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  1. I've lived alone for so long that I can't even have a one-night, overnight guest stay in my home. I love to cruise alone, and only cruised once with another person out of my 15 or so cruises. So I've learned if it's an itinerary or specific ship or line I want to book to just suck-up the double occupancy rate. I've been lucky a few times to find some lower solo fares on Windstar (at one time anyway) and Azamara. Neither one I care to cruise with again. I know Crystal and Silversea sometimes have decent solo fares but I haven't tried either of those yet. I really want to try a Viking Ocean so I guess it will have to be one of those suck-up occasions. I'm just a tiny bit surprised they don't offer even a 25% reduction on slower selling cruises. I've checked right up to a month prior to sail date.
  2. Please come back and let us know what you find out from your travel agent. Thanks.
  3. I sailed on Windsurf a few years ago as a solo. At that time they had a flyer that showed several sailings with different low single supplements (from 25%, 50% etc.). Haven't seen ANY reduced supplements since that time and even contacted an agent and asked about similar offerings and was told there were none. I went ahead and inquired about a quote for a slow-selling, not very inspiring sailing, and was quoted double fare on the lowest category stateroom. I don't think they're really interested in solos sailing with them.
  4. Great, that's what I was hoping to hear! Thanks.
  5. I am planning a trip to the bank next week prior to heading to NY and Barcelona for the 11/6 Transatlantic to Miami. I'm getting some cash for incidentals at airports and in NY, and wondering whether I should get any money for the extra tipping I'll do on board the ship (room service, etc.) in US dollars or wait until I'm in Barcelona and get Euro's? I was thinking that the crew on board going to Miami will be spending several months in the Caribbean or Central America, etc., where I think US dollars are widely used, and that maybe I should give the tips in US dollars? Thanks.
  6. How about prior to the 14 night transatlantic instead? That's a lot of sitting around time.
  7. On the maiden voyage of Pursuit, the end of July I believe, the cushion question was brought up in a thread that a passenger was doing while on board that sailing. On August 1st that passenger had asked somebody named Richard Twyman, whoever that is, about them and was told they were "on their way." So over two months later, I doubt they really exist. It's not a huge deal or the end of the world, but why would a crew member say something definitive like that instead of they didn't know?
  8. I agree. I will be on board in November also. And while I haven't said one word about the shower curtain or the tonic, because I could care less about either of those things, I do care about a cushioned lounger, where I intend, hopefully, to spend much time catching up on almost a year of pleasure reading. While it won't ruin my cruise and I will survive, before I booked I read a lot of reviews and comments from past Azamara passengers and several commented on the fact that the cushy lounger cushions were one thing that set Azamara apart from a cruise on some other premium cruise lines. So it may have factored into my decision a tiny bit. It's been two months since the inaugural sailing in which a passenger was told that the cushions were on their way. If there are really no cushions, so be it, but I would kind of like to know before I board. A couple of people have said they are comfortable without them but I in looking at the pictures, I think I know what material they're made of, and while it wouldn't be my first choice for a lounger, I know that material is not equal to a soft cushion. I sit in a not-so-comfy office chair 50 hours a week and my old tailbone told me it needs a vacation too. :D
  9. I'm sorry, I can't answer your question but somebody on the inaugural sailing, which I believe was around August 1st, asked about them and was told they just hadn't come in when they set sail. I did notice in some pictures from that sailing that some of the other types of outdoor seating - I think clamshell type things - had cushions so I wasn't sure why the loungers didn't. If they're not on board two months later, I don't think they really exist.
  10. Wow those are pretty brutal, and half of them have cruised on Azamara before, one of them multiple times. They were not premium cruise line virgins. I hope the problems are mostly related to just growing pains, although the shape and decor of the ship, AC problems, a rude crew member insulting a disabled passenger were not the result of that. I'll be on Pursuit in November and I'm bummed about the lack of the interactive television system. It's not like this is 1999 and that's something that should have been done before it set sail. While many will say "who sails for television" the fact is, while that's not the most important thing to me, I cruise to recover from my hectic daily life of a 50+ hour per week job, aging parents, sick dog and home renovations. I like to eat good food, catch up on reading, sit and watch the sea go by, nap, and yes...order movies and room service in a 21st century manner. I'm going to forget those reviews and hope for the best - although they'll all come back to mind if those things pop up during mine. Good thing Azamara has so many active cheerleaders to counter these type of reviews.
  11. I tried to book a particular solo passenger cruise with MSC a year or two ago because I liked the itinerary and the website wouldn't let me. If I entered "two" passengers it would. I probably would have paid the double rate but it made me SO mad, I swore I would NEVER even look at another MSC cruise...and I haven't.
  12. Pirouette: I'm glad you're enjoying your cruise. Have you noticed if Pursuit has received the cushions for the pool loungers yet? If not, are they comfortable? Just from the small photos I've seen they look a little hard and scratchy.
  13. Zoey

    Traveling Alone?

    Granted, I'm a loner by nature.....I live alone and at work I'm able to close my office door during the day. Best weekends ever are ones in which I don't have to leave my house, see anybody or even speak to anyone on the phone. I've traveled much of the US, Hong Kong, Canada, Mexico, and several European countries alone but for some reason I actually prefer cruises solo over land vacations. Maybe it's only unpacking one time? I've taken several solo cruises and spend most of the time on my balcony watching the sea roll by, which I love, reading books that have accumulated since my last cruise, or taking naps - which I never, ever do at home. I've never felt lonely on a cruise. There are others around if you feel you would like, or need, some human interaction - scheduled cruise activities,shared tables, shore excursions, etc. Taking my first Azamara cruise this fall and I'm stepping a little out of my comfort zone by joining the roll call and planning a pre-cruise dinner with fellow cruisers. The only negative I can think of about solo cruising are the high solo fares.
  14. Alsun: Wonderful review and terrific photos! You mentioned in a previous post that Pursuit was using the old Adonia equipment which operates some of the technical features on board - such as the interactive televisions in the cabins, and possibly the internet/wifi. Since the television interactive feature doesn't work, that old equipment is apparently not up to snuff. Have you heard from anybody on board whether they are going to update the old equipment, and if so when? I'm a little surprised that with the millions they spent on the ship, technical features like that weren't more of a priority. I really do like to be able to review charges to my portfolio, order room service, and check out dining menus on the television from my cabin. I
  15. That's the per-person price for the three Chef's Table package for all cabins categories, not just suites, right?
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