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  1. keltic

    Halloween Party on Pullmantur?

    We copy foreign habbits very quickly. Yes, they have special Halloween themed cruises. Enviado desde mi SM-T813 mediante Tapatalk
  2. keltic

    Silversea Single supplements ????

    Having cruised with my SilverSea many times, dropping the 25% single supplement would be a red line for me [emoji35] Enviado desde mi SM-T813 mediante Tapatalk
  3. keltic

    Connection time in Madrid

    Spanish efficiency?. Efficiency is efficiency wherever it comes from. Enviado desde mi SM-T813 mediante Tapatalk
  4. keltic

    San Francisco. Safe areas

    Yes. I will have an eye on it. Enviado desde mi SM-T813 mediante Tapatalk
  5. keltic

    Air Canada Rouge

    Got one of the prefered seats. 34 inches pitch is decent. Perhaps I'll try an upgrade at the airport. It concerns me more the following leg. YUL SFO on a tiny Air Canada B737MAX. New planes but not too sure for a six hours flight. Regular seats have an appalling 29 inches pitch. Enviado desde mi SM-T813 mediante Tapatalk
  6. keltic

    San Francisco. Safe areas

    Thanks again for the tips. Although I have homeless in the city I live, I don't think they cause any safety problem to anyone who doesn't mess with them. After all, they are just ordinary people with problems to feel compasion for 100% safety is virtually impossible but I was refering to gangs activity, violent assaults and all that stuff. Fishermen Wharf is just outragously expensive. I know for someone living in a big city the safety concerns is too repetitive and annoying. But coming from a small spot where never anything wrong happens, safety is something which comes to our mind too often when we travel. Anyway, it looks like a safe area at least at daylight to stay at. Enviado desde mi SM-T813 mediante Tapatalk
  7. keltic

    Air Canada Rouge

    Just booked with Rouge from BCN to YUL (then SFO with regular AC) and don't expect much. I am flying back UA B787 to FRA. The good thing is 303 euros rt. I am getting a bit uneasy after reading your comments [emoji17]
  8. keltic

    San Francisco. Safe areas

    Thanks for the tips. We are considering The Triton Hotel. All expensive as hell. I don't know if there's any convention or prices are normally insane.
  9. I will be cruising from San Francisco at the end of September. No idea where to get a pre cruise hotel. I have been told "Tenderloin" NO WAY. I have found one between Union Square and China Town. Any place to avoid? Safety tips?. In Long Beach we get the cruise excursion. No idea how safe are Santa Barbara, San Diego or Ensenada.
  10. Making the rest of the fleet to look like the Silver Muse. The Silver Wind is a lovely old classic and I can't image removing former decoration to look like the bland, boring and insipid Silver Muse. They did a reasonable good job on the Spirit (with many cons) but I can't image the same change on the Wind. Enviado desde mi SM-T813 mediante Tapatalk
  11. Musesification or however is said doesn't have to be anything good. Enviado desde mi SM-T813 mediante Tapatalk
  12. I DO disagree about food. Prepared to please Spaniards who usually have a high idea of what's fine dining. I know americans eat in a different way, and sometimes there are different ideas of how food should be prepared. Chef Paco Roncero makes an awesome job, and food is typically mainstream cruise line food. Considering the price, Pullmantur makes an stunning work to have a decent product. Not a luxury one but worth the price. Enviado desde mi SM-T813 mediante Tapatalk
  13. keltic

    Lunch on board for visitors

    And in my case it was a bad meal Enviado desde mi SM-T813 mediante Tapatalk
  14. keltic

    Smoking on Pullmantur?

    Spanish are not heavy smokers but smoking is really relaxed. While on board the policy is normally strict, just a couple of places for smoking. No smoking in cabins and most public areas. Enviado desde mi SM-T813 mediante Tapatalk
  15. You will get much more to what you pay for. It means that the ratio price vs quality is not bad. I don't know what you mean with good fit. All is in Spanish, with English as second language. It's a budget Spanish cruise company which normaly pleases all those wanting a cheap friendly cruise Spanish way. We are not bad people but note that etiquette may be different specially in terms of noise, food, all time party, late entretainment and timetables. Ships are old, but well mainteined, and food is just awesome. Enviado desde mi SM-T813 mediante Tapatalk