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  1. From my understanding, you can. There appears to be a roller shade that you can descend in the shower if desired.
  2. I must have lucked out because I only booked 2 weeks ago. Good information to know. 🙂
  3. Interesting. My cabin on 17 was cheaper than the smaller balcony two bedroom on 18???
  4. Thank you! That is so helpful, I'm happy to finally see what the large balcony looks like. I'm surprised that they don't have loungers on the balcony given the size of it.
  5. I've booked this cabin for an upcoming cruise but can't seem to come up with any accurate photos of it. I'm worried that I'm not getting what I need which is space for our family of five. It seems that the Joy changed cabin categories at some point? Does anyone have photos or video of the Haven 2 Bedroom with Large Balcony? Thanks. 🙂
  6. Thank you everyone. I guess I'm hesitant to ask for what I'd like but I will be sure to get past that before the next cruise or delegate my husband to let them know. 😉
  7. We aren't loyal NCL cruisers but we have a fair amount of FCC to use as I had purchased lots of extras for our cancelled cruise and the sailing was for my family of five. We used the FCC to give us a chance to try the Haven. We are hoping to be WOWed into not straying from NCL again. However we are loyal to price and ship amenities. NCL and Carnival have been our go to cruiselines as they make it easy to search pricing for families of five... soon we will have the option of sailing any line as our oldest will be out of the house... when that comes any line could tempt us.
  8. It has been our experience that when we have sailed in a family oceanview with our family of five, the beds are not placed back into a sofa every day but rather remain made up as beds throughout the entire cruise. We recently rescheduled our March cruise for next March and splurged on a Haven Family 2 Bedroom. I'm curious if I can anticipate the room made up every day and the sofas returned to seating areas? I'm not terribly concerned about the second bedroom but it would be a disappointment to have the living room set up as a bedroom for the entire cruise. Thanks.
  9. Our son wears Omnipod and Dexcom, we ask for pat downs through all security. Nothing would be worse than having these devices fail at sea with no possibility for replacement.
  10. I would love to know what the green swipe games are in the arcade. Apparently those are the ones include with the arcade package. I'm wondering if there are enough green swipe games to make the package worthwhile.
  11. We've done a dozen cruises with our family of five. The boys are now 16, 14 and 13. We've sailed in single inside cabins, ocenaview, balcony as well as suites and the odd connecting cabin. In March, we will sail for our fourth time in a Family Oceanview on NCL. We don't find them too bad, price is a huge factor for us. We are dealing with a poor Canadian dollar and would personally rather vacation more than once a year so we'll make do with cramped quarters. Having said that, the Family Oceanview space is ample. We make it work by packing light and staying organized in the cabin. We al
  12. But when can we book dining, shows, priority boarding? Is it after final payment date? I want to be certain that I secure our preferences.
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