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  1. Thank you. I thought about upgrading my phone, but I will also take your suggestion into consideration.
  2. Thank you. I will definitely check it out.
  3. I'm using a Sony XA Ultra (Model F3213) The android version is 7.0 Thank you, Danny
  4. Thank you both for your help. :) That's a great idea. I will definitely try that.
  5. I looked at the google app store and don't see iMessage unless it's under a different name.
  6. I have an Android Phone and I'm using Android 7.0 Maybe that's too old.
  7. Thank you. My mom and I both have an android phone. They are about 2 years old. My other friend has an iPhone 6 which is about 3 years old and it works. My tablet is 3 months old and it doens't work. Were you able to chat with your group when you use the app?
  8. Thank you Bob. I see that the RCI app doens't but the Royal IQ does. My problem is, I can download the RCI, but I cannot download the Royal IQ.
  9. Thank you Bob. Our sailing is on 5/13 of this year. I wonder if I should consider looking into the RCI app instead.
  10. We will be on the Ovation of the Seas and we saw that you can download the Royal IQ app, but there is just one little problem. None of our phones or tablet work. When I search and found the app, I can't download it because it said it's not compatible. Our phone is about 2 years old but our tablet is pretty new. Has anyone come across the compatibility issue? Is there a way around it? What is your experiences with the app? Does it work? Some people said it crashes a lot. Is it worth paying for so you can keep in touch with the people you are traveling with? Thank you.
  11. Oh, wow, thank you. Thank you for letting me know as I just bought a new camera (not a phone which I don't think any phone can do justice like a camera does). :)
  12. Hi, This is the first time we heard about this, but one of the Youtuber said on a Royal Caribbean ship at the Solarium Bistro, they serve hotpot (or fondue). Is this true? Has anyone have this before? We will be on the Ovation of the Seas and there's a Solarium Bistro onboard From what we see from other YouTuber, there is no such thing. Thank you, Danny
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