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  1. When we are in Cozumel, you can take a ferry to Playa Del Carmen where the beach is right next to where you get on/off the ferry. I believe it's about a 45 minute ride each way. As we are docked for 12 hours, you have plenty of time to get there, enjoy the beach & get back 😎
  2. Has anyone gone on the beliezing.com website? I found a snorkeling tour with Splash Waves Tours & was interested if anyone has taken their tours?
  3. Does MSC have a Voyager's Desk where you can speak to a representative regarding booking a future "next" cruise? If so, do you get any benefits from booking that way?
  4. I'm curious to see how things run onboard the ship. My husband & I are Diamond Members on Royal Caribbean & we were able to get the "matching status" of Gold on MSC; it's our 1st time, so we'll see...
  5. I agree; how hard is it to paste & clip the "original" cruise itinerary?!? Also, it would be nice if they changed the to the "new" cruise itinerary on our Booking Documents; right?!?
  6. Good Morning! Just wondering if there are trivia games onboard MSC (Meraviglia)? We always play when we are on RC... Thanks for any help
  7. I saw a post that the 11/10/19 Meraviglia changed their itinerary. Miami - Sea Day - Cozumel - Belize - Costa Maya - Honduras - Sea Day - Miami My hubby & I are on the 11/24/19 sailing & I'm praying they keep the same itinerary as planned & add Cozumel on at the end on 11/30/19. Has anyone heard anything?
  8. Did you know the change in days/ports before you sailed or once you were onboard? I have shore excursions on the dates we are supposed to be in the ports above...
  9. Thanks for the review. What day of the week did they add Cozumel? Was your cruise Miami - Sea Day - Costa Maya - Belize - Honduras -Cozumel - Sea Day-Miami?
  10. I just read an article, as of 11:15am EST, that Ocean Cay will not be open until 12/5/19. I'm hoping my sailing makes a stop in Jamaica
  11. My stress fracture is also on the top of my foot. I've been walking around in pain for over 2 weeks & decided I better see the podiatrist. They gave me the small "shoe" boot, but I found a Knee Scooter on Craiglist for $70. I can tell you the difference from yesterday to today is unbelievable using the scooter 😂
  12. Just found out I have a stress fracture & need to wear a "boot" for 6 weeks...my cruise leaves in 18 days. Wondering if there is special boarding for "disabled" passengers? How easy/hard is it to get around the ship...Meraviglia. I'm considering buying a knee scooter, so I don't have to put so much pressure on my leg/foot. Has anyone used one of these on board or on land?!? Thanks for any advise...
  13. I've seen several posts for a "Slot Pull" & I'm wondering what exactly that is? Thanks
  14. Hi! Just wondering if the docking starting at 8:00am "ship time" in Costa Maya is the same as their local time? Thanks for your help
  15. My hubby & I want to go on a shore excursion to Bacalar & I found one that sounds great from "Tequila Beach Tours". Has anyone taken any tours from them? If so, what was your experience like? Thanks 😊
  16. Has anyone taken a tour to the Bacalar Lagoon & Cenotes? If so, which tour company did you use? Reviews of tour/tour company? Thanks so much 😎
  17. Has anyone used the tour operator Viator? I'm interested in the Hol Chan Marine Reserve & Shark Ray Alley Snorkeling Tour; also any reviews on Viator in general... Thanks
  18. My hubby & I are Diamond Members on RC, but we wanted to try the MSC Merraviglia. We got "Gold" Status with the MSC Voyager's Club Matching Program. What types of benefits can we expect onboard the ship with this loyalty program? Thanks for any help...
  19. What type of massage did you get? I purchased (2) Balinese Sports Massages; one for my husband & one for myself for our upcoming cruise. Is there information in your cabin regarding making the appointment once you are onboard or do you recommend just going to the spa ASAP? Thanks ☺️
  20. Has anyone used Tour Republic? We have a scheduled "pre-paid" tour with Ruby this Thursday, November 22nd. So excited to see/learn about Cuba
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