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  1. Thanks cft8. I think we are leaning towards buying online directly using "family" savings for must dos. Pick our date and time. We might get the London Explorer Pass for other things. They way the tours/other plans are lining up (to Leeds castle , Stonehenge and Bovington Tank Museum as well as WB studios.) we will not have consecutive days lined up. 3 day or 6 day are most probable for us. Right now there's a 110 Pound difference between the 3 and 6 day pass. You definitely save money using the London Pass/Explorer Pass, but will I save time? Probably not and time is money too! :-)
  2. Oh wow! This is such great information. I will copy and paste in my travel notes. :-) 1 more question- is the area safe to walk around especially in the evening (think no later than 11 pm) (23:00)? Some of the research I saw online stated that north and east of this area isn't the best, but west was better. Part of the length of our stay is also to just wander and explore. Thanks!
  3. No cruise. But found this forum and thought I could learn a bit about London and activities. Hubby wanted to see too much in London and area to take off work and do a 8 night cruise next summer.
  4. Thanks so much! Yes we are close to Aldgate East and that looks close enough to use the tube. Will be an experience for sure. Hubby looking to go to Tankfest 2020 at Bovington Tank Museum (yes a 2.5 hr ride 1 way on an above ground train.) Rest of us will will just take it easy back in London and try to go left when the hordes go right.😊
  5. Thanks! We have time with our stay. Just didn’t think visiting London should be like Disney World with “fast track” and schedules! Ha ha
  6. Hi all, Doing London sightseeing next year. Mid to end of June. Had a few questions for the locals. Aa first glance the London Explorer pass in particular looks good for us. But when I started comparing reservations on the actual website ( for example Madame Tussaud’s and Sea Life Aquarium ) the sites talk about reserving a time for entry. If I buy the LEP or even the Madame Tussaud’s plus 3 attraction passes then I cannot reserve a time for entry or a date for that matter. How much of a problem will this be for us? Do you suggest that we just book online directly choosing a date and time for what is important to us and wing the rest? I wish I read this forum before purchasing my hotel. We are near Whitechapel, but got a nonrefundable 2 bedroom, 2 bath for the 4 of us. So hopefully I can learn from this forum and be better informed moving forward. TIA.
  7. Oh goody, another Anthem review you. I enjoyed your 2018 one! We’re going on a 9 night this July. Last year was Disney for 10 days. 😊 We are now 60 days out and can’t book any entertainment. I know you can do so using* Royal IQ on ship, but just getting ancy. Your review will get me even more excited for my trip.
  8. Thanks! If it is a mystery till my cruise, I’ll report back who the CD is.
  9. Hi! according to the Cruise Director list on CC, Mitch Merucci May 4 until July 13. Mitch returns September 7 until January 5, 2020. Is the break incorrect, or is that fill in person unknown? Just curious. Thanks!
  10. Oh, ok. Thanks anyway! CD won't make or break cruise, but my curiosity is peaked!
  11. Hi! If you can find out who the Cruise Director after Mitch Merucci will be that would be great. I'm going right after he leaves and it's a mystery as to who the cruise director will be on Anthem between July 13th and September 7th. Thanks and have a great trip!
  12. For what it's worth- I was told that the teen club isn't as structured as kid's club. The kids come and go and many just meet up in the teen area and run off and do their own thing. So it may be possible to have your 12 and 15 yo together. I know that in 2017, my 12 yo could have went down to be in the kid's club with her sister. She didn't do ANY club though. Didn't want to be with sister and teen club intimidated her. This was summer in Alaska. Good luck!
  13. Thanks for these, great idea of what the ship will offer in a few months.
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