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  1. Thank you!! I don't think there really will be a problem. 🙂 Just cold for us Southern California girls (but at least I grew up in Michigan, so I'll survive lol)
  2. Kaisatsu - I had a look at the site and noted a "moderate" activity level. Do you remember how much actual walking you had? I"m assuming the activity level is really just the speed of the dogs and possibility of turning out of the sleds? 🙂
  3. Anyone have recommendations for dog sledding excursions in Tromso or Alta Norway? Sailing on Viking Star in January 2020. Thank you!
  4. That's terrible!! I purchased the all-inclusive also and every time we picked up a picture, they made sure to show me the picture file on the USB they gave us.
  5. The food in the Carinthia lounge was, by far, my favorite on board. We spent a lot of breakfast/lunch times there. During tea time, in the buffet, they had fantastic sausage rolls.
  6. https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/cruise-destinations/baltic/in-search-of-the-northern-lights/pricing.html They have released dates for this cruise in 2021
  7. My friends family went on Royal in May out of LA this year and they all got blue except for one of the kids, who got platinum, which is his status, but as a kid, he should have had blue. They got all their correctly corresponding colors once they went to check in.
  8. That is all I wanted for Christmas when I was 3 🙂
  9. I once was on the 10 day Baja/Sea of Cortez booked in a balcony and the Upgrade Fairy visited and put my mom and I in a handicap accessible (we didn't need it) Mini Suite at the aft of the ship (Grand) that had a massive balcony 🙂 That was a nice surprise!
  10. Search for Idahospud (I believe that is her name) - she is currently onboard and posting or they are on her blog. This is only the second week of Royal in Alaska, so not much online yet about it.
  11. KyOh! Please let me know what you think of this cruise - I am doing it in Jan 2020! Looking forward to it!
  12. Do you think I'll be found out to be an American when I cut my meat with the fork in my left hand and the knife in my right? I just can't do it the other way, no matter how many British friends I have.
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