 🙂 Be aware that if you try and do that upgrade from a mini-suite to a suite then it will be based on the suite fare at the time of your original booking and not the new reduced price.
  19. Alexander left Princess and opened up a cafe/eatery here in South London. Aaron Hawkins will take over as CD on Sky Princess from 21st October. The current CD on Regal Princess is Andi Sanders (don't know if this will change for the US)
  20. We've done 'seacations' on both Regal and Sky and loved them too - bit sad that they will all soon be ending and there are no short Princess cruises AT ALL from Southampton next year!
  21. Give Princess UK a call as they are meant to be the support number for the app. If you cannot get the passport sorted then don't fret and just get yourself to the port and the initial check-in person will address any issues.
  22. We usually found a spare seat on those ones outside Princess Live on Regal and found the best waitress there. On Sky Princess, the Crown Bar is much larger with much more seating (no Library) although we finished off each night at Bellinis (where the Piazza Bar usually is) .
  23. That's interesting. We tried to buy some ship-specific playing cards on Sky Princess at the beginning of this month and they were still waiting for their stock to arrive. I was told the pandemic was causing problems with the supply lines.
  24. No worries - anyway, it all seems like an impossible dream at the moment. Us Brits haven't been able to fly direct into the States since lockdown started!
  25. Isn't it on due to sail on 1st March? I hope so as I booked it for my other half's milestone birthday on the 2nd! 😀
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