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  1. Hello, Has anyone used RCCL Air to Sea Program? I have been looking at flights for our upcoming cruise in July on the Freedom of the Seas out of San Juan. Do they really have the lowest flights? For our trip RCCL air program they are about $300 less then AA, and $1,100 less then Delta. I have not purchased flights through a 3rd party. I have booked direct with the airline or with a TA. I am doing this trip on our own without a TA, So I have been looking at flights daily for flight cost and to watch when the flights go down. At one time 7 months was the magic time to purchase flights. On my 7 month window they were the most expensive. The next day the flights went down to what they were before. Should I wait until after the holiday's and see if the flights come down? Or purchase them now? TIA for your insights and knowledge.
  2. Hello, I have questions, we will be sailing on the Freedom of the Seas next July sailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I have been looking at the new areas coming to the ship. The question is with Playmakers, the other new areas and new bars, on the RCL web site "Restrictions 21+ on sailings from North America, 18+ on sailings from South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand." I know 21 to consume, I have a 19YO daughter at the time of sailing, Is she allowed in the area with her parents? If not what is a 19YO to do? To old for the Teen clubs and to young to be with her parents. Does RCL have a 18-20 get together or area? DCL and NCL at 18 are allowed in the "Adult Only" areas of the ship. Did we make a mistake in booking a RCL with a 19YO? Thanks in Advanced.
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