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  1. Last week we took a taxi from our hotel (next to the train station) to the port and the same post cruise. It cost about 25€. We were only two people but when we disembarked there were groups of 6 people getting into large taxis. There was an official lady there sorting everyone out! Presume that the larger taxis would be available at the station to take you to the port as well. Hope that helps. 😊
  2. Thank you. The free shuttle to the port is right by our hotel for embarkation day. Was thinking more for when we disembark and our overnight hotel is in the old port. Am getting a bit nervous reading all the negative reports about this cruise!
  3. Jimbo 59, is the 15.99 euros per person return or just one way? Can you book one way? We are embarking/disembarking the cruise in Marseille, so looking at the options. Do you by chance know where in the centre of Marseille the shuttle goes to? Many Thanks πŸ™‚
  4. This will be our first MSC Cruise. We are platinum with NCL and when I applied for the status match I expected (as I had read) to get 'black'. When it came back 'gold' I did query it with MSC in Madrid and they explained that only Ambassador people would now receive the 'black' status. Platinum and Platinum Plus will receive 'gold'. I actually have no issue with this (although black would have been nice!). Other cruise lines don't match at all, so really this is fine by us. We actually wanted to give MSC a try, especially that we live in Europe and can pick up their ships at different ports quite easily. πŸ™‚
  5. Thank you very much for posting these for me. Answered my questions. Look forward to following your next adventure! πŸ™‚ Karen
  6. Hi Jim. Thank you so much for your time and effort during your amazing vacation. I too was so sorry when it got cut short and now all that lovely information has disappeared!! That was part of my reference guide for when we board in Shanghai on the 27th!! lol 😊 If you still have one, and it's possible, could you please post just one of the Dalies. There were a few things I wanted to check over regarding times, etc. Happy to hear you had a great time despite all the changes. Karen
  7. We are on the 27th October sailing too and really looking forward to an amazing vacation. Thank you so much for taking the time to post all this great information! So many of my questions have already been answered now! Do you know if Captain Alex will still be on board or, if not, who the new Captain will be? Very happy that everyone was safe in Yokohama and hope you have a great time for the rest of the cruise. Looking forward to reading all about it! :) Esperanza
  8. I've been living in Spain for 29 years and I book almost all my cruises through my UK Travel Agent who uses the UK websites. Never had any problems but remember that the UK rules/conditions apply to the booking. Have a great time.
  9. We are UK passport holders, resident in Spain. Just back from Madrid which is where we had to apply to for the visas. Our options were, single entry (not sure of validity), double entry (3 months), multiple entry (6 months) or multiple entry (12 months) all carry different prices. No other options listed.
  10. I'm in exactly the same position, Have a cruise reward voucher to use before March 2020. At the moment I can't find anything that's within our budget for a decent itinerary and ship! Even foregoing the voucher the prices for cruises seem to be ridiculous now. Maybe our cruising years will have to come to an end to be replaced by land vacations! :(
  11. We are UK passport holders living in Spain. I've spent a lot of time (actually too much!!) trying to get good visa information. Conclusion being that we are applying for a double entry visa which will cover Shanghai (we're not going out the area) and Tianjin/Beijing. We are going to try to use the 144 hour transit visa in Shanghai which, providing we have the correct paper work, should work ok. If so, we will still have a spare 'entry' in case of any problems! We have to apply for the visas in Madrid,Spain and they are either single, double or multiple entry. Quite a big difference between the prices, especially as we have to do it by post. They are in Madrid and we live on the Costa del Sol. I believe it can take between 10 to 15 working days providing the paper work is correct. As the visa is only valid for 90 days, we can't apply until August but will probably take till then to sort it out!! lol :') Esperanza
  12. Esperanza7

    DIY Tokyo?

    That sounds a really nice option. How do you go about getting a Goodwill Guide? We're in Tokyo in November post cruise. Thanks
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