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  1. Can anyone explain to me why they never (seems like) change their menus ?
  2. I feel the same! I am ready to go anywhere, any ship, anytime! We'll be on the Equinox, 12 nights, September 26. Counting the days. If you're not already planning it, I highly recommend doing the renewal of vows ceremony with the Captain. They make it very, very special.
  3. The key word in this search result is "tee". ALL polo shirts are collared. Ralph Lauren is known for his "Polo" branding. But, we are both being silly arguing about a shirt. Truce!
  4. There is only one shirt that is a Polo shirt. Look it up.
  5. Holland America, but not on one of their older ships (I feel this way about all lines). Their Music Walk offers the best entertainment of any line.
  6. All the Canadian well wishes almost brought me to tears. If only we Americans were so loving towards each other as you.
  7. OK, I'll call it my educated guess then. But believe me, Celebrity will be the last to let you know. And that's not a guess, that's my personal experience.
  8. There's a 0% chance of going and a 100% chance of not going. It's time to face reality. Sorry!
  9. You are definitely not going. You need to keep up with the news reports. Sorry, I know it's a bummer.
  10. Having done them all, the Western Mediterranean, without a doubt.
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