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  1. O.k. thanks for the clarification. I was wondering if you could "stack" OBC that was provided for multiple cancellations. Doesn't look like it. But it does sound like if you are offered OBC as part of booking or like Stockholder OBC that you do get that in addition as they are "different" types of OBC. My other question I have is in regards to gift cards...We paid in full with gift cards...I plan to just take the FCC/OBC...so will anything actually be refunded to the gift cards? If we take FCC does the cruise fare as well as taxes stay out there for me to apply to next cruise?
  2. So they only mention Breeze cruises starting in November. We are scheduled for 6days out of Ft lauderdale on October 18th. I’m assuming this cruise will be cancelled altogether and not “moved” to another port? Any thoughts or info?
  3. For those who requested a refund through the form, did you get an email confirmation at least acknowledging your submission? I just submitted but haven’t gotten an email and was just wondering should I expect one... thanks
  4. You mentioned the FCC can only be applied to base fare only. So, I'm assuming that when you rebook that you will have to pay out of pocket for taxes/port fees (I know this is supposed to be refunded with the cancellation correct?)
  5. ok I'd like some help clarifying a couple of things since this is all new. Our May 2nd cruise was cancelled and I'm thinking of taking the 125% FCC but have a couple of questions. 1. I understand that when we take the FCC that we will be refunded Taxes/Fees and get FCC for 125% of booking price. Correct? 2. When I rebook a new cruise, can the FCC be applied toward those taxes/fees for the new cruise? 3. If my new booking is less than the FCC can I use the remaining credit for payment of onboard extras? Tips, Drink Plan, etc.? Thanks i
  6. I see lots of "other" beaches on this map...any help appreciated. jmoak
  7. Hello, we will be going on cruise in May and stopping in St. Thomas. It looks like we can rent a car for about the price of taxi to/from the major beaches. So, I'm considering renting a car to be able to go to a beach that is a little less crowded. I'd like to have a beautiful beach that may even have shade. Loungers for rent is a plus but no a requirement. Also, would like to do a little snorkeling. Anyone have some suggestions of where to go? Also, are the smaller beaches free with public access? Thanks in advance. Jmoak
  8. Just came across the teachers discount and I have a couple of questions. my wife is retired teacher at a private catholic school. Would she qualify even though it wasn’t a state public school? also, we have reached final payment date yet. Would we lose any of our booking perks? Like easy drink package, free internet and paid gratuities? I’m hoping that they would just reduce the amount owed at final payment date. any help is appreciated. jason
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