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  1. Thanks I will take a look. Cheers
  2. That's great to hear. Are you able to get deals on single sailings or are you always paying for two. Thanks
  3. I have a king bed at home so going to a single is just too small for me lol
  4. I have my fingers crossed for you.
  5. That's true but it sounds lovely. Maybe for a BIG birthday. I just want to get something on the books. I have 2022 and 2023 booked but think I need something this year,
  6. Right? They are both sounding WOW.
  7. Ok that seems pretty special. I wonder if it would be better for traveling with someone that solo. Just wondering. I am currently looking at NCL. Habits die hard. Basically the same price for an inside transatlantic so 15-17 days, or solo cruise area for 7 day Caribbean. So many cruises, so many choices. 🙂
  8. I supposed I could look this up but you are detailing so nicely :). What is the MSC Yacht Club?
  9. Yeah Celebrity is not what I am thinking is upscale but I have heard the food is to die for!!! I love upscale food too lol.
  10. Thank you so much for the detailed response. It’s disappointment to hear your experience on this line. It my imagination it was so much better. Lol We will see my journey takes me. cheers
  11. It was Cunard not Celebrity I was wondering about 🙂
  12. Sure. I would love to know you experience on Cunard. Thinking of spoiling myself. I am not new to solo cruising and am able to find lots of people to socialize with. I just have never done Cunard and want to try an upscale experience but wondering what that is like for solo's. thanks
  13. Holy crap I want your life!!! I only have two future cruises booked. I have enjoyed solo cruising a great deal. Sometimes the solo cruise gathering are a bit young or immature for me but I always meet people and have traveled with many again. It's not that I don't live NCL but just looking to expand a bit. I am thinking an upscale on a Cunard could be a lot of fun. 🙂
  14. Hello wonderful solo cruisers. I have done multiple solo cruises with NCL. I am looking to branch out and if you are over 50 would love to know your experiences. What is your favourite live and why? Excited to see your responses. Cheers
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