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  1. Great to hear. We will be cruising to Alaska next July and first time in Luminae. We don't want to overpack. This will work out just fine for us. :)
  2. We are going on the Millie in July 2019. We booked our hotel last Sunday. We booked the Auberge Vancouver Hotel.
  3. Thanks so much. That makes it so much easier to decide what to pack. :)
  4. Hi Anita. Do you think chinos with a nice sweater or a long sleeve dress shirt would be ok for Chic night for my husband? We don't want to have to bring dress shoes to go with dress pants. We will be on the Millenium next July. Karin ps - I enjoyed following your trip to Alaska on the Celebrity boards. :)
  5. Thanks so much! This sounds doable for us if we take our time. :)
  6. Thanks for posting this. I have questions about Rainbird Trail. Do you come back the same way that you went up? Is the trail moderate or "don't even think about it if you aren't a very experienced hiker"? :) Looking forward to the next installment.
  7. Thanks for this review! We are taking our first Alaska cruise July 2019. Reading your review has made me so much more excited about going. :)
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