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  1. Thank you!!! Glad someone sees my point. I have sail with Royal, NCL, Carnival, Princess and I'm switching cruise line for this particular cruise, not from now on. That would be so immature childlish to think one cruise line is better than the other. They all have their goods and bad.
  2. I have NEVER said I wouldn't sail on NCL. My point is, I'm switching ship (Of course, Silhouette is not a NCL ship). It's not a cheap cruise and I wanted to see places that this cruise will go to. If there's a weather related issue, then I understand.
  3. If it's Mother Nature, there's nothing you can do about it. But with an engine problem/issue, they should fix it. They didn't want to fix it because they will loose revenues when the ship is not sailing. That's the bottom line.
  4. I haven't sail on her so I can't comment on that, but if I'm aware of an issue, I wouldn't sail on it regardless of which ship and in this case, it's the STAR.
  5. True, but the likelihood of this particular Norwegian STAR to cancel ports is a much higher possibility.
  6. I pay to visit places. I didn't pay to skip ports.
  7. Very discouraging to read these reviews so that is our reason to switch cruise line. Our cruise line choice is Royal Caribbean but too bad, they do not go to South America. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/getreviews.cfm?action=ship&ShipID=198
  8. Thanks for your input and info. The latest reviews are not so good from cruisers so we have decided to cancel this cruise and we have book the Celebrity Silhouette which does the reverse route from Santiago to Buenos Aires. It's not a cheap cruise from either cruise line. I can't justify to pay so much to skip ports.
  9. Thank you for sharing. We thought about doing this tour before boarding the ship in San Antonio, but the flight from Buenos Aires to Santiago is expensive for 1 way. We can't really stay overnight because the ship stay overnight and all passengers needs to get off the ship the next day before 9 AM or so. There's no way we can make it back on time to grab our luggage to leave the ship. That would be too hectic. That's why we choose a full day trip. We might not see both side, but seeing one side is better than nothing. We are not sure when we w
  10. I thought about it, but our ship starts in San Antonio, Chile and ends in Buenos Aires. I wish it starts in Buenos Aires and that would make it easier.
  11. Very, very true for both of your statements.
  12. Thank you for the info. I know that Celebrity charge a lot for this, $800+ per person. I don't know why it's so much though. I look at airfare and a round-trip is about $150-$175. I contacted a company that does transfer to/from the airport to the Iguazu Falls and it's about $30 for the round-trip. The person also said admissions is about $15 and you also can get a tour on the spot for $35. For a 1 day trip, I'm looking at close to $300 per person vs what other places charge. I just don't understand why $800+ per person.
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