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  1. We cruised on the Noordam a few times, and it also has a walk-in shower + the tub. Also try cruisedeckplans. You'll need to pay a fee for all the photos. And I think they've purged its database.
  2. After sifting through my paperwork, the 2022 cruise that was just cancelled originally came from a March 2020 to Hawaii. I cancelled it, the day before they made a cash back offer, so all they were obliged to do was give me future credit for a 2021 cruise. I'm wondering if they cancelled it because yesterday I looked it up on the sale page, and they didn't have any openings.
  3. I'm furious with HAL. I got my TA to send the internet form to change our 2021 Alaska to 2022. It appeared, then got cancelled (BY HAL). No refunds, no contact. They'd better fix it. They stand to lose a lot more than they owe me. They cancelled on 3/19/21, but the deadline to submit the form was 3/31. Everything had to go through the TA.
  4. My cruises for 2020 and 2021 both missing due to HAL glitch, were from my Hawaii cruise for 2020. No cruise refunds, so I had a lot of cruise credit.
  5. My glitch wasn't just a flight, it was two bookings, and the cruise enhancements attached to the cruises. I thought things were moving along, when I saw the replacement cruise. But then it disappeared, and since I went through an outside TA, the HAL people wouldn't work with me. And my TA isn't answering my queries. I had $2,000 of EXC tied to the original cruise, and now it says that cruise has been eliminated. Thus the need for HAL's President.
  6. The TA submitted the cruise change form, and I found it on my member page a week or so ago. I had bought a EXC for it, and planned to buy more. A day or so ago, I found the cruise gone! I tried to resubmit my cruise change form, thinking they'd restored an earlier for both the old and new cruise and got a "cancelled" message on both. All I have for the new 2022 cruise is the receipt on my EXC. As of now, HAL.com thinks I have no bookings at all. Any idea what is going on? HAL wouldn't help me, and told me to contact my TA, which isn't returning my emails or phone calls.
  7. Neither HAL told me to contact my TA, and my TA hasn't returned my messages in weeks.
  8. That's on the agenda today. I did send a message to my personal cruise consultant at HAL.
  9. I still haven't been reimbursed for the Yukon/Alaska shore excursions for 2021. I found the cruise in 2021 replaced with the same on in 2022, bought a shore excursions since only two slots were left. And now it's disappeared completely. The new reservation had been a guarantee, and I never book guarantees. We always want a specific room. But now I have no room, and no refunds. What's happening?
  10. Remember to adjust your travel insurance policy.
  11. Lido Lanai, is your room also a guarantee? We've never had a guarantee in over 300 cruise days. DH won't be happy.
  12. has anybody received shore excursion credit when HAL cancelled their Alaska cruise? I noticed our cruise has been changed to the 2022 version, but still no word on the shore excursions.
  13. While I haven't seen the article, DH said the Canadian vaccine order fell through and they had to reorder.
  14. Has anybody gotten their cruise changed using the online form? How long did it take? My TA is estimating 30 days, which puts it right before the March 31st Deadline.
  15. Years ago, my sister took a circle Hawaii cruise, and she was grumped because they had to waste two days going to a dip sh*t island. I think now, Pride of America is the only cruise that doesn't need a foreign port, because Pride is US flagged, and has a US crew. I tried to explain the PSVA, and she couldn't understand why they didn't get rid of such an old law. I don't understand why they don't make exceptions, especially when Canada's forbidding the cruises.
  16. I'm a little confused about a technical stop. I read years back, that they used to stop at Ensenada in the middle of the night for 30-45 minutes to fulfill the PSVA. w/o the PSVA the cruise line could use their tenders for boat tours, and the locals would be out all that excursion money.
  17. We had cancelled our cruise to Hawaii back in March 2020, and we didn't get a better offer that came out the day after we cancelled. So, it's better to let them cancel if you want more perks. That said, we have a date marked for deadline to cancel on our Alaska cruise for late summer.
  18. My February 13, 2022 Silhouette cruise was also cancelled. Now we're not sure what we'll do. When we made the decision of cancelling our spring 2020 cruise, our fall 2020 cruise would be o.k. But then we had to cancel that too, then spring 2021 and now we've lost the Antarctica cruise, and I don't know if we'll ever get back to normal. The issue w/ Antarctica is the ice class requirement and we thought the February 13, 2022 was one of our last chances. Anybody have an idea if any of Celebrity's ships have been upgraded for the future ice class requirement?
  19. When I cruise, I fill out a special needs form for my food allergies. I also bring my lists for the waiter, head waiter, cabin steward. That I leave with them on embarkation night. They seem to appreciate it, because they have our preferences in writing. This is for the main dining room, but during port days, the main dining room is closed. But I'd think you could snag a waiter in the Lido too. I haven't bothered, because I grab things that look safe. And I have an epi pen. Once we lost the epipen, and they told me to just eat everything on the ship, so they would have the
  20. They're saying something like 17 x 14 x 4 for land tours. It's the four inch depth that's a problem. My camera bag is much thicker than that. I'd hoped to take a super zoom for Alaska, but the bag won't fit.
  21. What about ordering room service? We're considering putting a card out the night before for breakfast. Do they offer that?
  22. Thanks for the information. Being pre-diabetic, we may have to opt out of the package. Since we're supposed to be watching our carbs.
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