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  1. On our Panama Canal cruise in 2019, we celebrated both my father and sister's birthdays. The day after they redeemed their cake voucher, they both received a free dinner voucher (delivered to the cabins in the morning) at one of the fee based restaurant.
  2. I have (which will probably be canceled by the cruise line) May 16 on the Ruby Princess which I booked through the casino and am in an accessible mini-suite with my parents and the Mini was upgraded to a Club Class mini. Hope we will be able to get that at a later date this year also.
  3. I am booked on the May 16 Ruby cruise and called today to ask about it and was basically told just to hold on a few weeks to see what they are going to be doing with the cruises that are scheduled to sail into Canada before July 1. But he seemed to think they will probably cancel (he did not say this, I just asked and he audibly nodded lol and I am guessing). Very nice rep on the phone - I thanked him for taking the time to speak with me and he was very appreciative.
  4. The "On The Grand" thread was combined in here. The original post there was the picture of the letter, lying on their sheets (at least that is where it looked like it was placed). I know because I was the second comment on that thread and my comment is two under that post. I'm sorry I don't remember what the post number was, but it's on page 6 or 7 of this one, I believe. EDIT - I found it! The Original "On The Grand" post is #85 here on page 4 - my reply to that post is #88. Post #86 on this thread is from one of the mods, who I think might have been the one to place the "O
  5. In the main dining room, I tend to get whatever fish entree they have that evening, but I do love when they have prime rib and yorkshire pudding. All of the sorbets are fabulous and the Chocolate Journey desserts. Hands down, my favorite one is the Coconut Mousse with dark chocolate cream and crunch roasted coconut. Second place is the Hazelnut chocolate dessert with Citrus cream (I saw a picture of it above).
  6. Hope you are your family/travel mates are able to disembark and get home safely!
  7. I think Jose Andres is probably the only person who could set up and start serving that amount of meals.
  8. The person who had their neighbor visiting said in her live that they were in connecting cabins. So they can pop in and out through the doors in the actual cabin wall. They are their travel mates, so I'm assuming that is not problem.
  9. We are missing our excursions in Bergen as the seas have been rough coming out of Narvik and we had to slow down a lot. We were supposed to dock at 1pm but now estimated arrival is 10pm. Flying home tomorrow and an entirely new group of people get to hunt for the lights! Attached is Jan 19, 20 and the 21st reimagined daily that we got after the late arrival announcement. Jan 19.pdf New Jan 21.pdf Jan20.pdf
  10. There were people who did independent excursions and had a great time. The only thing I did on my own was take the train from Narvik to Kiruna Sweden and back. That was nice to see a different landscape. I didn’t here any grumbling about people not being able to do ship excursions, but maybe there were some who couldn’t get what they wanted.
  11. We had another ship sighting of the lights tonight at midnight. You can sign up to get a phone call if someone from the bridge spots the lights. The bad thing is it doesn’t tell you where they are. Thankfully, it was off our starboard side balcony. So I could peek at them without going too far 🙂. Pics tomorrow.
  12. Pictures from the Northern lights excursion. I did the ship one that was from 10 pm to 2 am. It was an hour long bus ride to a place outside the city to a place run by Glod Explorer. You can look at their pictures on Facebook. The ones I’m posting here, I took. Except for the one of me.
  13. Lifestyle of the Sami excursion pictures IMG_6165.MP4
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