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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Having something prebooked is definately a little more unnerving...We will most likely do that...at least then we get off and have everythign taken care of. Thanks again. Jmoak
  2. O.k. thanks. It may be that it is best to just book directly through Daniel Johnson or Victor Bodden, I was just trying to see if it would be cheaper to just hire a driver at the port for the day...Trying to get a feel for what that cost may be...THanks a bunch.
  3. We are on the Carnival Glory in May and docking at Mahogany Bay. We really are only wanting to go visit sloths and then come back to the pier/boat. There will be a party of 7 of us and I don't really want to rent a driver for the day at $25 per person ($175 total) just to take us to some sloths and back. Does anyone know if there is a better deal that I can book prior? Or even what my options would be at the port? Also, we did Victor Bodden's monkey/sloth last time...I've read there are a couple of other sloth parks too? Are they closer? Again, we really just want to get off in the morning, have someone drive us to some sloths and then come back to pier. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Jason
  4. Just got off Breakaway today...Most theater shows were 7&9 or 7&930. Syd Norman's had the "Guilty Pleasures" band and they typically played from 930-1130. Howl at the Moon was 830-1230 every other night in Headliners - they alternated between piano bar and comedians. We thoroughly enjoyed the Guilty Pleasures group at Syds...but as mentioned you need to get there an hour early to get a seat. Piano bar was awesome too...they had 3 guys that played throughout the night. Very fun!! We were very pleased with the entertainment on the ship. Least favorite was Rock of Ages...very cheesy...enjoyed the Burn the Floor.
  5. it was never available. been watching since first day possible and weve never had the option.
  6. Our sailing on the Breakaway for next Sunday, February 24 has not given us the opportunity to book Rock of Ages yet. We can book Burn the Floor but just not ROA...Is there a chance the performers could be off for the week and they not have the show? Has anyone else experienced not being able to book ROA prior to boarding? TIA..
  7. I'm sorry, I should have specified. I am familiar with the first "upcharge" of 10 bucks...I was referring to jamielogical's reference to an additional charge for specific items. THat's what I was more interested in. However, someone just posted they got off the Breakaway and they didn't experience this. We leave in a week on the Breakaway and I'm hoping it is the same...thanks, jmoak
  8. does anyone have the most recent menu? Especially one that references additional upcharges? Also, for items that don't have additional upcharges are you allowed to order multiple items??? Such as apps and even entrees????
  9. I am wondering the same thing? Are shirley temples included with the adult package?
  10. Thank you. I will be sure to take a pair of pants for our dinners here. jmoak
  11. Another question on the Manhattan dining room. I understand it is more upscale. WHat is the required attire? Is it pants? Do you need jacket? Or are nice shorts and collared shirt required? Thanks for the help.
  12. When using the app and texting another cruiser, does it "ding" or give you a notification when you receive a message? I think I remember at one time reading earlier that you had to actually open the app to see any texts that may have been sent to you. Is this the case? I don't want to have to be constantly opening up my phone and app while I'm on the ship..just to see "if" one of my family members has communicated something. I'd like it to send me a notification like my normal text does on land. THanks, jmoak
  13. Waiting on the Pearl right now to debate and I thought I would share my experience. Ate at Cagneys twice. First time the waiter informed us that with the sdp that we were allowed one app, one soup or salad, one entree and two sides. I told him I would like shrimp cocktail, short ribs and soup. He seemed a little thrown off with my request but said ok. When the bill came it had the two apps on there but no soup and everything was comped at 100%. Last night we had the same waiter but he didn’t say anything this time about the number of each. I again ordered shrimp cocktail and short ribs. My wife said he kind of furrowed his brow a little but he didn’t say anything at all. This time the bill reflected all of the items ordered and all were comped at 100%. While waiting for our dinner last night we also heard another waiter tell his table only one app. So it appears that they are informing guest of the limits however in reality the system will not bill. At least this is my experience.
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