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  1. Additionally, the current captain of Seabourn Quest was former Silver Explorer captain and he brought some officials and staff with him. Considering the divergence in opinion, I concluded that I must do a new cruise with SB and SS asap! 😉 😉
  2. I have sailed Silversea 4x and Seabourn 1x. I found both very similar. SS is more relaxed and funny, seabourn a bit more formal. I would join any of them in my next cruise.
  3. We were on Silver Galapagos on July 2018. We had a wonderful trip. Our cruise fare included the flight from Guayaquil to Galapagos to Guayaquil. as we live in Rio de Janeiro we arranged our flight to Guayaquil easily.
  4. Thank you John. We are going to Zeebrugge, so we are focused on Dunkirk. I will check your sugestions.
  5. Our cruise on next may will be in Dunkirk for a entire day. Does anyone has recomendation for this area?
  6. Arzz, thank you again. When I went to Antarctica with Silver Explorer I allowed myself 45 minutes to put on all the gear!
  7. Thank you for sharing. It is really a great trip!
  8. How far is the train station from port and from the catedral? My mon, travelling with us, uses a wheelchair.
  9. Any recomendation for a driver to do this trip?
  10. We are on Seabourn Quest on next May and we have an over night on Rouen. Any suggestion of restaurants for a night out?
  11. I visited in Atlanta Botanic Garden a cople of years ago and was fantastic!
  12. Lirio

    december, 31 - 2019 - Copacabana

    Ships arriving in Copacabana beach for the fireworks. At the time I as passing by thre were 6 ships.
  13. I am intereste in Normandy Landing Beaches as well, I will be on Cherbourg on May 9, 2019. I am looking for a private guide. I am travelling with my mon and she has mobility issues and sometimes she gets tired and we go back to the ship in the middle of the tour. For those reaons, we always have a private guide, so that we can manage our issues. I checked Overlod website and I could not find a private tour. I only found group tours starting with 8 persons, minimum and the fixed price would be 980 euros, that I consider very expensive. Any other suggestion?
  14. Thank you all for comments. I will let you know our plans. This is our first time with seabourn. We went on Silversea 4x and other small cruises before. Lets see how it compares with Silversea.
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