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  1. >I would have told them that this area is a 'quiet zone' and could they please lower their voices. < Since they would continue on, I would repeat that in a louder voice. Since they would continue on, I would repeat that in an even louder voice. Eventually, it would get through to them and they would take offense at being yelled at, but they would shut up. An alternative is to throw a bucket of cold water on them. Ira
  2. On a different cruise line, I recently saw a 30-something fellow purposely bump into an older man and just walk away. A few days later, that same person bumped into me while I was standing still waiting for an elevator. He said, "Excuse me". As if that would make it alright. I replied, "No. You are not excused. That was very rude of you". He said, "Watch where you are going". Oddly enough, I did not see him again for the next 9 days. Ira
  3. We liked Chops when we dined there earlier this month aboard The Serenade OTS. Found it superior to the Pinnacle Grill on HAL. Ira
  4. > Here are the bulk Marmalade and Jam containers in the Lido ... Bring your own serving spoons. Wear gloves to handle the containers. Ira
  5. Hi L, I'd just go with the TA. Enjoy your cruise. Ira
  6. Hi CaC, > I am not planning to be late. I'm just wondering in the event that the plane is delayed how much time I have to work with. To be safe, why not arrive the day before and stay at an hotel overnight? ((I))
  7. > wondering if very many men wear nice shorts in the MDR for dinner? Yes, if by "many" you mean a small fraction. However, you also have to wear a baseball cap turned backwards and have at least one tattoo. Enjoy your trip. Ira
  8. > In the US, the fat content of 1/2 &1/2 is between 11% and 18.5%. Unless you buy "fat free" Half & Half. https://motherwouldknow.com/know-ingredients-fat-free-half-half/ Ira
  9. Back in the old days, we would pluck a reed from a stream and use that as a straw. Ira
  10. Hi T, Not exactly what you want, but in the US charges in a foreign currency are billed the CC in that currency. The CC owner (MC, Visa, AMEX, etc) then converts that charge to US dollars and bills the bank. Most banks then charge you an additional 3% "conversion fee". The exchange rate is set by the CC owner and is not necessarily the current day's bank rate. AMEX charges a flat 2%. Hope this helps. Ira
  11. Hi L, We recently did a 14-day cruise on The Summit. We enjoyed it very much. Look for a Family Verandah https://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/celebrity-summit-251/family-veranda-cabin-159554/ Ira
  12. Hi Lin, > Please reassure me that Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier won’t be a total bust. Thanks! Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier won’t be a total bust. You're welcome. I take it that you haven't yet visited an Alaskan glacier. If so, it won't matter. Besides, they all need a good cleaning. Enjoy your visit. Ira
  13. Hi Iam, > I can do without the shower curtain that clings to you and the pipeline coffee at the buffet. Why do you bring your shower curtain to the buffet? 🙂 Ira
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