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  1. marty's mom


    We will be in Nassau for the day July 2nd (instead of cuba, :( ) Was hoping for a beach day. The $100 day passes for all inclusive aren't worth it as most of us don't drink much or eat much Trip advisor says Junkanoo is dirty, stuff in water etc any other suggestions?
  2. thank you what is goodman and sanders? hotels? beaches we can get to?
  3. are there facilities at either?
  4. marty's mom


    we did pay but it wasn't much couldn't see pictures hmm what to do! there's 8-10 of us
  5. marty's mom


    we too are being re routed to Nassau from havana I remember about 5 yrs ago, taking the public bus to a hotel, walking thru the lobby, getting a wristband and using their beautiful beach but I can't recall the hotel! it wasn't an AI. any thoughts? definitely need restrooms!
  6. Thank you the packages now are 9.99 or 11.99 per day, not a big difference!
  7. what is the real difference betweeen the 2 voom packages? I just wil want to check email, maybe facebook and text. Not listening to music or watching videos Do I need the more expensive option? I'll be on the Majesty to Cuba
  8. Hi Jembacatoo unusual seeing someone from Metuchen! I'm heading to Cuba in June with my friend that I grew up with since we were 2 in Metuchen!
  9. in the US they are amadeus we did the danube 3 yrs ago with them fantastic
  10. looks like it will be AMA. They are he only one that doesn't spend one of the entire cruise days in Paris. Having been there twice and staying pre cruise we didn't want to have Paris as a port day. Going to go to Normandy pre cruise for 2 days as well as there is so much to see. Looked at Avalon, Amadeus, Scenic, Uniworld, Croissi. Thanks for all the input
  11. this would be a river cruise. the cruiseline does a different Normandy tour so we'll be right in normandy thanks for the info if there's 4 of us it's definitely worth doing the private tour appreciate the help
  12. has anyone done a private tour here? if so who did you use? we Love Amadeus but for 2019 their tours do not include the beaches etc so we're wondering about doing it on our own
  13. Planning a Paris Normandy cruise for 2019 we sailed Amadeus 2 years ago and loved them However for 2019 their Normandy tour does not do the beaches etc. So we've narrowed it down to Avalon and AMA. Everything about them: pricing, inclusions, excursions seem similar. We'll do air and pre and post cruise on our own using points! Beer and wine is fine, don't need more alcohol! we typcially don't go back to the ship for lunch if we're out and about. ie in between tours, like to find out of the way places to eat also debating between early may or september Is there anything that wou sway us one way or the other? I'd love to hear from those that have sailed both. thanks
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