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  1. Just a suggestion: We cruised several times when my older son was between 1 and 3 years old. The baby clothes are so small that you should be able to handwash them in the sink easily. I've used baby shampoo to laundry baby clothes and they turned out fine. I can't recall if the showers have a clothing line to hang dry or if we brought a clothing line; but that helps alot for washing small things. Now that my kids are bigger, I can't imagine handwashing their pants or jeans in that tiny sink. I'm still going back and forth about packing for all 7 days for the 4 of us or washing onboard.
  2. Does the Rhapsody have programmable or magnetic card safes?
  3. Thanks for the reply. Could you tell me the rough size of the bag? Is it about the size of a standard hotel laundry/dry clean bag (the kind they clip to the hanger along with order form in a hotel closet)?
  4. I'm sailing in 2 days and I haven't started packing (so I'm a bit panicky right now). Could someone tell me how big the laundry bag is for that all-you-can-fit-for-$25 wash? I'd like to get an idea how many items I could fit in it. And folks mentioned "small" items only for that bag special. What constitutes "small"? Would jeans/pants and dress shirts count? TIA!
  5. So sorry I missed this question! I'm sailing in 3 1/2 weeks. We did end up booking with the Scania. Email and phone communications with both Captain Jack and his daughter were very positive. We considered H&M, Orca and this boat. Because of the way the kids' rates are calculated, the cost for the Scania ended up a bit less than H&M but still more than Orca; but it has a smaller tour size than Orca (which I wanted) as well as a longer water sailing time than Orca. Now I just hope things go well when we actually take the tour! I'd be happy to report back after our tour if you are still undecided. How was your tour?
  6. I would also appreciate seeing the same.
  7. Could you tell me which days were the formal nights?
  8. travelbud, how mild was the float tour portion of your tour? I have young non-very adventurous kids and a not very adventurous senior in our group. I've emailed Frontier to ask but it would be great if you could give me your feedback. Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm also interested in more recent experiences with Frontier in Skagway. Anyone else? I'm interested in their smaller vehicles as opposed to the larger vans operated by the other often mentioned tour groups here.
  10. Bump -- would appreciate if someone could share a scanned copy of a recent Rhapsody Alaska Compass along with kids club info. Thanks in advance.
  11. How do you plan go from Skagway to Haines? I had never even considered this option.
  12. So sorry to read about your experience! This story (and the other one where the posters were stranded for the day) just doesn't make Dave's tour sound like a very professional operation. We're still debating about whether to tour Skagway on our own (via rental car) or take a guided tour. I would hate to have some of these experiences, particularly for my mom's first and probably only Alaska trip.
  13. Mendenhall Ranger (or anyone else who can answer the question): I'm arranging a tour to drop us off at Mendenhall Glacier after whale watching. We plan to bring our own carseats (2) for the private shuttle-small van service. But I just realized if we want to take our time at Mendenhall and take the $8 shuttle bus back to the dock, then we'd have to lug two carseats around during our hike! :eek: Would the Mendenhall visitor center allow us to leave two carseats somewhere while we hike?
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