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  1. Morning all. Some more eye candy from The Keys. A few locals who let us share their space & an amazing Key Largo sunset. Today we head to Key West with a stop at the marathon Turtle Hospital. It is 57 here this morning. Cool for the keys. But so far the Keys could be the role model for the rest of the US as far as mask wearing. We have only encountered two people not wearing masks! I will edit in the wine info in a minute. ********** Guigal Cotes du Rhone Rouge 2016 An amazing red blend from France. I met this wine at a Cella
  2. Some pics from the upper Keys. It is a gorgeous, but wiiiiiiinnnnndddy day here. A view of Buttonwood Sound through the trees of our hotel. Some resident pelicans of the Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary. A pic of the Sound from the Bird Sanctuary shoreline. A Monroe County manatee complying with the mask ordinance. A jungle geranium blossom. A view of the yacht channel from Lower Matecumbe Key.
  3. Well good morning, Rich! You really are up before the birds! Thank you for today’s Daily! A wonderful combo of days. Roy, keeping you on my prayer list. Morning Dailyites & my Sisters. It is a bit cool here this morning at 62, but nothing like the Northern part of Florida. They have a frost warning for tonight! We are trying to figure out what we will do today. Between the temperature & the wind, we might need to plan different activities. Sometimes the person, who smiles when things go wrong, is the one who was hoping things would go wrong. The meal sounds wonderful. Lo
  4. Crossing my fingers that this finally posts. Internet is verrrrrrry slow here. Hope you all had a great day. Roy, I am sorry to read about your brother, but as you said - his behavior tells a different story. ********* Tania & Vincent Carême Terre Brûlée Le Blanc Swartland 2018 This excellently rated Chenin Blanc from South Africa is reasonably priced, if you can find it. I found it online for prices ranging between $15 - $17. #65 Wine Spectator Top 100 of 2019 A crowd pleasing Chenin Blanc for any occasion, this lush bottling delivers notes of honeys
  5. I will do my best, Georgina. If I can’t get pictures to load while I am there, I will post when I get back.
  6. @Dismomx5, keeping your niece in my prayers.
  7. Susan, I am so sorry. When someone close dies from this terrible disease, it is not just another statistic. My prayers are with you and his entire family. I believe people have become too comfortable with “recovery rates” without really knowing what they will be dealing with long-term.
  8. Kermits won last year! The prior two years a hotel on Duval St won, but when we returned last year, they had a new chef who turned it into a key lime creme brûlée. 😱 Good, but not what we wanted! And the runner-up for all three years has been Hobo’s Cafe in Key Largo.
  9. Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich! Another day the Eurodam is teasing us. An interesting combo of days. I seem to have a great deal of “customer is wrong” with the landscape/yard folk. I need to borrow Joy’s Claudio. Thank you for keeping our lists, Roy! Morning Dailyites & my Sisters. @Sharon in AZ& @lindalerit has been some time since you checked in - hope all is well & you are just busy. The quote is appropriate for these times. The meal sounds delicious! Summer that drink sounds potent! Today might be my last day of posting for awhile, I head to the
  10. See, I knew I should not have mentioned it. 😎Not sure if I would call you wrong.
  11. Well hello, Ernie B.! Welcome to posting. Just saying “Hi” is a worthwhile contribution. p.s. Love today’s contribution!
  12. Good grief, Joy! Praying that there are healing steps you can take! Back issues can be tough! ❤️
  13. Thank you for gathering the Dailyites together, Rich! That pesky Eurodam is keeping us guessing. Roy, thank you for keeping our ever-changing lists! You might need to tweak the Care list a bit, since @Hflorsdaughter & now son have both tested negative and do not have the virus! Woo hoo!🎉 @Mary229, prayers winging their way for your Sister. Morning Dailyites & my Sisters! Denise, hope your thumb is healing fast. Joy, what was your MRI for, if you don’t mind me asking? Helen, I am sorry about the puppy. How disappointing, and what you described does sound suspici
  14. I think that is next month! Right after Pothole Day.
  15. This is how I feel about the relationships we share on The Daily!
  16. Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich! Roy, I really appreciate how well you take care of our lists! Morning Dailyites & my Sisters! Denise, hope your thumb is doing well & you were able to enjoy yesterday! Joy, hope you & Allen had a great day! We have another red wine today. @Hflors, Helen - wonderful news about your daughter. Praying that DS’ results are the same! Yesterday was a perfect day to have an outside meal. So blessed. I cheated and purchased a ready-to-reheat meal from our community golf club restaurant. Their food is amazing, but the acoustics in t
  17. Thank you for today’s Daily, Rich! You have made these daily threads a great place to connect with a wonderful group of people! One of the many things I am thankful for every day. Roy thank you for keeping our lists! Good morning Dailyites & my Sisters! @DeeniEncinitas, you are correct I was asleep at 1:30 a.m. your time. Dreaming of turkey, pie & wine, probably! Hope that thumb isn’t too painful. 🌺 Joy, how lovely of you & Allen! Very special! We actually have another red wine, but this is one to check out! Summer that drink sounds intriguing. Another one
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