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  1. Yes, this is what we've done in the past on Royal and Carnival. Y'all are right that the scrambled eggs in the buffet are likely not whole eggs. He eats them scrambled because they are the least cooked (he doesn't like over easy eggs), and the proteins are the least denatured, making them the most allergenic. He's also really close to not having to daily dose with eggs, so we're not too uptight about getting the semi-eggs from the buffet a day or two in a row if we need to. Thank you for all of your replies. We'll probably bring a letter with the M&Ms and hazelnut milk just to be safe. Luckily because he's completed desensitization, we don't need any special dietary requirements from the ship-- he can eat anything he wants now :).
  2. Hopefully this thread won't be quite as controversial as my jeans in the dining room thread. My son has food allergies, but has completed a desensitization treatment for them called oral immunotherapy. He is required to eat his allergens daily now. That means he eats a scrambled egg, 14 peanut M&Ms, and 100 mL of hazelnut milk every day. We'll have no problem finding the scrambled egg on board, but we usually bring the other items with us when we cruise. Most lines don't mind bringing food on board as long as it's in a factory sealed package. Is this HAL's policy, also? I can get a doctor's note if need be, but we've never needed one before on other lines.
  3. As a seasoned cruiser I knew this thread would evoke some ire. Let me be clear. We are not interested in breaking any rules. That is why I asked. We are, however, limited in luggage, and I'd rather not buy my ever-growing teenage son a ton of button down shirts and dress pants that he will quite literally wear once, if I don't have to. Thank you to those of you who simply stated HAL's policy without interjecting your opinion. The rest of you are more than welcome to give us the stink eye when they let my 13 year old into the dining room wearing jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt. I will smile and tell you to have a nice cruise :).
  4. Hi all-- We are seasoned cruisers, but we've never cruised with HAL before. We sail round trip out of Seattle on June 2nd to Alaska. Our party will be me and my husband (in our late 30's), our two boys, ages 12 and 13, my sister and her hubby (in their 40's), and my parents (in their 70's). I seem to be finding conflicting information about dining room dress code, so I thought I'd come here and get the real answers! Are jeans allowed in the dining room on "smart casual" nights? Also, do my boys need collars every night or is a long sleeve t-shirt going to work? Do the men need jackets and ties on "gala" nights or is a button down collared shirt enough? Thanks so much for your input. --Katie
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