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  1. Nice record. If you ask around not many have that consecutive count. Well except those aboard your sailing vessels. :p You do know you are due for a miss with that count, yes ? I will try to remember to post our sailing dates so you may avoid them. ;p May your run continue indefinitely. Best of Luck to All :)
  2. OK, I 'll bite. Will DCL Characters during photos shoots sign "photo frames" ? I've heard they will sign photo albums. .... What ever that is. Is that the book "album" you buy aboard? ... Is that smaller than a large picture mat ? ... But will they sign those huge picture frames pax used to leave at guest services. ? As to where, I have heard it is only at the character meetings. IOW, At those events only, Definitively not at Guest Services as we all know now. May we all survive somehow with limited access to signatures. I suppose it makes those past signature mats more valuable. Yet may increase the character lines too aboard. Best of Luck to All
  3. Not lately but, 4 out of 7 here. We have little luck docking at CC. We understand this when booking. We encourage others to book around our dates. lol. We can predict weather by booking a DCL sailing. lol. Most in Fall though. 3 missed in Fall. 1 in summer. Only once missed in summer. Good Luck Better response than most. IMO. Why can't posters answer the question? Actually did I?
  4. With admittedly not reading all the posts in this thread. Pax have freaked me out the most. I question how they get aboard in the first place. Shouldn't there be a questionnaire? Or at least a screening? Screw the health questionnaire. It should also screen for mental illness IMO. Damn pax. ... Always in the way and whatnot. That would be outside being caught chasing hurricane Sandy on the DCL Fantasy. That was an experience. Force 12, after midnight for 4 -5 hours. I can attest to that. We did the real sea trials that night. That ship is built well and handles mega seas well. She doesn't like monster rogues though. Amazing more pax and crew weren't hurt. Fair winds and sane sails to all. :)
  5. As much as we all appreciate your in depth knowledge. I believe most of us feel you could cut the OP some slack and not jump down his throat. BTW, I thought the balconies partitions didn't open due to fire reasons. That was last years excuse. Now it's security. LOL. --------------------------------------------------- Do you fell more powerful now? Damn, .... I hope so, after that post. What a way to welcome the new poster (s). You wonder why this place is absent of newbies. Is it everyone's goal to shun the new posters? I don't get it. You all treat each other like s*** You treat every new post like it is a lie, troll, noise, fake news. What is with you all? You all should just continue your dribble amongst yourselves. While the real world lives our lives in reality. Enjoy your drivel here, while others sail, fly, drive, and live our days in the real world. I can't believe you treat/welcome new poster with that espoused drivel. But I'm sure you fell real big now, don't you? OH, my. My apologizes to the newbies here, for some of the regulars that feel they are just too big to answer a simple question. :( 15. Oh , that's right, you do. Carry on. JMO 'ETA; I can't take it anymore. Do you all know how painful most threads are?
  6. My guess is these cat V's on Magic Class will have the same limited bennies as the Dream Class cat V's. Compared to the cat T's. If you can call that limited. lol. https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/ships/dream/staterooms-concierge/ They will likely not allow MDR dinner in cabin. That is the big difference between the cat T and the cat V. IMO. They say it's a space/table issue. Yah, right. It's a $$$ thing. Click link above and compare both cat V and T. Judge for yourself the benefits of both. I remember. The rarely heard benefit. 1 inch thresholds into baths in a suite, or the 7 inch step up to a split bath. Can someone confirm Dream Class Cat V's have a big step up into the split bath like the cat 4's. TIA
  7. Please expand on the vibrations if possible. This is a known issue aft on the Fantasy. And many would love to hear more specific details. Was it all the time? Did the vibrations reduce/cease at any point? Was it felt all the time in the cabin? Was the sensation in the cabin consistent during the sailing or did it vary? Did it disrupt your sleep in the evening? Do you feel it changed during variations in sea states and wave heights? Do you feel it changed related to ship speed? Did it affect room service in any way? lol. What do you feel made the vibration? Thanks ...
  8. No problem at all. You are good to go. :) Are you in 11022? If so that is good. You should experience less noise than the cat V above you, IMO. If anything you may hear chairs being dragged at 5am -7am. As most cabins may located near the lido deck. That should be more quiet than 12028 / 12528 against the bathroom. Although I have never heard a recent report about bathroom noise related to the deck 12 cat V's next to the public baths. Having said that, and given a choice, I would not choose deck 12 V's next to public baths regardless of OK reports. Seriously I have never heard a bad report of these two aft deck 12 cat V's. But I still think, why spend 5 -10 K on a cabin next to bathroom.? ? ? Regarding deck 11/12 cat V's close to aft/adult pool, etc Major off topic. .... My bad.
  9. You must have misspoke. :confused: You can't leave. :( Who will give us insight. :eek: Oh my. I will be devastated. ;) May your future be filled will smooth ventures. Wishing you calm seas ahead. With full wind in sails. Bear ETA; I wish I had the $#$#$ to say that. Impressive. Perhaps some day.
  10. Join the club. Most all feel the same in H6's. It will work it self out aboard. Then, next sailing, you will know where to book for sure. Enjoy, ..... regardless of deck. I'm sure your party will somehow struggle through an aft H6. lol. Enjoy
  11. Book suites/Haven. ;) ETA; Lash everyone together. lol.
  12. BA/GA cat BB cabin 8760, deck plans indicate bed is by balcony. References; https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/Norwegian-Getaway https://www.ncl.com/cruise-ship/breakaway/deck-plans For learning to figure bed placement; Slide 23; https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1iAuscDziEXlBJpzXT8eDPwMSLYp6wjaH02-FSxCCPSU/pub?start=true&loop=true&delayms=5000#slide=id.gd44e9560_2_18 HTH
  13. We have done this park twice on our own on two different lines/times. Chairs included for all regardless of package. Amenities, such as included lunch, vary depending if you book a dolphin package, etc. Taxi $12 -20 depending on # of pax. HTH
  14. Oops. You're right. Bliss OV cabin 13700 is a category O1. Thanks for the correction.
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